EverQuest Next: Landmark Updates (EQNexus.com)

EverQuest Next’s Landmark tool was quite possibly the biggest announcement at SOE Live 2013. As such, there has been a gigantic number of questions on various forums and even on YouTube via comments. Fortunately, EQNexus has come through and provided a bunch of clarifications for us.


As day number 3 at SOE Live gets rolling, we have a significant number of updates rolling in from the networking that went on at last night’s pool party, as well as this afternoon’s early panel on player creativity and EverQuest Next Landmark.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the info?  Stay tuned to EQNexus, as we will be compiling all of the bits and pieces in our final event roundup at its conclusion.  Until then, read on. The credit for covering these panels goes to: RekMMO @RekMMO and Chad Albritton @chad_Albritton.

Today’s EverQuest Next: Landmark Details

  • Developers are building EverQuest Next with the same tools players will use in Landmark
  • Players using Landmark will have an upkeep cost on the claimed area they are using.
  • All players will have a simple character avatar; a scaled down version of an EverQuest Next avatar.
  • Players may participate in multiple plots/land claims.
  • Everyone who participates in a build gets credit/reward for their effort.
  • After an item is built, it may be painted.  Brushes are adjustable.
  • Players will be able to set up custom activity alerts about the builds they are participating in.
  • Players may ‘tag’ and theme their builds so others can find what they are interested in.
  • This tagging process will involve some browser and phone functionality and support.
  • The player map is the gateway and portal to other builds.  Players will be able to queue up locations to visit.
  • Players will be able to rate and subscribe to builders they like.
  • Seasonal contests and challenges will be present.
  • When players sell their builds, they are selling a blue print, not the object itself.
  • Templates will help players build and are not meant just to be used in the Player Studio.
  • Players can assign percentages of royalties to be paid to players who participate in their builds.
  • No limit to what types of items players can build – Sci Fi, fantasy, modern, etc.
  • There will be size limits on items.  No cities, can build villages and dungeons.
  • Builds that make it into the actual EverQuest Next release will have to fit a specific theme, be consistent with lore.
  • Retail price of EverQuest Next: Landmark – $0.00
  • The first Landmark release will include buildings only, no flora or fauna.
  • The Player Studio will be US only to begin.  They are working to expand further.
  • No system requirements are available yet.
  • The team is debating internally about the use of 3D software to be used alongside game tools.
  • No Minecraft-style creative mode in Landmark.
  • There will be some microtransactions, but ultimately very little for sale in Landmark

Additional Panel Details and News Gatherings

  • The demo shown in the EQN debut was more of a tech demo; no enemy pathing, some were not fighting back.
  • The land mass shown in videos may not be known as Antonica
  • No zones, the world will be seamless
  • Oceans are not in game yet, though the engine is capable of rendering fluids.
  • Mining tunnels is in game and functions currently.
  • Class progress can be limited by choice – a player cannot pursue Paladin and Shadow Knights paths, for instance.
  • Rangers have been confirmed as a class.
  • Bows are a weapon type.
  • Combat will not be handled via auto-attack.  Similar to NeverWinter combat, but more advanced.
  • Crafting comparable to that of Star Wars Galaxies, but more advanced.
  • There is no experience granted for killing mobs, no grinding.  Combat and questing is handled as a series of objectives.
  • There are more than two factions in the game, not simply good v. evil, Freeport v. Qeynos, etc.
  • The game will be heavily gear dependent and crafted and dropped items will be of comparable value.
  • Players can choose the style of their look – giant shoulderpads or not, scantly clad to Joan of Arc.
  • Items have a sub component system allowing further customization of a specific armor set.
  • All items will be “Bind on Equip” (or pickup, the author is unclear).
  • Multiple servers with varying rule sets are possible, but undetermined at this point.

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