SWTOR: Titans of Industry Preview

For players who don’t reside on the PTS, Bioware is offering a virtual tour of some of the new content releasing soon in Update 2.3.




For centuries, Czerka Corporation has led the industry in weapons design, Droid manufacturing, biological research, and much more. Here at our facilities on the private moon, CZ-198, we consider ourselves the heart of the Czerka Corporation. With state of the art labs and dedicated, robust R&D teams, CZ-198 continues the Czerka tradition of excellence in innovation. We are extremely proud of our people, our products and our work:

  • – CZ-198 singlehandedly owns half of the industry’s patents.
  • – Our scientists consistently rank in the top 10% of their graduating class.
  • – We push the limits of engineering innovation, earning numerous product and research awards each year.

We aim to leverage our passion and expertise to deliver you advanced solutions for your most difficult challenges.

Thanks for visiting our corporate site and please check back for new information about our people and services in the coming weeks!

NOTE: Test subjects needed. Apply now.


This week, we present a rare tour of our exclusive facilities here on CZ-198. Built on an exotic moon wholly owned by the Czerka Corporation, specific details about CZ-198’s work and location are classified, but it’s no secret that this exciting workplace is at the cutting edge of science and technology!

Newly-renovated conference rooms, training centers, offices, and work labs, all stocked with complimentary cocktails and snacks, ensure that our dedicated staff are always comfortable and productive.

Take the virtual tour.


SWTOR: Titans of Industry (Update 2.3) Live on PTS

Currently on the PTS, you can play through Update 2.3’s two new flashpoints (Czerka Corporate Labs and Czerka Core Meltdown) and the level 55 mission area. The official PTS updated notes are here.


Game Update 2.3 is Now Live on PTS!

Game Update 2.3 is now live on our Public Test Server! For those of you that already have high level, copied characters on our Public Test Server, we encourage you to explore the CZ-198 moon and two new Czerka Flashpoints. Get on, check everything out, and give us your feedback by posting on the Public Test Server forum. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer the ability to copy characters for this test nor will there be any rewards offered for testing. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Game Update 2.3 contains a host of new features including:

CZ-198 Mission Area

  • CZ-198, a new Level 55 daily mission area, is now available! CZ-198 is a small, private moon where Czerka Corporation’s most secret and dangerous data, research and technology is stored. The facility has recently entered an emergency security lockdown, and both the Empire and the Republic have descended on the moon in order to seize control. Complete missions to earn Galactic Reputation with the Ordnance Acquisition Corps (Empire) / Adjudicators (Republic) and purchase special rewards including powerful droid new companion armor!

Flashpoint: Czerka Corporate Labs

  • Infiltrate Czerka’s corporate headquarters on CZ-198 and take down Rasmus Blys, the Czerka scientist responsible for developing the company’s most dangerous weaponry.
  • All-new role-neutral Story Mode at Level 55. Group Finder will match the first four players of any role for fast queue times!
  • Hard Mode available at Level 55.

Flashpoint: Czerka Core Meltdown

  • Race against time to stop the imminent meltdown of the CZ-198 research facility and battle against the terrifying security system known as “The Vigilant!”
  • All-new role-neutral Story Mode at Level 55. Group Finder will match the first four players of any role for fast queue times!
  • Hard Mode available at Level 55.

Please note, at this time, we will not be providing Customer Support for this test server. Attempts to file in-game tickets will result in an error message and will not be processed. Please use the Public Test Server Forums for feedback and any issues you may experience. All gameplay policies are still in place; inappropriate or abusive players will not be tolerated on the test server and we ask that you please report this behavior to Customer Support here.

Be sure to click here to view the current Game Update 2.3 patch notes.

Marvel Heroes: Star-Spangled Sale (June 28 – July 8)

The first ever sale in Marvel Heroes has begun! For 10 days, June 28-July 8, there are pretty major savings to be had on new heroes (looks like 25%-50%). And thanks to the Canadian players, Wolverine even had a 50% discount!


For the next 10 days, get some great deals on heroes, costumes, and more!

Our star-spangled sale has begun – with every hero and almost every costume in Marvel Heroes reduced in price! Log into Marvel Heroes right now to pick up some great deals on heroes, costumes and more. Remember, the sale runs until Monday, check this chart for your time zone:

Sale Time By Region

Time Zone Begins on June 28th at: Ends On July 8th at
Pacific US 12:01 AM 12:01 AM
Mountain US 1:01 AM 1:01 AM
Central US 2:01 AM 2:01 AM
Eastern US 3:01 AM 3:01 AM
UTC 7:01 AM 7:01 AM
BST (London) 8:01 AM 8:01 AM
CEST (Paris, Berlin) 9:01 AM 9:01 AM
SGT (Singapore) 3:01 PM 3:01 PM
EST (Sydney) 5:01 PM 5:01 PM
NZST (Auckland) 7:01 PM 7:01 PM


All Heroes – On Sale!

We’ve cut prices on every hero! Naturally a sale this patriotic leads with Captain America, who gets a 50% discount to 600Gs! Every one of Captain America’s alternate costumes has reduced in price too, with his World War II era ‘Original’ costume now just 200Gs.

We were reminded by our Canadian players that July 1st is also Canada Day, so in celebration of that holiday, we’ve also reduced Wolverine by 50% to 600Gs!

If you’d rather play Cap’s compatriot in Marvel’s The Avengers, Iron Man – you’re in luck. He’s been reduced in price to 1500Gs, along with Spider-Man and Deadpool – also 1500Gs. The rest of our heroes have been reduced in price as well, to 1100Gs, 800Gs and 450Gs as shown below.

