Dad Builds Working Boeing 737 Cockpit In Son’s Bedroom (

I can see parents screaming, “But there’s not enough room between the copilot’s chair and the bed to escape!” Maybe this comes with a parachute and a flight attendant demonstrating emergency exits? The original article also has a video showing the “plane” in motion. I wonder how much time and money this required.


We’ve written tons of articles about fathers who go above and beyond for their children. This article is about a father who built a functional Boeing 737 cockpit in his son’s bedroom. It’s right smack between the bed and the closet. The only thing is, I don’t think he built it for his son. I think he built it for himself. This kid is either begging his father to get out of his room, or he thinks his Dad is the best father in the world. I wonder which one.

Laurent Aigon has been in love with airplanes his whole life. He grew up close to an airport, and his fascination with airplanes has stayed with him for over 40 years. Finally he decided it was time to make an airplane of his own, sort of. After spending thousands of dollars and ordering parts from all over the world, he finally got what he always wanted. It’s a Boeing 737 cockpit. The only problem is, the place he and his friend built it is a bit strange. It’s in his son’s bedroom.

Different strokes for different folks – and I’m sure his family loves him enough to be happy for him, regardless of where he built his dream. According to Daily News Dig, “He taught himself not only how to operate all the cockpit controls, but also the flying procedures, so he’s literally able to maneuver the virtual plane like a real pilot.” You can see it all in action in the video below. I have to say, this is one of the most impressive airplane builds I’ve ever seen. When you look at it, it seems exactly like a real Boeing 737 cockpit! I wonder what his son thinks of it all.






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