Joseph Staten Leaves Bungie

Joseph Staten, one of Bungie’s greats, has now left the company. This man was brought on as a product manager/ localization expert during Myth II: Soulbringer in 1998. He went on to be part of the script writing team team for Oni and helped influence much of the Halo universe that many of us grew to love. I’m a long time Bungie fan and he will be missed.


At Bungie, we consider ourselves lucky. Every day, we get to do what we love in an amazing place, alongside people we respect and admire. No one embodies that more than Joseph Staten. Few have contributed as much to our success. To that end, it is with no small degree of sadness that we say “Godspeed” to more than just a Grizzled Ancient, but an old, dear friend. And it is with no small degree of delight and intrigue that we imagine what worlds he might take us to next.

Here are a few words from the man himself.

Dear community friends,

After fifteen great years at Bungie, from the battlefields of Myth to the mysteries of Halo and beyond, I’m leaving to tackle new creative challenges. While this may come as a surprise, fear not. It’s been my pleasure building Destiny these past four years, and after the big reveal this Summer, our hugely talented team is on track for greatness. I’ll be cheering all of them, with all of you, when the game launches next year. Thank you for your support of me, and your continued support of Bungie. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Per Audacia Ad Astra!
Joseph Staten

It’s been an honor serving with you, Joseph. Thank you for everything.

TERA: Level Up Test Event! Limited Chance for a Free Level 58 Character!

The world of TERA is a big place — and we want you and your friends to experience as much of it as possible. That’s why we’re offering a free, permanent level 58 character for all new and existing accounts. The Level Up Test Event offers a great chance to bring a new or experienced MMO friend into TERA so you can group up and start adventuring together immediately. It’s also a great opportunity to try your hand at a new class without having to start from scratch.

This event is for a limited time only. If the test is successful, we will use the feedback to further improve your TERA experience going forward.

Here are the guidelines on getting your level 58:

• New characters created between Thursday, September 19 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time and Sunday, September 22 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time will be eligible for this event.

You must create a race and class of your choosing and assign a name ending in “.Levelup”

– Correct: Treeshark.Levelup, Tocker.Levelup, Goose.Levelup, Duck.Chicken.Levelup
– Incorrect: Levelup.hammer, Level.Up.Me, Please.Levelup.Mychar, Treeshark.Lvlup
– Characters without “.Levelup” at the end will be ignored, so please double check your spelling and don’t forget the dot!

We will only allow one free level up per household for new accounts. 
For accounts that existed before 9/19/2013 at 10:00 am Pacific time, we will allow one eligible “.Levelup” character per game account.

– If you try and make multiple characters on your account or on multiple accounts, only the first created will become level 58.
– For existing players, one eligible “.Levelup” character should accomodate those with existing multi-player households.

Starting Monday, September 23, we will run a script that levels up eligible characters.

– We will update here when the script starts, and when it completes.
– If you’re on the character when the script starts, you will be disconnected. Things will process just fine.
– If you’re on another character, you won’t be affected.
– We hope to complete the script within 24 hours, but that depends greatly on the number of participants in the test.

Characters will provided with:

– Level 58
– 1 Name change voucher (non-tradable)
– 1 beginner mount.
– T11 soulbound gear for all classes (feel free to use the extra as fodder)
– All items will be sent to parcel
– All story quests (available, but incomplete)

While we are taking measures to ensure that the Level Up Test Event runs smoothly, we want to remind you that this is a test, which may result in technical issues or delays. Expect updates to this thread regarding such matters as well as announcements when we start and finish the script. If all goes as planned, all participants can look forward to a brand new level 58 character to adventure with in the world of TERA.

Scrolls: Tips & Tricks

I have recently started to play Scrolls, the new CCG from Mojang – the guys behind Minecraft. I have got to say I’m loving it! I sank a good 20 hours into it this past weekend and I believe I will stream a few matches later on this week and discuss several things I have discovered helps me immensely and maybe even do some theorycrafting.

Be sure to check out the trailer at the end of this article!

Here are some tips from the redditor csharpist that will help any new Scrolls player.

1. Scrolls is not MTG; don’t get frustrated when you fail. It can be quite annoying and humbling coming from MTG and doing rather poorly in Scrolls; especially to someone (like the Easy AI) who “plays like a newb”. Remember, you’re the newbie now, at least for a little bit.

2. Do not hold on to scrolls in your hand unnecessarily, often discard (sacrifice) them for mana (resource) or draw two. Yeah, it’s tempting to hold on to “that awesome guy” scroll or “the killer spell that you can play in 2-3 turns,” but don’t do it. What you need this turn can very well be the last thing you need next turn.

