Neverwinter: 2 Million Players, Tons of Infographics

Wow. Two million players? I feel that number’s a bit skewed since they’re claiming the just launched “over a month ago”, but folks have been playing the game in a rather open beta for months. That said, the capitol on my server has 6k-7k players on every single time I log in. Impressive to be sure. I wonder how many active players still exist and what that number will look like in another 30 days as far more folks reach endgame and see what (little) there is to do at level cap.

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Neverwinter launched just over a month ago and we’ve already received many positive reviews from critics and fans alike. We’re also very honored to achieve numerous accolades from a variety of gaming sites.

Take a look at why critics are raving about Neverwinter in our trailer below:

We’ve also reached another incredible milestone: 2 million players – that’s right! 2 million unique players are fighting in the Forgotten Realms against Valindra Shadowmantle and other iconic Dungeons & Dragons creatures.

What other milestones have we achieved? Check out this infographic!

neverwinter,mmo,mmorpg,action,games,gaming,game,forgotten realms,d&d,dnd,dungeons,dragons,dungeons & dragons

And, this is just the beginning for Neverwinter. We’ve got the Fury of the Feywild Module which will be live on August 22, 2013.  Can’t wait until then? You can explore Sharandar on our Preview test shard right now!Are you excited about our milestone and the upcoming Module? Discuss it on the official Neverwinterforums.


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