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“SOE developers took to the stage this afternoon to describe to a room full of die hard EverQuest fans how a multi-class system with at least 40 unique classes will make EverQuest Next something they want to play: not an easy task.  Few MMORPG audiences are invested as emotionally into their class experience as EverQuest fans.  Here is a rundown on what they heard.”


The credit for covering these panels goes to: RekMMO @RekMMO and Chad Albritton @chad_Albritton.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Curse Gaming, we have also been able to add video of the panel.


EverQuest Next Class System Updates

  • Goal is iconic abilities with new functionality.
  • Warriors are destructive and strong.  Have a leap, whirlwind, and shield bash abilities.  Animations are inspired by the incredible hulk.
  • Tempests are a storm themed class with two-handed swords and lightning effects.
  • Classes must be fun to play and to look at.  Each class must have a personality.
  • Class choice will determine your armor and weapon options.
  • Weapon choice will determine which 4 weapon abilities you have.
  • Classes that use the same weapons have different animations, enabling players to identify what class someone is playing by watching them move.
  • Character ability types: movement, offensive, defensive and utilities.
  • Progress earned on a specific class may be applied to any other class that a player has discovered – much like diverting AA experience currently.
  • No dedicated tank or healer roles in group play.  Everyone is responsible for their own safety.  Combat model will not support that type of play.
  • You can still play specific roles within combat, and some classes can be built to tend toward support, defensive, etc.
  • Players perform roles in combat and customize their abilities to trend their class towards things like tank or support, but you will not build a class that ONLY has tank abilities and have that as a required tank class for every group.
  • Utility classes will be rewarded for their efforts.
  • Players may customize their class by choosing abilities from any of the classes they currently possess.
  • Example Classes: Blademaster, Rogue, Wizard, Tempest
  • Character abilities are pick and choose, weapon abilities are not.
  • A class is defined by armor type, weapons, and weapon abilities – those cannot be changed.
  • A class also has four other abilities grouped by type (movement, defensive, offensive, utility) that can be swapped.
  • Items often modify class abilities and make a difference in how you play.  Abilities + Items = Class Build.  Examples are Brain Burn, Teleport, Spell Reflect, and Stun.
  • Emphasis will be on customizing your class with multi-class abilities.
  • Players can name custom classes.
  • Ranged abilities will “definitely have range.”
  • Item releases compared to League of Legends champ releases and Magic’s sets.  Each changes strategies.
  • Many abilities will not require a target – swing a long sword, hit anything in its way.  More action oriented.
  • Raids do not require specific classes or roles, but there are some that are raid or dungeon crawl specific.
  • “No specific role or pair of roles will be integral to unlocking the encounter,” but there will be group responsibility.
  • “Did your best healer quit the guild?  No worries, it’s no longer going to be detrimental.  Time to move on.”
  • Tactics are more important than roles.
  • Newly added weapons will give the game more abilities.
  • Many variations of pets: permanent and single fight.
  • Player pets will also use the emergent AI system described in the EverQuest Next keynote.
  • The combat style seen in the debut video is not the norm.  Those were highly advanced characters versus weak AI.
  • Eight combined abilities is like choosing eight spell slots in EverQuest.
  • There is no artificial limitation to the number of classes or abilities that you can collect.
  • AI will not be tricked into fighting someone.  They will know how you are hurting them, and they will stop it.  You will want friends playing with you.
  • Another goal: longevity.  Additional classes can be added after launch.
  • Multi-classing reminding some of AA builds, mixing and matching situationally.
  • Faction limitations are a possibility for race/class combinations.
  • You don’t have to multi-class, and they will work to make sure classes are not useless in certain situations.
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