RIFT: Goes F2P – Now!

RIFT is the latest AAA MMORPG to go F2P. In fact, they are F2P as of this very moment. Download the game and play. Like TERA, playing for free doesn’t compromise any of your gameplay experience or access to content (unlike SWTOR’s F2P model). RIFT was the highest played game on Raptr in May 2013! As such, it’s arguably the best MMORPG on the market today.

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No trials. No tricks. No traps.

The RIFT® Free-to-Play model is built on a simple idea: everyone can download, log in, and play the entire game, free. New players have access to all game content – from dungeons and Warfronts to the latest raids – with no level restrictions.

Important: RIFT is not “Pay-to-Win”. The best items in the game will always have to be earned in Telara!

Subscribers enjoy the ultimate RIFT experience.

While all players get full RIFT access and daily log-in rewards, our optional Patron subscription is the way to make the most of your time in Telara. As a Patron, you’ll enjoy improved log-in rewards and weekly chests, plus a RIFT Store discount, daily summons, and special bonuses to currency, mount speed, and various types of experience – see more!

Watch Bill Fisher and Simon Ffinch talk about RIFT and the philosophy behind free-to-play or jump straight to the FAQ.

The RIFT Store

Our in-game store offers an incredible assortment of items and services in exchange for game currency (Platinum) or RIFT Store Credits. You can buy Credits for real money at the RIFT Store or through the Trion Account Center, or earn them by converting REX in-game. Read more about the RIFT Store here.

Loyalty: Rewards for your time in RIFT

Loyalty is our way of saying thanks for supporting the game. You gain Loyalty by purchasing or spending Credits, subscribing as a Patron, and consuming REX. To preview Loyalty rewards, visit the in-game RIFT Store, where you’ll see dozens of items across numerous Loyalty levels with more to come!

REX: Trade platinum for Credits

REX (short for RIFT Exchange) is a currency that allows free players to earn RIFT Store Credits. Available as items for purchase with real money in the new RIFT Store, REX can be traded, auctioned to another player, or consumed in-game for Credits and Loyalty.

The REX Lifecycle

As with all features we add to RIFT, we’ll be carefully monitoring REX and making adjustments based on your feedback and findings.

Free-to-Play FAQ

Why is RIFT free to play?Because players prefer free games! Trion has always been progressive with the way we’ve let people access RIFT, offering trials and referral offers since shortly after launch, Return to Telara events where we invited players come back for free to see what they missed, partnerships with companies like Raptr, iGames, and others. Over the last two years, we’ve seen the online gaming market evolve and expand, with millions of new players in North America and Europe embracing free-to-play games. This is just the latest evolution of RIFT that will allow us to bring even more players into the world of Telara.

Is there still a subscription option?Yes! Subscribers will be known as Patrons and receive a host of special benefits and abilities:

  • Store Discount: 10% off all purchases made with Credits in the RIFT Store.
  • +15% Currency (always on)
  • +10% Mount Speed (always on)
  • Daily Boost Set: Each day you can activate bonuses to the Experience, Notoriety, Favor, Prestige, and Tokens you earn while playing.
  • Daily Summons: Instant access to your banker, guild banker, and trainer (on a set cooldown).
  • Priority Queue: Move to the front of the line when your shard is full.

What do I get with Patron Pass?Patron Passes give you access to the benefits of a subscription for a set amount of time. They are available for purchase via the in-game RIFT Store.

What do I get for purchasing the original RIFT box and the Storm Legion expansion?Both the RIFT and Storm Legion products grant permanent unlocks to your account. Owning the base game will open extra character and bag slots, while Storm Legion will unlock the expansion Souls (Harbinger, Tempest, Tactician, and Defiler).

How do I access the RIFT Store?Click the cart icon in the lower game UI to open the RIFT Store. Many things will be available for both in-game gold and Credits.

What are Credits?Credits are a game currency purchased with real money via the RIFT Store or through the Trion Worlds account center. Credits can be used to buy many items in RIFT.

What is available at the RIFT Store?Mounts, gear, boosts, companion pets, expansion Souls, services, and more.

Can I gift items to my friends?Yes! When purchasing an item, if it has a gift button next to it, you may choose to gift it to any other player.

How does the Loyalty program work?The Loyalty system unlocks gifts and benefits for you as you fill a new Loyalty meter. You can fill the Loyalty meter via a variety of methods including purchasing and spending Credits, consuming REX, and subscribing as a Patron.

I played RIFT in the past – Do I get any bonus Loyalty?If you’ve subscribed to RIFT in the past, you will receive Loyalty for the duration of your subscription.

What about Veteran Rewards?Never fear, the rewards previously available through the Veteran Rewards program are available in the Loyalty program.

What is REX?REX is an item that can be purchased with real money, which can be traded and sold in-game amongst players, and can be exchanged for Credits and Loyalty.

What does REX stand for?RIFT Exchange.

Is REX the only way to purchase Credits?No! The cheapest and easiest way to purchase Credits is directly from the RIFT Store for real money. REX is just another way to gain Credits by buying or trading REX from with other players that have purchased them from the RIFT Store.

Are you going to change the free-to-play offerings for RIFT in the future?As with all of the features we add to RIFT, we will continue to make changes to the game based on feedback from our players. It’s an ongoing process!


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