Planetary Annihilation: An Uber Entertainment RTS Like No Other

In browsing around the interwebs this morning, I stumbled upon an RTS game called Planetary Annihilation that’s due to be launched by the end of 2013. Via Kickstarter, Uber Entertainment’s already more  than doubled their goal of $900K thanks to over 44k Kickstarter backers. The alpha-stage (unfinished) game is available on a Steam now for a rather astronomical $90. However, the idea behind that huge sum is that you get to play the game now, be part of the development of the game, AND it acts like a Kickstarter contribution for folks who want to financially support the game but missed the Kickstarter window.

Pre-ordering the game now on Uber’s website gets you a raft of bonus and exclusive items. The pre-order packages range from $40 up to $200 which get you some standard extras all the way up to having two in-game planets named per your request!

Bottom line: If you’re into RTS games and/or want to destroy entire planets through robot warfare (or by hurling asteroids at your foes), Planetary Annihilation is the game for you!

Official Planetary Annihilation Website


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