3. Everything is played at sorcery speed. Yes, there are no counterspells, no ‘instants’. So remember to strategize properly during your turn, once it is the opponent’s turn you are not allowed to act. This related to the second tip in that you should not hold on to control cards “just in case” (see tip #4 as well).

4. Stop worrying about the graveyard. The graveyard is recycled back into the deck you draw from automatically (and behind the scenes). Your creatures keep dying? You keep casting your ‘good’ spells? Feel uneasy discarding your ‘awesome guy’ for mana? Hate to discard that boomerang that you know you’ll need just for two scrolls? Quit worrying. All of those scrolls will be reshuffled back into your library at some point and you’ll see them again. Play what you need to play for the turn. Discard freely for mana/scrolls.

5. Don’t get cozy with your mana (resource) pool. So you got 5, 6, or maybe even 7 resources and can play your highest casting cost scroll? Great, but don’t stop discarding for additional resources yet. The battlefield can change quickly and many times you will have to play several creatures/spells in a single turn to gain the advantage again or simply stay alive. Shorting yourself because you ‘had enough’ mana before will only cause you to lose when battles get dragged out.

6. Don’t immediately play what you draw out of desperation or excitement. You may be in a pinch and you draw a scroll that you know is going to help a good bit. Or maybe it’s your favorite ‘awesome guy’ scroll. Think carefully before playing it, especially late-game when you have a higher resource pool. That one scroll might be helpful, but what about sacrificing it for two even better ones? Unless that single scroll is going to win the game for you that turn, I’d recommend discarding it for two more. I’d be willing to say 80% of the time the two you draw are better together than the single one you drew at first. Even if only one of the two you draw is good, you have a spare to discard next turn to prevent being faced with the same dilemma again. Now if both are good, do play them and repeat the discard procedure (see tip #4). If you have bad luck with this, it’s probably more to do with your deck lacking consistency rather than your streak of luck.

7. There is no sideboard so make sure your deck has some situational scrolls. While there is no sideboarding, you should always take some scrolls that help with the ‘what-ifs’. Considering any scroll that is useless at the time is worth a mana (resource) or two more scrolls, it doesn’t hurt to pack some in. Now that said, don’t go overboard and water down your deck with every possible scenario. There’s no reason a deck should not have some removal, burn, control, or prevention if your type has it.

8. Build cohesive decks and keep your scroll count low. Unless you’re building a ‘funny deck’, keep it at a maximum of 60 scrolls. The minimum is 50 and the low-to-mid 50s won’t hurt either. The point is that your deck should start to ‘loop’ (once the graveyard is recycled) so that it is consistent. Having a variety of one-of-everything is only going to make your deck hit or miss (and probably more miss). Once you go over 60 you may start to see your deck perform worse in longer matches as it can’t recycle the graveyard yet.

9. Avoid ‘multi-colored’ decks until later. I know it may be tempting once you get some of the scrolls and detect the synergy between Order, Energy, and Growth… but just don’t. Let yourself get comfortable with the game, the play-style, and a good scroll library built up first. Multi-colored decks can be powerful but require a lot of balancing and the proper scrolls, don’t get ahead of yourself.

10. Utilize the benefits of your deck type. Each type (Order, Energy, Growth) have certain play-styles which maximize performance of the deck. For example, a few human units for Order will give attack/defense bonuses to the entire row of friendly units. They also have several units that are ‘spiky’ and make great front-line defenders. Between those two aspects, you can tell formations are very important and moving around is key in an Order-based deck.

11. Never gauge your deck’s performance against the Trial matches. Trust me, it’s hardly an accurate representation of a match. I still speculate that there are ‘rigged’ calculators and whatnot for these compared to normal matches. Point being, I have decks have been proven to be excellent both in single and multiplayer but are absolutely horrid in many of the Trials. Want to know how your deck fares? Play the AI or someone, don’t do a Trial.

12. Use the trade channel. At the heart of it all, it’s a trading card scroll game. Whether you like to trade for collecting/completion, competitiveness, or simply just as a social thing — do it. From my interactions it has been quite pleasurable. It’s very easy to find what you are looking for and just as easy to trade away what others are seeking. Don’t be afraid to trade using gold if nothing interests you or them, it’s the only way to buy new random cards/packs.

13. Sometimes, especially starting out, you lose because you lack the good scrolls. While player skill and strategy does play a huge part of the game, having access to the uncommon and rare scrolls doesn’t hurt. The starter decks do a pretty good job of giving you a place to begin, but there is always room for improvement. Also, having multiples of the more rare scrolls helps draw consistently. Fortunately, this phase doesn’t last too long once you start buying additional ones and trading around for the ones you need. This is another reason I mention tip #9 early out along with tip #12.

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