Marvel Heroes: Update Patch Notes

The new patch notes from this weekend’s update are available. It includes more skill rebalancing (over a dozen heroes), changes to “defense” until a future patch actually fixes it, and ~20 bug fixes. Oh, and new costumes in the cash shop and that will appear as drops. This patch is less than half the size of last week’s patch, but it’s great to see the dev team is still hard at work since launch.


Patch Notes: Game Update

Design Note: This week’s patch is fairly small in comparison to last week. In addition to a new item rarity (Cosmic Items), we’ve focused on buffs for a few characters, some bug fixes and some quality of life improvements while we continue to work on a much larger patch with bigger changes, scheduled for release in a couple of weeks.

Content Additions

New item tier: Cosmic

Doctor Doom’s machinations have caused the Cosmic Cube to leak dangerous cosmic power into the universe. There are reports of items in the world that have been enhanced with powerful cosmic properties….

A new level of item rarity has been added to the world: Cosmic Items.

Cosmic Items have the following features:

  • All 5 basic item types are available in Cosmic rarity
  • Cosmic Items have a yellow highlight in your inventory and yellow text
  • Cosmic Items always have 5 affixes
  • All cosmic items have an additional bonus of +1 rank to all powers

In addition, every cosmic item has a special ‘Cosmic Power’. We are launching with 5 cosmic powers, each with a new visual effect:

Cosmic Starfall: Chance on hit to deliver a barrage of cosmic beams from the sky, heavily damaging enemies in an area around your target.

Cosmic Bulwark: Chance to spawn a cosmic shield of invulnerability around the wielder during combat.

Cosmic Demonspawn: Chance to summon a powerful cosmically-charged Ngarai Demon during combat.

Cosmic Devastation: Chance for the wielder to explode with devastating circle of cosmic energy when hit.

Cosmic Might: Chance to charge the wielder with massive cosmic power, dramatically increasing their combat abilities.

Design Note: Each of these cosmic powers is intended to live up to the cosmic name in terms of power. Tuning will continue after launch to ensure each cosmic power is dramatically impressive when they activate (from a visual and power standpoint). Additional cosmic properties may be added to coincide with certain storyline occurrences. Note that this additional level of rarity is just one of many item types currently in development.

New Artifacts

Two new artifacts have been added, both of which can be found as loot in-game:

The Circlet of Cyttorak: Cyttorak’s gem was Juggernaut’s power source. His circlet will increase the size and resilience of your hero.

The Extremis Serum: Extremis was a super soldier project developed by Maya Hansen. The serum from provides a boost to players to help prevent death. While below 30% health, the serum gives the player a huge boost to damage, defense and health regeneration.

Content Changes


Reduced the cost of adding a core to your costume from 200K to 85K.

Prices for the grade 3 and 4 defensive and offensive affix recipes have been reduced to 20K and 75K respectively.

You can now donate items to a crafter directly from the S.T.A.S.H. window.


Retcon Devices can now stack to 10.

MODOK medals and medallions now have a range of bonus damage instead of a set number. Existing medals and medallions are unchanged.

Pym’s Growth Serum bonus damage has been buffed.

Supergroup Sanctions may no longer be sold.

Costume Cores now have purple names instead of yellow.

Removed decimal from Mandarin medal and medallion tooltips.


Experience given by Red Terminal bosses has been increased by a factor of eight.

Enemy threat levels have been increased for the following end game zones to provide very high-level players a place to smash enemies.

  • Green Terminal (AIM Facility) increased from 51 to 52
  • Red Terminal (AIM Facility) increased from 51 to 52
  • Green Terminal (Hydra Island) increased from 52 to 54
  • Red Terminal (Hydra Island) increased from 52 to 54
  • Green Terminal (Castle Doom) increased from 53 to 56
  • Red Terminal (Castle Doom) increased from 53 to 56

Mission Hub

Design Note: We’re working on a series of changes to upgrade the terminal system in the game to be more convenient. Our goal is to have all terminals provide access to all instances so players have fewer loading screens.

Upon defeating Doctor Doom and speaking with one of three S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in any of the three social hubs, players now have access to all dailies, survival and group challenges from the various hub terminals. Endgame waypoints can be accessed from any hub’s terminals.


Design Note: We are converting our defense system to a percentage based item system over the course of the next few weeks. Until these changes are implemented, we’ve buffed armor values for heroes that need more survivability.

