TERA: Massive New Patch on July 2

One of the big complaints the Western audience has had about TERA since launch was how far behind the Korean version of the game the Western version is. Apparently this upcoming patch will start closing that gap. A brand new 20-man battleground, major class rebalancing, dungeon changes, and even quicker lower level leveling. Plus a slew of other changes.

Take a look at the post by Treeshark. You can bet there will be tons of additional info over the next month as well.


A Note from Treeshark

TERA A Note from Treeshark


Since the last time we spoke, we’ve enjoyed quite a celebration month for our first year of live service. Our loading screen fan art contest yielded awesome entries, and Major Milestone made an appearance to reward challenge seekers. We handed out a few thousand Gourmando mounts through our scavenger hunt, and let’s not forget about the planting of the campfires…so many campfires. I also promised last time that I’d provide more details on the upcoming content for TERA, so without further ado:

On July 2, we debut a giant patch that contains Corsairs’ Stronghold, the battleground where you siege a castle with airships, cannons, tanks, and your own wit. You’ll join a team of 20 players to attack a castle and destroy its heart crystal while defending your own against another team of 20 players. However, unlike Fraywind Canyon or the Champions’ Skyring, this battleground is not just for max-level players anymore. Accessible at level 30, you’ll be able to earn experience via Corsairs’ Stronghold. All the gear in the stronghold will be equalized, so even if you’re not max level, you’ll contribute to your team. Other features of Corsairs’ Stronghold include:

  • Using tanks and cannons to both defend and attack.
  • The attacking team using airships to infiltrate quickly. Its lightweight strength is also its weakness, however, so be wary of incoming cannon fire!
  • A new daily quest added for Corsairs’ Stronghold.
  • Rewards of Bellicarium credits and, for non-max-level players, XP.

I’m pretty excited to play this with everyone! Hopefully I won’t get slaughtered too badly, but if our recent twitch streams mean anything, I probably will. This won’t be the only thing coming in our July 2 patch. I’ve talked about decreasing the gap between our release and Korea’s before, and this patch is our first step in this direction. There will be some major changes in the world of TERA with this patch, first and foremost being a slew of class-balance changes that will affect everyone. Yes, even you mystics with your shiny new thralls. Second, the levels, difficulty, and rewards of some dungeons will be changing as well. A lot of the dungeons you’ve seen in earlier levels will be pushed up a few levels, their difficulty and rewards adjusted accordingly. There are more details here than I can provide right now, but we’ll definitely be keeping you posted. Third, the Island of Dawn will be modified to provide you a quicker leveling experience in the early stages of TERA. We’re also making a lot of little changes that will hopefully improve everyone’s quality of life in TERA—starting with a bigger friends list.

Finally, a lot of you will notice upon logging in on July 2 that the political system as you know it is no longer active. As you may have guessed from everything else I’ve said, this patch is the prelude to alliances. The most important takeaway from this right now is that the current election ending this Friday, June 14, will also be the last one, so make it count! All the specialty shops will be open in this patch until the alliances arrive in August, when we’ll see the exarchs and the different alliances start controlling the world of TERAin their own way.

A patch this big in content is also pretty big in physical size, which is why we’re enabling you to pre-load this patch onto your computer later this month. The instructions and details will be available soon.

Now, all this happens in July, but we haven’t forgotten about June! For starters, every weekend starting June 14 will have its own set of challenges, akin to the Four-to-Score challenges we had last month. We’ll randomly choose a set of winners for a new rare prize each weekend. We may also have another twist in store for these challenges, but I’ll save that for later.

In summary, the next few months come with a lot of new content, big changes, and fun events to go along with them. We’re really excited about Corsairs’ Stronghold and the new changes coming up for TERA, and we hope you are too!

Treeshark out.

TERA Corsair's Stronghold

TERA Corsair's Stronghold

TERA Corsair's Stronghold

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