Hero Sale Price






















Costumes – On Sale!

Almost every costume has been reduced in price, some dramatically! For this sale there are four tiers of pricing for normal costumes, with a higher tier for Deadpool’s Enhanced Pirate Costume.

Starting at 200Gs, there are some great bargains to be had. Take a trip back to his early days with Cable’s Original Costume. Pick up a selection of Classic costumes for Colossus, Cyclops, Iron Man and Spider-Man. Perhaps you just want a unique look for Wolverine – look no further than ‘Leather Fang’ – just 200Gs.

At the 450G tier we have an even wider selection of costumes, including three different looks for Captain America and three more for Iron Man (including the Mark III and Mark IV movie armors). Perhaps you favor the God of Thunder, Thor? Pick up his Classic costume. Complete your Avengers team with Hawkeye’s Modern Costume, also at 450Gs during the sale.

Our final two sale tiers – 950 and 1250Gs – cover a wide range of costumes for almost every hero, including excellent outfits like Colossus’ Marvel NOW! Costume, Black Panther’s Armored Panther look, Cyclops’ ’90s costume, Hulk’s distinct ‘Mr Fixit’ suit and the ‘suitcase armor’ itself, the Iron Man Mark V Armor!

Finally we’ve reduced the price on our Enhanced Costume for Deadpool to 1750Gs. For those moments when Deadpool’s witty repartee isn’t enough, we invite you to enjoy the terrible tales of that scurvy seadog, Pirate Deadpool (soon to be upgraded with flintlock pistols for a more authentic look!).

For a complete list of all costumes (with preview) on sale and their prices, click here!

But that’s not all…

We know many of you like to experiment with different builds for your heroes, so we’ve cut the price of Retcon Devices in half for the sale. They’re now just 150Gs for a limited time, so pick up a few for all of your history-rewriting needs.

Keep watching the in-game store next week for some exciting new additions, too, including costumes and maybe even new consumables!

Our Sale Promise

We know many game sales events vary their prices throughout the promotion, which can mean you miss out on a great bargain. We’re committed to keeping these prices as-is for the entire 10 days until July 8th at 12:01AM PDT, so you can buy with confidence.

Some of you may have purchased a hero or costume in the last few days, not knowing this sale was about to start. If you have purchased a hero from the in-game store since Tuesday, June 25th, we will refund the difference (in Gs) between your purchase price and the sale price.

In addition, if you purchased a costume since Tuesday that has dropped in price by 400Gs or more, we will also refund the difference (in Gs) between your purchase price and the sale price.

To claim your refund, you must contact Customer Support, who will verify your in-game purchase and then refund your account. To contact Customer Support, login to your profile on Marvel Heroes.com and click ‘Support’ and ‘Submit a Help Request’. Then use the dropdown menu to select ‘Holiday Sale Issues’ and send in your request. Please note, due to the high volume of expected refund requests, your refund may take up to a week to process. Refunds can only be granted for items that were purchased from the in-game store; heroes and costumes included as part of a pack are not eligible for refund.

We hope you enjoy the first ever sale in Marvel Heroes, and as always, we want to hear your feedback! Talk to us on our ForumsFacebookTwitter, or Google+ and tell us what you think!

Marvel Heroes: Patch Live

The latest Marvel Heroes patch addresses 11 different boss updates along with crafting and quite a few miscellaneous updates. Click here to see the official article.


Content Changes

Mystery Egg

The previous ‘Special Mission Reward’ box has been transformed into… a Mystery Egg. Players affected by the ‘unlock only’ bug (from around launch) will find an item called ‘Mystery Egg’ in their inventory if they had an unused hero token that was ‘unlock only’ (the bugged token). This item will ‘hatch’ into a new Starter Hero unlock in a near-future patch, so don’t destroy it.


New Crafting Recipe: Swap Costume Affixes (Crafter Rank 4)

This recipe allows you to swap all affixes between two different costumes – useful for when you buy a new costume and want to swap all your affixes and core onto that costume. This recipe replaces the Transfer Costume Affixes recipe, and upgrades the old recipe, which transferred affixes from 1 costume to a new costume. This recipe also swaps the cores and visual affixes.
Design Note: Our old recipe transferred affixes and caused players to accidentally delete affixes if they didn’t execute it properly. We’ve replaced the recipe to ensure people don’t accidentally nerf themselves.

Bovine Sector (AKA Cow Level):

Crafting the Bovine Sector recipe now takes 1 hour instead of 10 hours.
Design Note: We think the Bovine Sector (cow level) is fun and it’s on our list of high-priority items to work on. Since we fixed the bug that allowed multiple uses, we decided it would be more fun to reduce the crafting time to 1 hour. This is a very small first step in a plan to make your battle against the Skrull-Cows as fun, challenging and rewarding as possible.

Ultimate Pack Costumes:

Ultimate pack exclusive costumes can no longer be destroyed by dropping them.

Artifact and Medallion Improvements:

Design Note: We did a pass on all items and artifacts to ensure maximum fun. We found about 70 items that were below our power curve, so we buffed all of them and will roll them out over the next two patches. We found 1 item that that was dramatically above our power curve, so we reduced its power level.

We want players to have a lot of different options with items, and to select items based on their play style and build. If someone enjoys pets, there should be viable items to support that build. If people prefer a dodge build, crit build or AoE build then there should be options to support that style build.