Black Panther: Armor gained from items doubled.

Black Widow: Armor gained from items doubled.

Captain America: Armor gained from items doubled.

Daredevil: Armor gained from items doubled.

Ms. Marvel: Armor gained from items doubled.

Spider-Man: Armor gained from items doubled.

Thor: Armor gained from items doubled.

New Costumes

Three new costumes have been added to the in-game store and are dropping in game as loot.

Captain America: The First Avenger Costume

Seen in: Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
After being deemed unfit for military service during World War II, Steve Rogers volunteered for a top secret research project that transformed him into Captain America. He donned this costume and his one-of-a-kind shield to battle the forces of HYDRA and foil Red Skull’s plans to use the Tesseract.

Hulk: Horseman of Apocalypse Costume

Seen in: Incredible Hulk #456 (Sept. 1997)
Captured by Apocalypse, Hulk submitted to Apocalypse’s offer to eliminate his emotional and mental vulnerabilities. Apocalypse used Celestial technology to eliminate shrapnel from Hulk’s brain and secured this grim black helmet over his face, effectively mind-controlling him into becoming his personal Horseman (as well as giving him significant upgrades such as new armor).

Cable: War Baby Costume

Seen in: Cable #5 Vol. 2 (Sep. 2008)
Time traveling to the future to escape a crazed Bishop, Cable wore this armored plated chamber over his outfit to protect the infant Mutant Messiah, Hope Summers. As she grew up, Cable trained her to be a warrior on her own, teaching her the ways of war as he had learned them in his alternate future, before finally being able to return to the present timeline to battle Bastion.


Design Note: Every day we continue to iterate on hero designs – and we’re not done yet. Our goal is to ensure every hero is fun with several powerful build options. Every hero with significant changes to powers will always receive a free respec.

Black Widow:

  • Deadly Shot: Slightly increased damage. Slightly increased minimum charge time.
  • Elusive Kick: Now associated with the Fighting Skills statistic. Icon corrected.
  • Micro-Drones: Refined the missile AI so that the missiles only target enemies and destructibles within range of the player. This increases the likelihood that nearby enemies will be targeted and hit by the power.
  • Stinging Barrage: Decreased cost by one per shot (33%).
  • Sudden Slash: Now associated with the Fighting Skills statistic.


  • Devastating Beam: Slightly increased damage. Slightly increased the range. Added defense penetration charge-up.
  • Plasma Barrage: Now re-associated with the Fighting Skills statistic.
  • Vortex Grenade: Added tech to allow 2 Vortex Grenades to damage an enemy at a time.


  • Optic Devastation: Increased damage.
  • Optic Barrage: Decreased cost by one per shot (33%).


    Daredevil’s spirit costs have been reduced across many of the more expensive powers.

  • Club Sweep: Sped up animation time. Damage increased slightly.
  • Enter the Void: Redesigned as a preventative cleanse that features a critical chance buff component, costing Spirit instead of Health to activate.
  • Evasive Kick: Damage increased slightly.
  • Knockback Kick: Damage increased slightly.
  • Man Without Fear: Dodge amount scaling adjusted to gain more smoothly across ranks. (We are doing this with all similar powers of all heroes to reward players who invest in this power).
  • Opening Lunge: Damage increased slightly.
  • Relentless Justice: Movement speed scaling adjusted to gain more smoothly across ranks.
  • Swinging Assault: Animation and travel sped up a bit, damage greatly increased but gained a short cooldown.
  • Taser Club: Damage increased slightly.
  • Whirling Club: Damage increased. No longer knocks enemies away, which can be annoying for players.
  • Ultimate Power (Elektra Alliance): Spirit cost removed, base summon duration increased, enabled damage variance, sped up Elektra’s attacks and AI, and added two more thrown daggers to her sai attacks. Elektra will continue to be buffed until she is a durable killing machine.


  • Superior Healing Factor: Regeneration rate increased.


  • Hulk’s health has been increased by 20% and the defense buff from having Anger has been doubled. This is a small first step to making him the beast he is intended to be. More changes are coming.

