Marvel Heroes: New Colossus & Ms. Marvel Costumes

Giving fans a reason to spend some real cash in the item shop, Marvel Heroes has announced the first addition to the store since launch: costume options!


Ms. Marvel

There are already over 110 costumes available in Marvel Heroes, but we’re just getting started! We’ll be adding more costumes to the game over time, and today we kick things off with a pair of 1980s era costumes!

We start with Ms. Marvel, who experienced some radical changes during an outer-space adventure with the X-Men (read the story in Uncanny X-Men #163 and #164). After being captured by the Brood and experimented on, her already augmented genes achieved their full potential and she was transformed into the cosmically-powered Binary!

We couldn’t pass up the chance to recreate this distinct look for Carol Danvers – it’s safe to say she’s never looked quite like this, before or since! Special visual effects have been added to show off Carol’s ‘cosmic flare’ and give her a unique appearance.


Over 60 issues of Uncanny X-Men later our next costume appeared, in issue #229, which took the X-Men to Australia. (This issue also saw the debut of Gateway and the Reavers, also seen in Marvel Heroes!)

Deciding perhaps that the heat Down Under was too much for his delicate metal skin, Colossus spent some time stripped to the waist – which we had to recreate with our Colossus Outback costume. It’s the same Colossus you know and love, just with more exposed metal.

Both of these costumes are now available in Marvel Heroes as random loot drops, or for optional purchase in the in-game store with Gs. (This also applies to Colossus and Ms. Marvel as heroes.) We hope you enjoy these new looks, and we’ll have more to share soon!

Original Marvel Heroes Article


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