Defiance: Most Wanted Winner Announced

It’s great to see the conclusion of the first “Most Wanted” winner being announced. Unfortunately, it’s marred by many allegations of hacking/exploits. It seems highly unusual that the winner pulled in 273% more ark salvage per hour than anyone else in the entire game. Feels exploity to me.

Also, I  hope the “likeness” they put into the show is really worth all the effort the community put into that contest. From early announcements, the Defiance group made it seem like winners of contests would win cameo appearances on the TV show, not just have a wanted poster with their character’s name on it appear for a second.


Just over a month ago we kicked off the first ever in-game crossover competition to get your likeness within Defiance. Fans of the show and community members from the game set out to take on the challenge and today we would like to announce the winner.

Congratulations to winner Zachary P. for raking in an incredible 173,383 ark salvage/hr – that’s 109,969/hr over the average Ark Hunter haul! You’ll be seeing Zachary’s likeness in an upcoming episode of Defiance so keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Most Wanted contest.

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