WildStar: What Game Testers See Now

I’ve been interested in WildStar for a long while now, but this week’s WildStar Wednesday is pretty great. They provided about a four-minute video of what the level 6-10 content looks like for their current “Friends and Family” testing phase.

1. Tons of action combat. You freely move around, attack while moving, have clearly distinguishable mob and player AOE ground marks (even some unique AOE patterns like an X), etc.

2. Mob diversity. Even at these low levels, there are at least 10 different mobs showed.

3. Quest path diversity. The four paths (soldier, scientist, explorer, and settler) all seem to be interesting and offer players a truly unique way to experience identical content areas in completely different ways. In fact, all of the paths look viable and useful.

4. The game feels like Torchlight + WOW in a sci-fi arena and I am really digging it!

The original article is over here and this week’s video is just below. Enjoy!



Hello Everyone,

We promised you something a bit different this week, something that we’ve never shown before, and that’s what you get! Behold: The first video to show you what our Friends and Family testers are experiencing in WildStar! Over the next few weeks we’ll be gathering your reactions and questions, in tandem with visits to some of your favorite gaming website! We’ll be kicking things off over on Reddit, with an IAMA AMAA by Carbine’s own Executive Producer, Jeremy Gaffney!

Today’s video is just the tip of the iceberg! So keep your eyes on the WildStar headlines for more in-depth updates from your pals at Carbine Studios! Don’t forget to check out our WildStar Facebook page either!

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