Neverwinter: Module 2: Shadowmantle Preview

Neverwinter has already scheduled their second expansion pack, complete with a brand new Hunter Ranger class, a collections system, expanded Paragon tree skills for the other classes, Artifacts, and a new Dread Ring Campaign! The big question is: will players be willing to constantly pay for the new content in a F2P game where they’re already tied to the cash shop to advanced in the endgame?

Did you catch our Sprite Companion trailer last week? You may have caught a glimpse of a mysterious figure at the end of the trailer. We are proud to reveal that mysterious figure will be the next playable class in Neverwinter: the Hunter Ranger. The new playable class is part of Shadowmantle, the second free expansion Module coming to Neverwinter.

But, that’s not all Module 2 will bring. Since the launch of the Feywild expansion, the Neverwinter Team has been working hard at expanding the Neverwinter experience. We are excited to reveal some details on upcoming changes and additions to Neverwinter and how they’ll provide you with more combat choices and ways to improve the way you play.

Hunter Ranger

From the depths of the Neverwinter Woods comes the newest class, the Hunter Ranger. The Hunter Ranger has the unique ability to strike down opponents from range with his/her bow, or get up close and personal with his/her blades. This will be a unique gameplay experience, giving players the opportunity to switch from ranged to melee on-the-fly.

Ever since our live launch, there have been many requests for an archer and we couldn’t be more excited to offer the new class in the upcoming expansion. We will reveal more details in an upcoming blog so be sure to check back for updates.

Check out the reveal trailer below to see the Hunter Ranger in action.

Paragon Paths

Ever wanted to turn your Guardian Fighter into a Swordmaster? Do you wish your Control Wizard could use fire spells instead of lightning? With the Shadowmantle update, you’ll be able to try out new abilities with new Paragon Paths. The expansion will add brand new selections of powers along with new Paragon Paths for each class. Each path will give the player one new At-Will, one new Encounter, one new Daily, three Class Features and three Feats. This will introduce a variety of combat choices and bring a more unique gameplay experience to each player.

Dread Ring Campaign

Deep within Neverwinter Woods lies the Dread Ring, a massive structure built as a focus for ritual magic, now broken but still powerful. One should take caution when entering this land as even the most unobservant adventurers can tell this is a warped place.

The Dread Ring Campaign will introduce new loot, new rewards and buffs, more powerful items and iconic Dungeons & Dragons bosses to battle. We’ve heard your feedback regarding the Feywild campaign, and we’re happy to announce that the Dread Ring Campaign progression will be much less linear.


With Shadowmantle, we will continue improving your gameplay experience with Artifacts. These are brand new items you can equip to your character, just like any piece of equipment. Furthermore, these items will grant you unique powers and will continue to get more powerful as you level them up. Artifacts can be obtained through quest rewards, campaign rewards or as loot from monsters.


For the adventurers who love achievements and collecting items, we’re happy to announce the Collections System. Very similar to achievements, this system will be based on items collected rather than actions you completed. By collecting certain items in-game, like companions, you’ll earn points which will net you some nice loot. It’s never been so rewarding to be a hoarder!

With the Artifacts, the Collection system, and Paragon Paths, we hope to address balancing concerns along with improving your overall gameplay experience. In addition to these features, we are also implementing the vote-kick system, a highly-requested community feature. This is just a sample of what the Neverwinter Team has in stored for you with the Shadowmantle update. We are always striving to provide you with the best possible experience and community feedback has played a key role in the addition of upcoming features.

We’ll have much more to share with you, so be sure to come back often to check out more details about the upcoming expansion. You’ll be able to check out Module 2 content on the Preview test server very soon. Once Shadowmantle is available on Preview, head here to join the Preview server and explore Shadowmantle for yourself! Are you excited for the challenges and rewards ahead? Let us know on the official Neverwinter forums.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Expansion Announced at Gamescom 2013 (

Well, this announcement surprised me. Diablo 3 was widely hailed as a massive failure for the franchise. I did not expect an expansion this quickly. But, heck, a new class, a new act, level cap increase to 70, and new loot mechanics sound great to me!

New Diablo III expansion will include a new character class, a new act, and new loot mechanics.

Blizzard has officially announced the Diablo III expansion Reaper of Souls at Gamescom 2013.

Game director Josh Mosqueira introduced the new expansion during a Blizzard press conference at Gamescom 2013. Mosquiera said the game will feature a brand-new fifth act to pit players against new villain Malthael, a fallen angel. The expansion will take a darker tone than the original Diablo III campaign, Blizzard adds, and will be set in the gothic environment Westmarch.

Blizzard did not mention a release date for Reaper of Souls.

