GameSkinny: Video Game Journalism Internship Begins July 8th

This is a really great opportunity for folks who are interested in video games and enjoy writing about them to get some college credit and real world experience!

Video Game Journalism Internship: Orzhov Begins July 8th

Apply for our internship program now, spots are limited!

We’re wrapping up the Bastion phase of our internship program, which has helped to nurture the work of 40 interns and has aided them in turning into rather impressive writers and editors, if I do say so myself.

Our internship program is my pride and joy–and we’re accepting for the next phase, Orzhov,which begins on July 8th and runs until August 5th.

Our basic requirements are as follows:

  • Must send in a résumé with some college-level education.
  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Must have both a Skype and Google account.
  • Must have 20~ hours a week to dedicate to our platform.

Class credit is available upon request, but any student seeking credit must speak with their adviser to make sure that credit for this internship program is acceptable by their respective university.

Each team will be led by a team leader (an intern with a month plus of experience), who will help to guide you on the road to becoming a successful writer and editor.

Send in all resumes to We’re accepting a limited number of resumes, so don’t delay!

Want to know more before committing? Check out the reviews or head over to find out why an internship could be a good choice for you.


One Response to GameSkinny: Video Game Journalism Internship Begins July 8th

  1. Amy says:

    Thanks for sharing the news about our internship program! Hope to see you guys there.

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