EverQuest Next: SOE Day 2 Wrap-Up (EQNexus.com)

No videos here, but some extremely interesting information about EverQuest Next from SOE day two. Primarily, no levels, only horizontal progression, no one can collect all classes, and only eight skills on your hotbar at any given time. Definitely worth the read!


Day number two for SOE Live is winding down, and the information surrounding EverQuest Next is starting to trickle in from tonight’s panel discussions.  In addition to our earlier recap article, read on to find out what else we have learned:

  • There are no levels in EverQuest Next.  Progression is based on tiers and horizontal gameplay.  There are 40 classes to “obtain,” and each is advanced individually once obtained.
  • Player stats are called attributes.  Equipment will not provide attributes.  Additional attributes will be extremely rare and will require tremendous effort to modify.  All attributes will have impactful meaning for all classes.
  • Discovering new classes will occur at varying rates and occur through quest type events and may be restricted by player behavior and the impact of emergent AI.
  • Armor (and the ability to craft intricate armor components) will be a major form of character customization, and many custom items will be recognizable on sight.
  • The ability hotbar will have a maximum of 4 weapon skills and 4 class skills at any given time.
  • Each class comes with 4 class specific skills.
  • Crafting skill will not be advanced by repeatedly making the same item over and over.
  • Crafting components remain useful based on their properties, not on a crafting level.
  • Rallying Calls (public quests) will be ongoing until players on a specific server complete each stage.
  • Player housing will be in game, but no details are available yet.
  • There are at least 6 starting races: High Elf, Dark Elf, Human, Kerra, Dwarf and Ogre – there will be more, but as of yet unannounced.
  • Old school style mage pets are in EverQuest Next
  • Gear system provides 5 visual slots (chest, back, etc.), but each slot is made up of individual components that may also be swapped out.
  • Homage will be paid to the EverQuest franchise through locations, armor – an example used was the Flowing Black Robe.
  • Families of armor can alter your look – not just cloaks, but quivers, etc.
  • Exploration will yield a variety of useful items: i.e. resources, recipes, collections, etc.
  • Storylines will be important, the world will evolve, its occupants will be relatable.  In short, “everything matters.”
  • Parts of the environment that are destroyed will be regenerated over time, the speed of which will be determined by population and the extent of the damage done.
  • Gravity will be deadly – every action has a consequence, the same with unsafe travel.
  • The world is vast; travel will require a time investment and a money investment.

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