Reaper of Souls will introduce a new class, the Crusader, and increase the level cap to 70. All of the game’s classes will get new skills, passive abilities, and runes. The Crusader class is a descendent of the Paladin order and includes a version of the Fist of the Heavens skill seen in Diablo II.

Mosqueira said Diablo III’s end-game content would also be improved with a new feature, Loot Runs, and an upgrade to the Paragon system. Loot Runs will be entirely randomly generated dungeons designed to take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete, and the Paragon mechanic will now be account-wide, will have no cap, and will allow players to modify the base stats of their characters.

Blizzard says it wants to change the game’s philosophy towards loot, with the expansion now dropping less but better loot. Using the example of a playthrough in Act III, the Reaper of Souls expansions dropped 73 white items as opposed to 256 in the original game. The Act III playthrough also dropped six legendary items, as opposed to one in a Diablo III run.

Legendary items in Reaper of Souls will also now tailor themselves around character builds, adds Blizzard, such as a wizard weapon that has a chance to summon a hydra when killing an enemy. The mystic artisan will also return, allowing players to transmogrify items and tailor the look of characters. The mystic will also be able to enchant items.

The company had previously hinted at the expansion with a teaser website and the promise of a “special announcement” at the European trade show.

Diablo III launched on PC and Mac in May 2012. Blizzard will be bringing Diablo III to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in September, and to the PlayStation 4 in 2013.

Neverwinter: Fury of the Feywild Live Date & Feywild Pack Info

The first content expansion for Neverwinter is just a month away. I think all of the players who spend $200 on the Hero of the North Packs are gonna be peeved to say the least that they now need to spend $60 to reap the benefits of the new expansion. Who knew the first expansion would come so soon after launch? One of the biggest issues players have had with the game has been the exorbitant costs for purchasing Zen items. Having to pay $60 every few months just to have access to all content is rather steep.


Fury of the Feywild live date and Feywild Packs announcement

We’re proud to announce that Fury of the FeywildNeverwinter’s first content expansion, will be live on August 22, 2013 – just a month away! We’re extremely excited to bring you into the new adventure zone of Sharandar and introduce new game features like the Campaign System, new Professions, new loot, and much more! Click here to learn more about Fury of the Feywild’s development direct from Cryptic Studios developers.

To get players ready for the dangerous journey ahead, we’re introducing two new packs filled with unique items including companions, fashion, and more!

Knight of the Feywild Pack – Here are just some of the items and unique items. Click here to learn more and purchase.

  • Unique Moon Elf Race
  • Unique Dawn Unicorn Mount
  • Unique Sylph Companion
  • Unique Moonsilver Regalia Fashion Set
  • 600,000 Astral Diamonds
  • PWE Games Gift Package
  • And much more!

Neverwinter,MMO,MMORPG,Free to play,F2P,Games,Gaming,Game

Neverwinter,MMO,MMORPG,Free to play,F2P,Games,Gaming,Game

Feywild Starter Pack – Here are the items you’ll receive. Click here to learn more and purchasePlease note that you are able to purchase multiple Feywild Starter Packs for your account!

  • Portal Hound Companion
  • Feywild Hunter’s Ring
  • Fine Elven Silk Bag
  • Adventurer’s Helper Pack

Neverwinter,MMO,MMORPG,Free to play,F2P,Games,Gaming,Game

Portal Hound Companion along with Knight of the Feywild Pack’s Moonsilver Regalia Fashion Set

See the Sylph Companion and unique Moon Elf Race in action with our newest trailer:

Are you excited to show off your new Dawn Unicorn Mount or Sylph Companion in Sharandar? Let us know on the official Neverwinter forums.

Neverwinter: Goes Live June 20th!

For those of you who’ve been interested in Neverwinter, been playing Neverwinter, or know nothing about Neverwinter, now’s the time to jump on the bandwagon. The bigger announcement (with more detailed events) is over here, but you can see the abbreviated version below.


We are pleased to announce that Neverwinter, the most anticipated action MMORPG of 2013, will be transitioning out of Open Beta on June 20th!

The live launch of Neverwinter includes the release of Gauntlgrym, an end-game area that combines PvE, PvP and dungeon delving into one epic gameplay experience. In addition to that new content, we have listened closely to player feedback from Open Beta and will be implementing hundreds of balance changes, bug fixes and suggestions into our launch game.

Can’t wait to see what the changes will look like? You won’t have to! Before we go live, we will be introducing Preview, a brand new server where you will be able to play future content before it hits the live servers. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, or News to find out when Preview will be available for you!

Speaking of future content, have you heard about our first scheduled expansion? Remember, Neverwinter is completely free to download and free to play, so start today!

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