Neverwinter: Permanent Price Drops & Weekend Sale

It was only a matter of time! One of the biggest complaints about Neverwinter is the astronomical costs of items in the cash shop ($30-$40 for a mount? Dayum!). Today, Pinpointerror posted the new permanent and weekend-only changes you can expect moving forward.


Permanent Price Drops & Weekend Sale

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback during Neverwinter’s Open Beta, and it’s helped us make every aspect of the game better, from combat to rewards. Now we’re incorporating your feedback to improve the ZEN Market, with permanent reductions to the price of many items. You spoke, and we’re listening. WhenNeverwinter goes officially live on 6/20, many items will be permanently discounted, including mounts, fashions, and dyes. We’re also going to be running a sale starting on Friday to start the party early, with discounts of 25% on mounts and 50% on fashions, up until the moment that Neverwinter officially goes live.

The lands around Neverwinter are sprawling and dangerous, and exploring them is best done from the back of a speedy steed. Mounts will be discounted 25% during the week-long sale, and the prices of most will drop by 500 ZEN or more when Neverwinter officially launches.

Current Price Sale Price Future Price
Tier 3 Mounts 4,000 ZEN 3,000 ZEN 3,500 ZEN
Tier 2 Exotic Mounts 3,000 ZEN 2,250 ZEN 2,500 ZEN
Steeds 2,000 ZEN 1,500 ZEN 1,800 ZEN
Golden Brindle Horse 1,500 ZEN 1,125 ZEN 1,500 ZEN
Medium Black Horse 800 ZEN 600 ZEN 800 ZEN
Tier 1 Horses 500 ZEN 375 ZEN 500 ZEN

Tier 3 Mounts:

  • Heavy Howler
  • Heavy Worg
  • Armored Bear

Tier 2 Exotic Mounts:

  • Medium Worg
  • Trained Grizzly
  • Stormraider Clydesdale


  • Black Horse
  • Medium Palomino Horse

Tier 1 Horses:

  • Amninan Horse
  • Tethyr Horse
  • Calminshan Horse
  • Ashen Bridle Horse

Looking for something fancy to wear on your next trip to the Moonstone Mask, or ready to try out a different build? Retraining Tokens will be discounted 60% during our week-long sale, and when Neverwinterofficially launches, it will be permanently discounted 50%, down to just 300 ZEN. ZEN fashion items will be 50% off for the week, then permanently discounted by 33%.

Current Price Sale Price Future Price
Retraining Token 600 ZEN 240 ZEN 300 ZEN
Wedding Attire 3,000 ZEN 1,500 ZEN 2,000 ZEN
Courtesan Wear 1,500 ZEN 750 ZEN 1,000 ZEN
Noble Finery 1,200 ZEN 600 ZEN 800 ZEN

Once you’ve got the best gear available, customize it with color dyes! Dyes are discounted 60% during the sale, then permanently discounted 50% after Neverwinter’s launch.

Current Price Sale Price Future Price
Tier 2 Dye Packs 600 ZEN 240 ZEN 300 ZEN
Tier 2 Dye Bottles 500 ZEN 200 ZEN 250 ZEN
Tier 1 Dye Packs 350 ZEN 140 ZEN 175 ZEN
Tier 1 Dye Bottles 200 ZEN 80 ZEN 100 ZEN
Dye Removers 300 ZEN 120 ZEN 150 ZEN

Tier 2 Dye Packs:

  • Winterwolf Dye Packs
  • Sunite Heart Dye Packs

Tier 2 Dye Bottles:

  • Black Dye Bottles
  • Pink Dye Bottles

Tier 1 Dyes Packs:

  • Ebon Darkness Dye Packs
  • Neverwintan Royal Dye Packs
  • Elemental Ember Dye Packs
  • Sylvan Grove Dye Packs

Tier 1 Dye Bottles:

  • Blue Dye Bottles
  • Green Dye Bottles
  • Purple Dye Bottles
  • Red Dye Bottles

This sale will begin on Friday 6/14 at noon Pacific time, and the permanent discounts will take effect on 6/20 when Neverwinter officially goes live. Block off some time this week for adventures in Neverwinter, heroes — glory awaits!

Discuss the price changes right here on the official Neverwinter forums.

Original Neverwinter Article


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