Sphero: the Smartphone Powered Robot Ball (Fab.com)

Fab.com tends to offer hip, trendy, interesting clothing, gadgets, and more. This robot ball is definitely a nerdy gadget, but is it too nerdy? Would any of you actually USE this…especially when it costs $100 (on sale)? Here’s the info offered over at Fab.com.

(To see the 20+ apps and for more information about the development company, go to http://www.gosphero.com.)


Your dream of a robo-butler hasn’t panned out yet, but the folks at Orbotix have built something even better. Sphero is a wireless motorized ball brought to life by your smartphone. This simple concept yields powerful and playful possibilities, showcased in wild, colorful style by over 20 free gaming and utility apps.

Adam Wilson

Adam WilsonWhen we built Sphero, we knew it was going to be a legit gaming robot—but we had no idea that it would develop consciousness and become our robotic overlord. Well…we kinda’ knew.– Adam Wilson, Co-founder and Chief Software Architect, Orbotix


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