You’ll notice that we focused on buffs rather than nerfs, which is what we strongly prefer. We don’t like reducing an item’s power as a general rule because we know that players spend time farming and trading for specific items.

Our one nerf was Edge of Infinity because it was dealing the highest damage, by far, of any item in the game. It wasn’t even close. In this case we decided to reduce only the base damage, but leave it as the strongest pure damage item for many builds, particularly crit focused builds.

Once these changes are live, we will be monitoring performance and player feedback. We will continue to adjust them to give players the freedom to choose the artifact that fits their play style best.

Rhino and Taskmaster:

  • Their Medallion now increase Max Damage Reduction.

Doctor Doom:

  • Increased the chance for Medallion’s fear effect slightly.

Doctor Octopus:

  • Increased the Power Radius bonus from his Chapter 8 medal slightly.


  • His medal and medallion now list the damage dealt by the chance-on-hit effect.
  • The damage for his medal and medallion’s chance-on-hit effect has been greatly increased.

Lady Deathstrike:

  • Her medal and medallion’s bleed damage has been doubled.

Living Laser:

  • His medal and medallion’s damage has been greatly increased.
  • His medal and medallion now lists the damage dealt by the chance-on-hit effect.
  • His medallion will now grant approximately double the spirit it was granting previously.


  • His medal and medallion now lists the damage dealt by the chance-on-hit effect.
  • His medal and medallions chance-on-hit damage for all effects.


  • His medal and medallion now lists the damage dealt by the chance-on-hit effect.
  • His medal and medallion now have a range for its fireball effect.
  • His medal and medallion’s fireball effect have had their damage increased.


  • His medal and medallion now have a range for its effect.
  • His medal and medallion’s chance-on-hit effect has had its damage greatly increased.


  • His medal and medallion now lists the damage dealt by its “flames” effect.
  • His medal and medallion have had its “flames” effect damage increased.


  • His medal and medallion’s effect has had its damage increased.


The Edge of Infinity artifact has had its bonus damage reduced by approximately 30%. Crit chance and bonus damage on crit remain the same.

Darkhold Scroll and Phoenix Feather artifacts now display cooldown in the tooltip.

Bug Fixes

Crafting Recipes

We fixed an issue where some players received Ultimate Pack exclusive costumes from a rank 20 crafting recipe. These costumes can no longer be crafted. All the exclusive costumes have been replaced with a random, non-exclusive costume with the same affixes. (This applies whether the costume is equipped, in an inventory or in a STASH.)

Bovine Sector:

  • Players can now only enter the Bovine Sector once per consumable item, and the portal will go away when the player leaves the Bovine Sector. Note: We have also reduced the crafting time to 1 hour, down from 10 hours as described in crafting changes.

User Interface (UI)

The Max Defense Reduction stat is now properly displayed on the character sheet.

The tooltip for Bonus XP on the Character Sheet stats tab has been corrected.



  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Freezing’ affix effect would activate inappropriately or too early for many boss powers.
  • Fixed Rhino, Lady Deathstrike, Kingpin, and Juggernaut not receiving charm resistance while charging.


  • Magneto will once again chase his target during Metal Storm.


  • Ice Ring will no longer immobilize targets (unless they remain in the AOE long enough to be stunned).


  • Fixed an issue where Wizard’s Triple Disc throw had all three discs on top of each other instead of spread out at 30 degree angles.

Heroes and Powers


  • Various tooltip text fixes on hero powers.


  • Searing Shot: Fixed an issue where visual effects when hitting enemies were not seen.

Captain America:

  • Aggressive Shout: Fixed an issue where the power had both a 10 second buff and an ongoing (lasts until turned off) buff, and only one of them was being shown.


  • Radar Sense now properly dodges incoming skillshots, and displays the correct chance on its tooltip.

Iron Man:

  • Synergies for Channeled Repulsors have been fixed and are working as described.


  • Re-enabled animations for the /wave and /showoff emotes for Spider-Man’s Symbiote costume.

The Edge of Infinity artifact has had its bonus damage reduced by approximately 30%. Crit chance and bonus damage on crit remain the same.

Darkhold Scroll and Phoenix Feather artifacts now display cooldown in the tooltip.



Creatures summoned by artifacts and medals, such as a Moloid Leaper and Sinister Clones, are now summoned at the level of the item instead of at level 1. This will make them much more dangerous, as they should be.
Design Note: We want creatures summoned by items or powers to be strong and effective. If players want to use a “pet” based strategy, we will keep balancing to ensure it’s viable.

Pets are no longer targeted by bouncing attacks.

Madame Hydra Medal:

  • Fixed an issue where the medal would grant invulnerability to nearby orbs as well as players.

Doctor Doom Medal:

  • Fixed an issue stopping hero movement when its fear effect activates.

Mole Man Medal:

  • Moloid Leapers summoned by the medal now attack enemies more frequently.


Fixed an issue where sound could be lost intermittently after changing locations.

In-Game Store

When buying Gs, the United States state selection list can now be scrolled past ‘Tennessee’ as intended.

G purchases should now correctly display in supported local currencies at checkout.

Known Major Issues

For the list of our current known major issues, please check this post in our forums as it will be updated regularly.

TERA: Preload Corsairs’ Stronghold Now (5GB Patch)

Mommy. A 5 GB update to TERA! It’s probably best if you get that download started immediately so you’re ready to go on July 1. You can head over here for the official post.


Preload Corsairs’ Stronghold! 

