City of Steam: Patch 1.3 Update Coming

Today, I received an email from the City of Steam devs describing their upcoming 1.3 patch. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any original source on their website, so direct links aren’t available for this post. However, you can go here for their announcements and patch notes after the fact. If you’re not familiar with CoS, it’s a F2P, steampunk-style MMORPG using the lobby mechanic (main cities are essentially lobbies and you move into side dungeons for almost all questing, mostly like Neverwinter).

The emailed info is below. Enjoy!


Welcome to the Patch 1.3: “Tears of the Oracle” version of the City of Steam News Telegram, in this edition we’re going to tell you all about what you can expect in 1.3, so let’s dive right in!

Let’s start off with a bang, the following list are the things we’ve added to the game:

  • Raised Level Cap: 38
  • Channeler (making its glorious return)
  • Greenskins and Dwarves (also making their triumphant return)
  • New Suburb: Founder’s Annex
  • New Crafting System: Kiln
  • New Event: Siege of the Spire (finally!)
  • New Cosmetic Items
  • New Collection System
  • Items on the ground now have tooltips
  • Completely reworked World Map

Let’s highlight a few of these additions. We’ve re-added the Channeler class and the goblin, hobbe, orc and dwarf races! With this addition, we’re back to our original 4 classes and 11 races. The new Siege of the Spire event is a 5v5 MOBA style PVP event which we’ve talked about in more detail in this dev journal together with the other events already in the game. The new crafting system “Kiln” will allow for re-rolling of the random properties on equipment; materials for this will be gained by salvaging same quality and level-range equipment as the item you want to re-roll.

Next to these additions we’re also making a huge amount of fixes and balance changes to the already existing features, but we’ll talk more about those when we update the game. Here are a few of the bigger changes:

  • Resurrection in dungeons is now free from level 1-9
  • A much improved language filter
  • The salvage system got an overhaul, now with tiered materials with a chance of multiples materials per salvaged item
  • Added rare mobs to dungeons
  • GMs and MODs are now more clearly identifiable in chat
  • Initial load is much faster
  • Quest tracker now displays recommended quest level

We’ll go over these changes and much more when the patch 1.3 is actually out, but there’s a lot more to come. Keep an eye on the forums and our Facebook/Twitter where we’ll keep you up to date on maintenance times, length and more additions.

So there you have it! Changes are afoot, and we hope you are looking forward to this patch as much as we are. Hope to see you in-game!


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