WildStar: DevSpeak – Crowd Control

WildStar has updated their DevSpeak page with a new video about how they take Crowd Control effects and turn them on their head during combat. The transcription below is something I whipped up.


Welcome to WildStar. This is DevSpeak. This is our disclaimer. Not sure what this is. Order up!

In this episode, we’re gonna take another little look inside the WildStar combat sandwich. We’ve shown the meat and the bread, Movement and Aiming; now it’s time for the cheese: Crowd Control.

Crowd Control are attacks that disable enemies: stuns, knockdowns, sleep…that kinda thing. Now, players have a love-hate relationship with crowd control. After all, using CC on an enemy can be undeniably satisfying. But there are few game systems that can be as keyboard-breaking, table-flipping, monitor-smashingly frustrating as being the victim of crowd control.

That being said, CC is a fundamental part of MMO gameplay. It adds variety to the kinds of abilities you can use, expanding player choice beyond just damage and healing. CC also forces players to react and improvise, using abilities in ways they might not always predict.

So, with that in mind, we’ve been working hard to avoid CC’s major flaw: losing control of your character. Nobody likes watching helplessly as their character gets beat on.

Our answer to this is a system we call Breakout Gameplay.

Thanks to this system, when you get hit with CC, you’re not helpless – but it’s on you to counter. Alright, here’s an example.

Take “disarm”. An enemy hits you with a disarm and for five seconds you can’t use your weapon attacks, right? Pretty standard. Well, in WildStar, disarm actually shoots your weapon out into the gamespace. All you gotta do is run over and grab it. Of course, in the heat of combat, this can be challenging.

Now, taking disarm as a prototype, we’ve applied this concept to just about all crowd control in WildStar. Let’s say you get stunned. Whoa there. Spam your F key quick enough and you can shake it off. Get knocked down…use a dash charge to roll back to your feet. Disorient actually rearranges your movement controls. What the s@!T? Left is up and down is <scream>.

Blind is a cool one. Because of free-form targeting, you can still use all your abilities. Nice job. You just healed a tree.

Tether is a new type of CC. Need to escape? Not so fast. Better hurry up and bust that anchor. Homie’s lookin’ to kill you.

We’ve also reworked how CC affects bosses. Instead of just making them immune to CC, we’ve given then what we call Interupt Armor. What this means is, you and your buddies can actually work together to stun this mofo.

Well, that’s all the time I have for now. Keep an eye out for more DevSpeak. What comes after the bread, meat, and cheese? How ’bout some special sauce?

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