Firefall: Pre-Order for Open Beta Access & Items

I received an email recently (contents below) reminding folks that the Firefall open beta is coming up on July 9. Firefall’s been in what’s seemed like an open beta for 18 months as thousands and thousands of players have had access during closed beta weekends because they pre-purchased a Founders Pack. If you haven’t yet hopped on the hype express for Firefall, take a look and download the game so you’re ready for open beta next week.


Less Than Two Weeks Until Open Beta!

Firefall is a little over a week away from open beta, and we couldn’t be more excited to show all of you what is on the horizon. Our latest content patch goes live today for our current testers, giving them an early taste of new missions, the new Jetball PvP game type, and brand new areas to explore, including our newest instance, Blackwater Anomaly.

As we approach Open Beta, time is quickly running out for you to purchase a Founders Pack! These packs not only allow you access to the game before the general public, but each tier comes with exclusive items like special edition tiki masks, warpaints, a thumper, and a unique vehicle that will never be available again once the Founders program ends.

Be sure to visit our Founders Pack page to see what each tier offers, and pick up the one that is right to you.

We recently posted a short teaser of a super-secret Firefall project on our Stage 5 TV YouTube channel. What could it be? Watch the teaser to find out, and then see the full video on July 9th!

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