EverQuest Next: Gamescom 2013 Confirmations, Announcements

I was following the Gamescom live stream today and there were quite a few new things announced during the presentation. Unfortunately, this early into the development, they didn’t flesh-out most of it, but it’s still exciting to see new announcements. EverQuest Next still has four MORE days of presentations. I wonder if they are going to drop something new each day? I can’t imagine they’ll rehash the same thing five times in a row so the other days must be panels (crafting, lore, etc.) like they had at SOE Live?

This is their current presentation schedule for Gamescom 2013.

  • Wednesday, August 21st: 7 AM Pacific
  • Thursday, August 22nd: 5 AM Pacific
  • Friday, August 23rd: 2:15 AM Pacific
  • Saturday, August 24th: 5 AM Pacific
  • Sunday, August 25th: 7 AM Pacific

The Electronic Sports League is set to stream each of the panels on their channel.

Here’s what we learned today.

Wednesday, August 21st

1. Tinting. This is a dye system.

2. “Adventurer” class is a brand new class in Landmark. If you play it in Landmark, you CAN multi-class immediately in EQN and play as the Adventurer. It will import directly to EQN.

3. Player stalls to vendor your own items. The game will have areas where players can set up their own stalls. This is being done as a way to generate community and enhance being social.

4. Wizard spires instantly teleport anywhere, across worlds (along ley lines?). This was specifically mentioned for Landmark as a way to explore all of the other worlds and see what players have created, but the mechanic is in EQN.

5. Mounts will be in game. No other details. This was a bullet point and that’s it.

6. 5-6 tiers deep of content. Confirmed that “6 tiers” is now in game.

7. Crafting is done at crafting tables. Rare tables can be found. Group tables require multiple crafters at the same time.

8. Starting areas are social hubs structured around “Landmarks” or “Epic Monuments”.

9. Social groups are: Friends, guilds, co-op buildout, VOIP, text chat, SOEmote, and Leaderboards. Tag your content, others vote up/down, and compete for places on Leaderboard.

10. Player Studio. Players create items, put on studio, other players buy and use elsewhere and you earn real money via royalty structure. Player Studio includes achievements, filter and follow (filter through the options, follow specific players to be alerted when they sell new items), and Real Estate (entire plot can be bundled/sold).

11. In Landmark, one continent is Norrath and ONLY able to have Norrath related look and feel so players can up/down vote the “best” items that will be included in EQN.

12. You can record your timelapse builds in game and have it export to YouTube.

13. Day/night cycle shown in a video that was previously shown at SOE Live 2013, but was something I hadn’t really noticed previously.

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