BLESS: New Info After 10 Months of Silence

At G-Star 2012, the BLESS developers mentioned we should expect their closed beta to begin the “first half of 2013”. A few months went by, no one in the community had heard any rumblings of a closed beta, and folks began to fear the worst because their parent company had just announced major layoffs.

This week, 10 months after G-Star 2012, Pmang launched a raft of new updates to the BLESS website, including dozens of new screencaps and concept art, a new video, new “behind the scenes development” article, and new information about classes, races, and the overall game. As someone who’s been following the game for nearly a year, I was shocked and excited.

The official site is in Korean, but you can get the gist of everything thanks to Google. The game is the most gorgeous I’ve seen and, hell, who doesn’t want to ride a dragon and participate in fortress battles?

All game updates, including mechanics and other content, are being tracked over at BLESS on GuildLaunch or on, the US fan forums. For now, take a look at a few of the screencaps and two of the BLESS videos.


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