TERA Preload Corsair's Stronghold

You won’t be able to play Corsairs’ Stronghold until July 1, but starting today you will be able to start downloading the update. Here’s what you’ll need to know:

First, this patch clocks in at around 5 GB, so be sure to have a little more than that available on your hard drive. Second, you’ll notice that when you log in, there will be something downloading, except that the Play button will still be lit, like it is below.

Preload 1

You’ll still be able to play TERA normally, and preloading will not happen while you play. It will only preload while the launcher is open, but TERA is not. When the preloading is completed, you’ll see that the bar looks something more like this:

Preload 2

The Secret World: Content Patch 1.7 is Live

In keeping with their regular content and fix updates, patch 1.7 is the seventh massive set of updates and fixes, with more content coming very soon. Primarily, there was a major overhaul of signets, combat skill fixes/updates, and quite a few missions were modified.



Update Notes 1.7




  • The Forgotten Ashes item can now be purchased again
  • Time Tomb Raider title can now be purchased again
  • Fixed a clipping issue with Strapless blouse and long gloves
  • Large frame glasses, black have been renamed to Large frame glasses, brown to match their actual color


  • Fatal Flourish will now trigger properly when using non-targeted AoE abilities
  • Fixed an issue that caused some attacks to not build and/or consume Elemental Force
  • Elemental Force and Fatal Flourish will no longer be gained when not hitting a target
  • Signet of Opportunism will no longer hit for more damage than it should
  • Using quantum abilities no longer causes item shortcuts to disappear


New York

  • Questions and Answers – The door used to exit to New York can be used again


  • Dirty Laundry – The phone can once again be used

The Blue Mountain

  • Dawning of an Endless Night – Players can now enter the Blue Ridge Mine

The Scorched Desert

  • Tomb Raiders – The fifth tomb can once again be used
  • A Flight of Locusts – The keycards can once again be used
  • Headhunter – Players can now interact with Karim el Touni
  • Tainted Dreams – Players can now close the nightmare rift
  • From Oxford, With Love – Players can now retrieve the first artifact

City of the Sun God

  • They Were Beautiful Once – The digging machines can once again be used

The Besieged Farmlands

  • A Body of Work – Weapon cache can once again be used
  • Bearing Gifts – The note can now be inspected
  • Spy vs. Spy – Players can now interact with Zaha

The Shadowy Forest

  • Red Hand Down – The skeleton can once again be used


  • Blue Mountain – Fixed an issue where players could get stuck behind some crates
  • The Shadowy Forest – Moved a dead Orochi body so it is no longer floating
  • The Shadowy Forest – Moved a C4 explosive so it is no longer floating
  • The Shadowy Forest – Fixed an issue where an Orochi Computer was using an Illuminati symbol 



  • An issue causing players’ screens to remain black after finishing cinematics has been resolved.
  • You should no longer lose sprint when entering combat.
  • Item Shop Consumables can no longer be used before your character reaches Kingsmouth.
  • Character legs will no longer become invisible when wearing the Denim capri pants with Ankle boot heels.
  • Hands no longer disappear when wearing the Delta Force – Right arm wrap with long sleeves.
  • Quickened Anima should now be purchaseable at the correct faction ranks.
  • A few Transylvania monsters that were erroneously dropping New England Sequins will now drop Transylvania Sequins.
  • Faction Marks will no longer generate impact particles on their targets.
  • Vendors no longer trick you into thinking the veteran items are sellable.
  • Clarified the descriptions of the Quickened Animas and the Sprinting buffs.
  • You can no longer waste Astral Fuse or Criterion Upgrade on an upgrade where they are not needed.
  • The ’30 missions completed’ notification is now account wide, and will only appear once after one character completes 30 missions.
  • Added a heal over time effect to all practice Demons.
  • The Sherlock achievement now gets awarded correctly.
  • We have lowered prices for consumables from the pvp vendors.
  • Fixed an issue with the War Helmet and certain hairstyles.
  • Added a new dressing room slot for head accessories.
  • Disabled group invites when in the barber chair or plastic surgery table.
  • Send Report button should now be visible even when the mission tracker is disabled.
  • The playfield sequin vendors have received a new item of commerce.
  • Item Shop items now give onscreen feedback for why they are unusable before reaching Kingsmouth.
  • Look for a banner and sign displaying the names of the Music Contest winners in London!
  • Added ‘Powered by Dreamworld Technology’ logo to the login screen.
  • Added some text to the top of the bug report window to help players better understand the difference between bug reports and /petitions.


