TERA: Preload Corsairs’ Stronghold Now (5GB Patch)

Mommy. A 5 GB update to TERA! It’s probably best if you get that download started immediately so you’re ready to go on July 1. You can head over here for the official post.


Preload Corsairs’ Stronghold! 

TERA Preload Corsair's Stronghold

You won’t be able to play Corsairs’ Stronghold until July 1, but starting today you will be able to start downloading the update. Here’s what you’ll need to know:

First, this patch clocks in at around 5 GB, so be sure to have a little more than that available on your hard drive. Second, you’ll notice that when you log in, there will be something downloading, except that the Play button will still be lit, like it is below.

Preload 1

You’ll still be able to play TERA normally, and preloading will not happen while you play. It will only preload while the launcher is open, but TERA is not. When the preloading is completed, you’ll see that the bar looks something more like this:

Preload 2

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