Neverwinter: Streamer’s Day (June 12)

Well, this is a bit novel – especially in this volume. Lots of games, especially MMORPGs, offer live stream on Livestream,,, etc. Here’s a concerted effort by Neverwinter to drum up as much business as possible prior to their official launch on June 20th.

As it’s an extensive list, just pay attention to whether you want a 24-hour stream or a stream that may be available whenever you are, per hour.


Hey adventurers!

Wednesday, June 12 is Neverwinter Streamers’ Day! Tune in to watch your favorite streamers play Neverwinter, or jump in to play with them during their broadcasts!

Keep an eye out for Neverwinter devs and giveaways throughout the day too – we’ll be making our rounds playing alongside streamers and handing out fun items in stream chat!

A full schedule of Streamers’ Day livestreams is below, detailing each streamer’s Neverwinter @handle, channel, and planned content.  All times are PDT, so please click here for a time converter.  And join theNeverwinter Streamers’ Day conversation on the forums!

24-Hour Livestreams

@adamupco | | Leveling a GWF from 1 – 60 in 24 hour livestream (9PM PDT Tuesday – 9PM PDT Wednesday)

@Elderfro | | 24 hour stream, whatever I feel like PvP, PvE, funny Skype convos


@Mjroots | | Devoted Cleric PvP mostly. Maybe Skirmishes and Dungeons too


@madfool4 | | T2 Dungeon crawling and Foundry runs


@IRNOEbot | | Continued main leveling/preparing for new content/ALT praying/Salad fixin/Hat Wearing/Tune Whistlin/And All around Awesome Doing


@mrvincent1959 | | Devoted Cleric playing T1 Epic Dungeons/will stream on Preview Shard if available

@panda9lc | | Lots of PvP

8:30AM PDT

@tiaestikilia | | Playing some Epics and PvP, with German commentary

9:00AM PDT

@CraftChest72 | | Gameplay, character builds and opinions, shopping, viewer help, etc. Maybe even some giveaways!

@heldenfeld | | Castle Never and T2 runs (Q&A about builds, launch date, upcoming changes, and more)

@hunter4017 | | New player leveling 10+, with commentary etc.

@MeresTV | | I have been streaming Cleric endgame, theory crafting multiple classes, and state of the game. I do everything from PvE – PvP, with my guild and with viewers

@rawrnold1991 | | I have been streaming since release and currently have a 60 CW and TR

@ScoobyDoo4u | | Solo leveling. New character creation. Dungeon/PvP runs


@mikieceberg | | Castle Never fast runs/Q&A about all classes (high-end Wiz/Rogue focus play)/Gauntlgrym discussions


@rexthemarred | | Solo/group leveling. Will start from scratch (everything from Skirmishes, Dungeons, and PvP will be included)

@rumikolol | | Leveling 48+ Trickster Rogue – quests, Foundry, Dungeons and Skirmishes. Taking requests and questions on chat/Twitter as well

@supjeremiah | | GF/GWF PvP

@Thorbone777 | | Streaming Trickster Rogue lvl 60 doing Epic Dungeons for The e-Wok


@fishstickz22 | | 13k GS GF PvP and Dungeon Delve PvE (Karrundax, maybe Spellplague, Frozen or Spider)

@ovansama1 | | Cleric Castle Never runs, leveling a GWF, PvP when I need a break from dungeons

@[TBD] | | HD gameplay including solo questing, PvP, and commentary (Control Wizard!)

@thewalatt | | Trickster Rogue lvling, maybe another class also


@chili1179 @nyghoma @zovya @apocrs1980 | | Dungeon Masters guild on Dragon shard hosting a live stream of some of the more popular Foundry quests. Hourly giveaway and a bonus giveaway at the end of the stream

@Colonel_Black | or | Gameplay (leveling up + Skirmishes + Dungeons)

@Oranosx | | 12.4k Control Wizard farming/PvP from MindFlayer, commentary etc.


@maiku217 | | Opening 500-600 Nightmare Boxes

@turucian | | Trickster Rogue


@maxisdb | | PvP Domination!

@pulsefireyoda | | Level 60 End Game stuff (PvP, Epic Dungeons, helping viewers with questing, etc.)

@Techcenterz | | Possibly taking part in a level off (solo race) 1-60 with @Bamfy and @Ellohime; yet to be confirmed

3:30PM PDT

@isngarbattlehammer | or | Shooting for level 45 on my Guardian Fighter and possibly starting a new character!


@faust291 | | Foundry Missions! I’ll come up with a list to do with my guild!

@WebslingeR67 | | Multiple toon leveling, Foundry question answering


@coreyadgrho | | I’ll be streaming either Domination or Dungeon Delves if it’s up. I’ll also probably be taking requests from chat on what to stream

@kaz350 | | “I can haz Control Wizard?” (Control Wizard Speed RUN! As many levels as I can get!!)

@KillinU | | PvP and current lvl dungeons

@Strikes12 | | Epic End Game Dungeon runs (Guild Group / GF PoV)


@Cloudtears96 | | Level 30 Great Weapon Fighter with commentary, music, and I will help people in chat if needed

@unah1 | | lvl 60 T2 Dungeon crawling!

6:30PM PDT

@dconner1 | | Playing Epic Dungeons and PvP, while jamming out to some Nightwish


@thedeathshades | | Start of a bi-weekly show on Neverwinter. Q&A on game and what’s new in game world. Also gameplay tips and clearing things up for players


@Bamfyman | | More shenanigans about my next 24+ hour stream and giveaways

@MarioSS666 | | Leveling

8:30PM PDT

@warrenpeace82 | | CW PvE/PvP


@Mdubzx | | HD high end lvl 60 group PvP and Delves on Cleric (DoT Spec Righteous) or Rogue (Crit Spec Executioner)


@littlediobolic | | Basic gameplay, me running through Dungeons/completing quests/etc.


@DAOWAce | | General gameplay (leveling, Skirmishes, Dungeons, PvP, looks like it will be anywhere from 9AM PDT to 9PM PDT)

@TheTherirah | | Leveling and Foundry quests (time unknown, keep an eye on my Twitter for updates)


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