  • Beatdown will no longer apply its knockback effect to subsequent attacks.
  • Paradigm Shift has been redesigned. It now provides a 30% chance to gain the Minor Hit Chance effect whenever you apply the Weakened state. The reason for this change is to differentiate it from Call Your Shots.
  • Fatal Flourish has been redesigned. It now builds 1 Fatal Flourish counter every time you apply the Afflicted state. When the count reaches 8 the next attack will penetrate and reset the count. The reason for this change is to make it different than the Dark Potency passive.
  • Exploitation has been updated to provide a 33% chance to cleanse 1 effect from yourself whenever you hit a Hindered target. The reason for this change is to make it different than the Perjury passive.
  • Increased the damage dealt by the Sudden Return passive ability.
  • Contortionist will now remove only Hinder and Impair effects.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the stun component of Art of War to trigger even when the damage was evaded or glanced.
  • Defensive Turret will now apply its effect more reliably.
  • Passives which trigger when applying Hinder effects will no longer trigger if the target is immune to Hinder effects.
  • Deadly Aim’s duration will now be refreshed when reapplied.
  • Fixed a tooltip error with the Probability buff.
  • Fixed an issue where Bushwhack’s Obstruction effect did not last as long as it should.
  • The Charge effect when attached to a whip and triggered with Whip it Good will now hit reliably.
  • Win Win will now remove two stacks of the cleanseable dungeon debuffs.
  • Pistol Love will now remove three stacks of the cleanseable dungeon debuffs.
  • Cleansing Drone will now remove two stacks of the cleanseable dungeon debuffs if the target is Hindered when the drone is summoned.
  • Cry Havoc’s damaging ground area will now trigger correctly on any impaired targets.
  • Cry Havoc’s damaging ground area will now display properly in the combat log.
  • Updated the description of Cannonball to clarify which abilities it affects.
  • Cannonball will now trigger from Death from Above and Flicker.
  • Lock, Stock & Barrel will now consume and trigger properly when using Shotgun Turret and Defensive Turret.
  • Fixed a tooltip issue with Hog Wild.
  • Burst of Energy now works with Call for Eris.
  • Fixed an issue with the HoT effect of the quantum ability Charge.
  • Tooltips for barrier effects will now show the current value left on the barrier instead of showing the full value.
  • Increased the selection radius of Chain attacks so they work more reliably at selecting their maximum number of targets.
  • Updated the tooltip for Increased Dosage to show the healing range for 1-5 resources.
  • Increased the cooldown of Tear Gas to 4 seconds to match other ranged resource consuming abilities.
  • Reduced the damage of the extra hit to Safety Off caused by Extra Bullet.
  • Fixed a problem with Flight of Daggers.
  • Start & Finish should now benefit properly from all passive abilities.
  • Bond, Strong Bond will no longer incorrectly trigger Focus subtype passives.
  • Clarified Live Wire’s tooltip to indicate that it triggers off the 5th critical hit.
  • Updated description of Burst of Energy to specify that it only works with damaging abilities.
  • Corrected damage numbers in the tooltip for Bone Breaker.
  • Pressure Point and Elemental Force can no longer be removed via right click.
  • Soft Target should now apply ranged resources to your primary target when triggered.
  • The recharge modification from Rocket Science will now apply to Death from Above even if the jump kills you.
  • Fixed an issue where some HoT abilities were treated as active heals.
  • Reduced the total critical hit and penetrating hit chance on all abilities which hit multiple times per second. This is not a total normalization, but reduces their chances to be more in line with single hit abilities.
  • Momentum buff from the Hammer skill can no longer be canceled.
  • Fixed a tooltip error in the Striker ability.
  • Imprint will now trigger even if an attack is queued after Whip It Good.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Big Forty Five to consume an extra Pistol resource.
  • Made adjustments to the way Elemental Force and Fatal Flourish build counters to make them more reliable.
  • Channeling abilities can now be properly queued with themselves.
  • Fixed an issue with Strange Attractor which could cause it to not deal damage to targets who are immune to Impairs.
  • Anaesthesia will no longer apply 2 stacks of Rising Vigor.
  • Fixed the combat log to show proper leech percentages.


  • Slaughterhouse – The Tesla Coil AoE now deals damage properly.
  • Hell Eternal – Fixed an issue with performance during the Prime Maker fight.
  • The Polaris – If everyone is not ready to leave with the helicopter, a short grace period is now activated to allow them to catch up.
  • Resolved an issue that could in rare cases cause loot not to drop from the New York Raid or make the lockout apply to everyone in the playfield.
  • Fixed players being bound to their nightmare instances even when trying to travel to normal dungeons.
  • The Facility – Fixed an issue with unkillable resurrecting monsters around the pit in The Facility.


  • The Time Accelerator tooltip now includes a line in its description stating “Only usable by subscribers and Grand Masters.”
  • Increased the Physical Protection granted by Kickbacks and Stimulants.
  • Energy Drink – Barrier will now always apply to yourself when used.
  • Deleting items from inside the crafting window has been disabled to prevent an issue where future recipes failed because of this.


