DIY Silver Samurai Halloween/Cosplay Costume (

Thanks to this article over on, you, too can be the Silver Samurai this Halloween! This DIY project does require sewing, but isn’t terribly complicated to assemble otherwise.

What samurai has two thumbs and uses a mutant power of a tachyon field to surround a sword and slice through virtually anything>? THIS GUY! I needed a costume for the 2012 Chicago Comic Entertainment Expo. I was looking through some old school comic cards for ideas and came across the Silver Samurai. Asian?… Armor?… Samurai?!.. Sounds like a plan!




1. High density Foam (thick foam that is typically used under weight benches, washing machines; can usually find at Home Depot)
2. cardboard
3. Bondo
4. Silver fabric
5. Silver and Red Metallic spray paint
6. silver string
7. small buckle clips
8. velcro
9. old shoes
10. craft foam
11. Ping pong balls
12. mascarade mask
13. fake sword

Step 1: Clothes




Pants: (Pic 1)

1. Grab a a pair of pants and outline each leg in  the silver fabric.
2. Just follow the seams from your original pair of pants in order to get the shape correct.
3. I made two legs and then sewed everything together…(pic 1)
4. Fold the top of the pants (waistline) and sew that closed.
5. Find the middle front of your folded waistline and poke a little hole through.
6. From there, insert a shoe lace so you can make them draw string. (pic 2)

Shirt: (Pic 3)

1. Grab a long sleeve tshirt, and cut out the shape of the body, and then each arm in your silver fabric.
2. Remember to make the body and arms a little bigger, if your silver fabric is not stretchy.
* You can make the sleeves actually quite large if needed


1. Grab some fabric and just make a bandana around your neck. you can either choose to sew it closed or tie it.

One Response to DIY Silver Samurai Halloween/Cosplay Costume (

  1. Sean Young says:

    Its quite to interesting to design a cosplay costume…After reading your blog, I had tried to make the costume at my home and I am really impressed with the costume stitched by me…Thanks for sharing the helpful blog with us…

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