Iron Man:

  • Automated Missiles: Refined the missile AI so that the missiles only target enemies and destructibles within range of the player. This increases the likelihood that nearby enemies will be targeted and hit by the power.
  • Death From Above: Increased the AoE radius to be easier to use. Reduced cost from 56 to 30.
  • Jet-Assisted Slam: Adjusted the power to hit as an AoE instead of a forward cone, to make the power easier to use.
  • Micro-Missiles: Refined the missile AI so that the missiles only target enemies and destructibles within range of the player. This increases the likelihood that nearby enemies will be targeted and hit by the power.
  • Repulsor Barrage: Increased damage.
  • Unibeam: Increased damage slightly. Slightly increased the range. Reduced cost from 40 to 35. Using Unibeam no longer drops Iron Man’s shield.

Ms. Marvel:

  • Crashdown Strike: Increased the AoE radius to be easier to use. Reduced cost from 56 to 30.


  • Armor-Piercing Shot: Slightly increased damage.

Rocket Raccoon:

  • As a result of these changes, Rocket Raccoon players will have their power points reset for free.
  • Statistics: Rocket’s Speed stat now starts at 3, and his base movement speed has also been increased.
  • Big Flarkin’ Gun: Now associated with the Fighting Skills statistic, and now unlocks at level 24. Starting damage adjusted according to new unlock level.
  • Burrowing Escape: Now unlocks at level 8.
  • Cunning Plan: Now unlocks at level 28.
  • Energy Barrage: Decreased cost of Energy Barrage by 33%, increased starting damage slightly. Now unlocks at level 6.
  • Quick Shot: Now even quicker!
  • Tactical Destruction: Changed the power’s damage model to no longer be a mix of flat damage and charge-up damage. Increased the charge-up damage to better match Hawkeye’s Adamantium Arrow. Slightly increased minimum charge time. Slightly increased the range of the power. Slightly increased cost to 22 from 20.
  • Turrets: Now are summoned faster to allow summoning on the run. Blaster Turret now shoots much faster.


  • Sticky Strike: Increased damage.
  • Web ‘Em All: Increased overall damage by roughly 50%. Sped up the start-up of the power to be more responsive.


  • Almighty Mjolnir: Slightly increased damage.
  • Asgardian Smite: Moderately increased damage and changed animation to allow Thor players to regain control quicker after completing this epic move. More tuning will be required to make Asgardian Smite into a top-tier power as is intended.


  • Wolverine now has 17% more base health and 17% more health is gained per level.
  • Cage the Beast: Cooldown removed.
  • Regeneration Boost: Cooldown removed.

Bug Fixes


The enemy affix ‘Ignore Defenses’ no longer appears in game. This was intended to be removed in the last patch, but was only removed from bosses previously.

Fixed missing mission tracker in Savage Land.

Fixed a bug where vendor item prices were not showing up in some circumstances.

Some minimap areas which previously would not be visible (like the Throne Room in the Daily Dr Doom Region) will now be visible.

Some missions that were not giving party credit on interaction with mission objects have been adjusted to properly give party credit when anyone in the party interacts with the object.

Fixed an issue where loot would occasionally spawn far away from Cyclops, Black Widow, Punisher, and Wolverine.

Healing and other beneficial effects will now work when you are invulnerable.

Heroes should no longer verbally greet other heroes who are off screen.

Fixed an issue that prevented item tooltips from showing the correct damage range for randomly rolled proc affixes.



  • Jumping Strike: Damage synergy with Opening Lunge should now be displaying properly.
  • Swinging Assault: Now correctly deals double damage to knocked down targets.
  • Ultimate Power (Elektra Alliance): Critical Chance buff duration now lines up with Elektra’s summon duration.
  • Taser Club and Rebounding Club negative status effects should now correctly trigger into other power combos.


  • Foot Gougers: Now reduces target movement speed as intended.

Iron Man

  • Shield Shutdown: Fixed a bug where the power wasn’t properly rewarding spirit or showing its percent in the tooltip.

Scarlet Witch

  • Chaos Tempest: Now reduces target movement speed as intended.

Artifact & Items

Phoenix Feather: Fixed a bug that could cause a player to die after their Phoenix Feather procs their revival.

Skrull Targeting Computer: Fixed a bug that caused Skrull Targeting Computer to do too little bonus damage to unaware targets.

Tome of Oshtur: Fixed a bug that was giving Tome of Oshtur a crazy high percent-based bonus to damage instead of a flat bonus to damage.

Lady Deathstrike Medals/Medallions: Corrected tooltips by changing ‘on hit’ to ‘on crit’.

Original Marvel Heroes Patch Notes

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