  • Fixed description text on many different Signets.
  • Signet of Abuse damage bonus has been slightly increased at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Abuse should trigger more reliably when multiple users with the Signet attack the same target.
  • Signet of Extrication healing has been increased at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Echoes will no longer trigger passive effects.
  • Signet of Order block chance increase has been increased at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Resilience will now correctly state that it increases physical and magical protection and not block rating. This is a tooltip fix, the signet was always increasing physical and magical protection.
  • Signet of Resilience buff counters will now fall off one at a time instead of all at once.
  • Signet of Sadism damage has been increased at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Sadism now specifies that it deals magical damage.
  • Signet of Sadism should trigger more reliably when multiple users with the Signet attack the same target.
  • Signet of Salvation effect will now display with the proper icon.
  • Signet of Opportunism damage has been increased at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Opportunism now specifies that it deals magical damage.
  • Signet of Opportunism should trigger more reliably when multiple users with the Signet attack the same target.
  • Signet of Breaching now has a 7 second cooldown upon applying its effect.
  • Signet of Breaching penetration damage increase value has been reduced at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Breaching will now apply 100% of the time on any penetrating hit, instead of a 33% chance to apply.
  • Signet of Castigation cooldown reduced at all rarity levels. Note there was a tooltip error which stated the cooldown was 10 seconds when it was 15 across all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Castigation will now provide a small damage increase while the effect is active.
  • Signet of Discipline will now grant more defense rating at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Discipline cooldown has been reduced at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Reinforcement physical and magical protection gained has been reduced at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Reinforcement buff counters will now fall off one at a time instead of all at once.
  • Signet of Reinforcement can now trigger when you evade an attack.
  • Signet of Aggression cooldown has been reduced at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Aggression should trigger more reliably when multiple users with the Signet attack the same target.
  • Signet of Temperance healing has been increased at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Temperance effect now has an 8 second cooldown upon applying its effect to match its duration and ensure reapplication does not cause any healing ticks to be missed.
  • Signet of Temperance should trigger more reliably when multiple users with the Signet heal the same target.
  • Signet of Benediction barrier value has been increased at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Benediction should trigger more reliably when multiple users with the Signet heal the same target.
  • Signet of Obedience damage bonus has been increased at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Obedience buff counters will now fall off one at a time instead of all at once.
  • Signet of Obedience should trigger more reliably when multiple users with the Signet attack the same target.
  • Signet of Cruel Delight healing has been increased at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Cruel Delight should trigger more reliably when multiple users with the Signet attack the same target.
  • Signet of Interdiction healing has been increased at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Interdiction should trigger more reliably when multiple users with the Signet attack the same target.
  • Signet of Fury damage bonus has been increased at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Corruption affliction damage bonus has been increased at all rarity levels.
  • Signet of Laceration critical damage bonus has been increased at all rarity levels.
  • Debuffs from lesser powered Signets of Breaching will no longer overwrite more powerful ones.
  • Added an icon to the Signet of Fury effect.
  • Fixed an issue with the Signet of Fortification which could cause it to make players take more damage than expected.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from crafting multiple items using stacks of materials.


  • Loot type and threshold changes now appear in the onscreen messages correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where placeholder text appeared when disassembling items with a full inventory.
  • Fixed an error message seen when attempting to use the Flashbang Grenade in restricted areas.
  • “Enable Mouse Highlighting” – changed the option and tooltip text to make this functionality clearer.
  • Inspection GUI should now still be able to be opened after being closed with Shift+Esc.
  • Send Report button will now reappear after reviving if a player is killed while reading the mission reward window.
  • The SP icon should no longer disappear when opening the Achievement window.
  • The Achievement icon should now disappear when the Achievement window is opened.
  • The LFG list will now update more often.
  • Fixed a case where certain cells in the outer wheel could not be selected.
  • Achievements that give rewards now list those rewards on the achievements menu.
  • A new Cabal Log has been added to the Cabal interface. This tab will allow players to see a record of basic cabal activity.
  • Fixed an issue that caused shortcut bar items to disappear when using some quantum brace abilities.
  • Removed the ability to zoom in on the Skill Wheel.
  • Auxiliary weapon abilities and ability slots are now hidden until auxiliary weapons are unlocked.



  • The Last Strand – Poison will not affect players in anima form anymore.
  • Dawning of an Endless Night – Cassandra no longer appears at the entrance to the Maintenance tunnels.
  • Scrapyard Defence – All members of the Draug raiding party will now reach the barricades.

The Savage Coast

  • Ami Legend can now be completed in a team.
  • Hell Hath No Vacancy – Send Report text and mission rewards have been fixed.
  • Crime and Punishment – Mancave computer entries can now be read multiple times without having to quit the interface.
  • Sinking Feelings and Nobel Calling now have different rewards.
  • The Black House – Removed temporary text from the message when trying to use Carrie’s Ashes away from the water.

The Blue Mountain

  • The Ghosts and the Darkness – The family photo in Chuck Thompson’s hand is no longer interactable.
  • Dreamcatcher – The portal at end of the instance will once again teleport the player back to Blue Mountain.
  • Enemy of my Enemy – Freed Sasquatch now perform emotes.
  • Up in Flames – When a player interacts with the fire extinguisher after another player does, they will now get the fire extinguisher in their inventory.
  • Up In Flames – The Fire Extinguisher is no longer interactable after you have already picked it up.
  • Treasure Hunt – All four stones are now placed outside of the cliffside.
  • Strangers from a Strange Land – Muninn will now be heard in French and German during Tiers 1, 2 and 7.
  • Off the Menu – Zombies now perform the eating animation instead of digging while eating the bait.

The Scorched Desert

  • Mean Streets – Picking up a charred note fragment will delete a Reassembled Atenist Orders item in your bank.
  • The Last Legion – Fixed an issue where Legatus Aulus did not behave correctly once spawned.
  • Last Train to Cairo – Your character will no longer briefly flicker before the cinematic.
  • Black Sun, Red Sand: Players stuck on Tier 7 will get their goal updated when interacting with the Song of the Sentinel.

City of the Sun God

  • Mummy Issues – Temple City Letters item is now deleted at the end of the mission.
  • Black Sun, Red Sand – An issue causing the Black Pharaoh to become permanently immune from taking damage has been resolved.

The Carpathian Fangs

  • Fixed an issue that may have blocked progress during Tier 4 of ‘The Red Thread’.
  • Breached – Orochi Troll files media popup will now appear in French and German when the game is set to these respective languages.
  • Body parts will remain on the Altar in The Palace Below after a player has died.

The Besieged Farmlands

  • The Cost of Magic: Fragmentation Grenades found during Tier 5 should now always properly highlight yellow.


