BLESS Showcases Wolf King Transformation Tech

Pmang finally released new information last month and it was a big sigh of relief for me to know the project was still in the works. This week, Pmang drops a new trailer of Kone, the Wolf King’s transformation. I did my best to Google Translate; apologies up front!


Major boss battles may often use transformation techniques. Transformation processes look great as the fight nears an end.

Graphics rendering technology has been designed to allow “transforming”. Since the early days, there were many twists and turns to this tech. A movie like “Transformers” show robots in the process of transforming; this example helps players understand what’s happening to the monsters.

BLESS’ superior graphics render maximum benefits via DirectX 11.

This is the nation’s first use of this technology in an online game. Of course, this has been used previously in some existing console games, but this is the first case for a domestic online game.

– The surface of monsters allow for “material change”
– The body shape can grow (such as claws) via prolonged morphing effects
– Tessellation is a primary process for the details and geometry

Through a combination of the above techniques, transformations can be created instantly for monsters and characters. After transforming the look as a show only, the transformation process can create a new and interesting experience for the player.

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