Tetris Heat Changing Mug (ThinkGeek.com)

While I’m slightly peeved they decided an 8-oz. mug would be enough for my morning coffee (seriously??), I’m not sure I could handle a Tetris mug of the 16- to 24-oz. varieties! Plus, it is only $10. As one commenter mentioned, “Shut up and take my money!”


The colorful game of my soul

If you’re like us, most mornings you wake up with the Tetris theme song burned into your subconscious. As you slowly wake up, it’s like somebody is turning the knob on the volume. It slowly gets louder and louder until it bursts out of your mouth in a beautiful, groggy melody. But, when you need just a little bit more Tetris in your mornings, the Tetris Heat Changing Mug will do the trick. Caffeinate your body while you soothe your soul with an energizing, uplifting 8-bit tune.

Of course, any hot drink will bring the Tetris mug to life, but in the spirit of the 1980s, you need caffeine. The colorful, vibrant, symmetry of Tetris was born out of caffeine-fueled late nights and incredibly early mornings. To keep that spirit pumping, you need to get your mind racing and your heart thumping. So bust out that coffee, brew up that tea and sip up your energy to the sight of the Tetris mug, with musical accompaniment by you.

Product Specifications

  • Full-color Tetris artwork on a mug
  • Image includes Hold, Next, Level, and Lines
  • Game comes to life with any hot liquid
  • Officially licensed Tetris collectible
  • Materials: Ceramic
  • Care: Hand wash, do not microwave
  • We repeat: Hand wash. The heat of your dishwasher will destroy the heat-changing part of the mug
  • 8oz Mug

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