  • There will now be a sound associated with a minigame invitation appearing onscreen.
  • Players will now see a buff whenever they are flagged for PvP outside of the battlegrounds.
  • The diminishing returns on pvp xp now properly affect group members while in the pvp battlegrounds.
  • Declining a battlefield invite will no longer remove you from the one you are in.
  • Accepting a battlefield invite no longer removes you from other battlefield queues.
  • Fixed an issue where the minigame score was not properly updated when joining a minigame late.
  • The Join as Party button on the signup ui is now hidden when in a PvP playfield.
  • Token reward amounts should now properly be displayed in PvP Minigames.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be invisible in PvP Minigames.


  • The population cap of Fusang is now set to the second highest faction plus ten percent. This means it should be easier to get into a Fusang game.
  • Reduced the power of the two most powerful Equal Footing buffs.
  • Switched the heal values of Custodian Heal Aura tier 2 and 3.
  • Fixed a bug where the character doing the upgrade would not get the heal for tiers 2 and 3.
  • The custodian itself will now be healed by the aura for all three tiers.
  • Players can now join Fusang Projects as a group.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes make players not automatically get formed in a raid correctly.

El Dorado

  • Anima Residue is now removed as soon as you start casting an ability.


  • Fixed a strange staircase in Thinis BCE.
  • Kingsmouth – Larger characters won’t become stuck on dumpsters anymore.
  • Kingsmouth – Harrison Blake is no longer standing in nearby crates.
  • Kingsmouth Town – Ellis Hill will not end up standing inside walls anymore.
  • Fixed a location in Blue Mountain where players could get stuck.
  • Fixed a location in Thinis 1897 BC where characters could get stuck.

Original TSW Article

Elder Scrolls Online: Interview with Lead Gameplay Designer Nick Konkle (TenTonHammer.com)

This is a nice article that covers first person view, alliance wars, endgame theorycrafting, and next-gen consoles.


ESO Interview with Nick Konkle

We recently sat down for a candid discussion about the unstoppable MMO juggernaut in the making, Elder Scrolls Online, with lead gameplay designer Nick Konkle. Topics of discussion included the implementation of first-person view, cross-platform gameplay considerations, and the ways character builds will be a constantly shifting component of Alliance Wars PvP.

First-Person View in ESO

For a lot of gamers, the seminal Elder Scrolls experience involves playing in first-person view. While plenty of MMOs give players the option to zoom the camera into first-person, few really factor in the visual aspects of seeing equipped weapons and the sizable impact it can have on feeling truly engaged in combat. In other words, it’s kind of like playing an FPS, only without seeing the assault rifle you have equipped so the bullets just magically appear from somewhere off-screen each time you pull the trigger.

Earlier this year we were given a sneak peak at how this aspect of ESO was shaping up, but at that point it wasn’t a playable option in the press demo builds. It certainly looked badass, but we were curious about how has that aspect of the game’s development been progressing, and if there were any unexpected hurdles in the implementation process.

Lead Gameplay Designer Nick Konlke explained, “It came together much faster and better than I was expecting. Sometimes when you go from prototype to playable, it’s pretty good but then once you get to mass production it can introduce 75 new issues. It didn’t go that way this time. Instead, it was suddenly two months later and it’s in and we’re done, so that was good.

A thing that did surprise me is that I’m not really a first-person gamer, though I do play Elder Scrolls interchangeably. For example, I played Skyrim in first, and Oblivion in third-person. So when first-person went in our game I was expecting it to be similar, like I could play it this way, but I probably won’t. But I do. It’s absolutely my preferred way to play now. It’s just super immersive and cool, and it’s the only way I play now. We’ve noticed with MMO purists, they start liking first-person with a ranged weapon like a bow or staff, and then after they get used to the basics of the perspective change they take the whole thing on that way.”

Alliance Wars and the Character Build Metagame

While I’m more inclined to stick to third-person in most MMOs, it’s rarely a matter of immersion for me so much as the heightened spatial and situational awareness. Even having gone through a fairly hardcore period playing first-person shooters, I want as much visual feedback as possible in competitive situations. This will no doubt hold doubly true when it comes to the size and scope of Alliance Wars PvP in ESO.

Speaking of Alliance Wars, we were really interested in learning more about how that slice of the game is progressing given it’s a major component of the long-tail gameplay and endgame for Elder Scrolls Online.

Nick explained, “All the testing is still internal, but we’re pretty excited to get that part of the game into the beta. We just had a big office-wide PvP test that was quite a bit of fun, and there are any number of anecdotes that I could share from that experience. But let’s just say it’s pretty big; there are some epic battles going on with 50 on 50 groups meeting on the open field.

The main thing that I’m really happy about as a result of this is that we’re getting a lot of builds tested. We’re in the middle of a lot of balancing and adjustments in development, and a lot of times even a small balance tweak will lead to whole shifts in the metagame around the office in terms of what build is now the popular one.

The three or four builds that are really popular changes every couple of months, and they don’t always align with what you’d expect. So what’s the coolest to me is that people will have their weird random builds that they make out of their Elder Scrolls characters and they go into PvP and they make them work. That’s my dream.”

One of the signs of a great elder game competitive system is that you never reach a point where things feel static. As new flavor-of-the-month builds rise to prominence, the system needs to offer enough flexibility for proper counters to those builds to be formulated.

Nick was quick to agree. “Any particular build needs to have a counter. Similarly, with any ability that’s more powerful or possibly sets up a sequence for a style of play, you need to make sure that there’s something you can do when you fight against that. As long as I don’t think the counter system comes down to A beats B, B beats C, and C beats A and that’s the metagame. You want a really big wheel that no one can actually map all the way out so that it constantly shifts. You don’t want it to be cookie-cutter at any level.”

