RIFT: Mayhem in Mathosia Event (Aug. 21 – Sept. 4)

RIFT’s next event is on its way, just in time for Labor Day. (Rhyming not intended.) Plenty of updated rewards and tons of new invasions will take place. It’s great that this content is taking place in lower level zones, so even maxed characters can get to enjoy previous content in a new way.


Ascended of all levels!

Massive planar invasions march on the heart of Mathosia. Gather in Scarlet GorgeScarwood Reach, and Moonshade Highlands to defend the world against impeding destruction!

Mayhem In Mathosia

Dates: August 21 – Sept 4
Rewards: Bonus Planar Currency, Bonus Loot, and a New Achievement.

In addition to bonus currency for mentored-down players and a new achievement & title, you’ll also find special items dropping out of zone events:

  • Sapphire Ki Rin Mount
  • Defiant Crest Cape
  • Guardian Crest Cape
  • Twilight Jester Hat
  • Crimson Gothic Hat
  • Lesser Experience Vial
  • Lesser Token Tablet
  • Riot Torch

RIFT Veterans – Mentor down and join your fellow Ascended in defending Telara from the planes for special loot!



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