Simple rock-paper-scissors systems definitely don’t cut it when it comes to metagame balance. With the three factions present in ESO there is potential for that layer to be present, but that’s on a much grander and more tactical scale as opposed to the drilled-down character build level. In ESO there will no doubt be certain builds that are considered a bit more iconic. A pure healer build where you focus on the healing staff and full light armor would be one such example.

We were also curious if there were any team-level build concepts that have come into play so far in the office play sessions that were either unexpected, or have in some way helped influence how different counters have been introduced. A perfect example here would be in any MMO that has PBAoE abilities, you’re bound to see character stacking occur; the idea being you stack a bunch of DPS and healer builds in one big clump and they can be extremely difficult to take down unless proper counters exist.

Nick noted, “It’s funny you should mention that, because early on that was a very common thing where people would essentially create a giant PBAoE bomb. That was actually super popular in Dark Age of Camelot.

To counter that, there’s a skill called Anti-Magic Field that drops down a bubble where anyone who tries to cast a spell will get zapped: they’ll be silenced and take a bunch of damage. So if you’re an opposing sorcerer and you’ve got that on your bar, and see a group getting ready to do a PBAoE bomb, you drop that down and all they do is stun and silence themselves.

Anti-Magic Field is interesting in that it provides a strong counter for that, but it’s also an Ultimate, so it takes a pretty long time to charge. But then there’s kind of that risk vs. reward layer about using it. So you can potentially bait it and get a player to use it too early and then do the bomb immediately after.”

ESO and Next Gen Consoles

The launch delay announcement for ESO during E3 2013 caught a lot of people’s attention, and became one of the biggest news stories out of the event for MMO gamers. What’s interesting is that there hadn’t necessarily been any specific dates previously announced, other than a loose target window for the latter part of 2013.

That said, the other major part of that announcement involved Elder Scrolls Online being developed for the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, keeping with the cross-platform release model that helped both Oblivion and Skyrim become such huge commercial successes. While that announcement obviously needed to be held back until after Sony and Microsoft had their grand reveals, we couldn’t help but ask Nick how development on the new consoles had been going so far.

“I think the main thing we discovered was that we were already headed in a certain direction with the style of game we were making in terms of a lot of things that are in common with modern console RPGs. So the technology just happens to line up really well with where we are in our schedule. So the technology is there and we can do it, and the design of the game didn’t have to change. It was more a case of making a few tweaks here and there, but fundamentally the game is identical. That allows us to present the same game across all platforms.”

In terms of any special considerations that needed to be made for things like the pacing of combat or the active dodging mechanic, Nick went on to note, “For someone like me who is into the nitty gritty details of it sure, but for the majority of players, not so much. There are some things like locomotion or run animations where you have to make those a bit smoother to account for joysticks. Then you also have to make sure the keybindings work across everything.

So there are some minor things here and there, but we haven’t had to adjust any major mechanic as we intended it to work in the PC version of the game.”

Still no word on whether a special netbook client for ESO will be made available, but we’ll keep you posted on any new developments in that department.

Original TenTonHammer Article

Neverwinter: Massive Giveaways!

Neverwinter is giving away everything AND the kitchen sink! There are five different websites offering freebies, so hit them all up!

Official Neverwinter Giveaway Website

Current Giveaways

Nvidia: Shield Delayed Due to Mechanical Failure (GameSpot.com)

I guess this is a blessing and a curse. I’d much rather see a product delayed for an appropriate reason (like this one) instead of having a tragic launch and massive backlash that kills a product’s chance of success. In the Shield’s new price point, I think it has a lot going for it and will keep my fingers crossed Nvidia can quickly resolve the mechanical issue AND get enough product ready for a new launch.


Gaming portable’s release delayed to July due to mechanical issue discovered in last-minute quality assurance testing.

Portable gaming device Nvidia Shield has been delayed into July, one day before it was scheduled to launch. Explaining the delay, project manager Jason Paul said a mechanical issue was detected during last-minute quality assurance testing.

“The issue relates to a third-party mechanical component, and we’re working around the clock with the supplier to get it up to our expectations,” Paul said.

“We apologize to those who have preordered Shields and to all those who are waiting for them to go on sale. But we want every Shield to be just right,” he added.

Just last week, Nvidia announced that the Shield would launch June 27 for $300, a $50 markdown from the portable’s previously announced $350 price tag.

Paul said at the time that the new price point will make the device a “home run.”

The Nvidia Shield gives gamers access to an array of gaming avenues, including Nvidia TegraZone, Google Play, and Steam. The system runs on the Tegra 4 processor and boasts 16GB of memory, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, a mini-HDMI output, a microSD storage slot, and a headphone jack.

The device also features a five-inch, 720p multi-touch display. For more on the Nvidia Shield, check out GameSpot’s preview of the device from the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year.

Original GameSpot Article

Minecraft: 11 Million PC Sales; Millions More than World of Warcraft

Kind of unbelievable that Minecraft has been picked by over 25 million users across all platforms. What a remarkable feat from a cult classic game of build-your-own adventure!


Minecraft developer Mojang has sold more than 11 million copies on the PC. For a game that started on the PC, the Xbox version regularly reaches the top of the Xbox Live Arcade charts. The Xbox 360 edition has sold over 6 million copies and the Pocket Edition for mobile has sold over 10 million copies. And yes, Minecraft will be available on the Xbox One!
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