Firefall: 2x Crystite Weekend + 30% Off Battleframes

Firefall’s brand new patch implements some 2x incentive along with a big 30% off new battleframes. Oh, and new glider wings AND new zones!

To properly usher in this week’s Firefall Beta patch, we have some awesome specials and goodies planned for all our New Eden residents. Read below for details on what we have planned for this weekend and beyond!

Double Crystite This Weekend!

This weekend, all Crystite drops and rewards will be double! There is no time like the present to perfect your frame, unlock constraints, or research and craft those items you have been putting off. Crystite rewards will be doubled starting this Friday at 10:00am (PDT) through Monday at 10:00am (PDT)! Please note this is for drops and rewards, refining and the ARES Exchange marketplace are not affected.

30% Discount on Pilot Token Unlocks!

Also, from now until August 20th, all Battleframes can be unlocked for just 7 Pilot Tokens instead of the usual 10. Join us in celebrating frame diversity by unlocking those new frames you have been thinking of trying. No better time to collect a few more frames! (Remember, this only applies to Pilot Token prices; Red Bean prices still remain the same.)

New Glider Wings and other items for Red Bean Buyers!

Starting today, ANY in-game purchase of Red Beans, (from $5 and up), will grant a one-time bonus of a new rechargeable Glider Pad with a new Red Plasma pattern! This glider is on its own cooldown, so it can be staggered with other gliders. Also included are the “Top Run and Gun” helmet and “Target” decal. This is a limited time offer until September 10th and we plan a regular rotation of great bonus items for Red Bean purchases every month.

Unlock the World! Visit our New Zones!

We know that many of you have not yet had the chance to visit new areas in Firefall. We’ve made it substantially easier to reach these exciting new areas. Check the molecular printers for the keys to unlock these new regions if you haven’t yet. Each zone features a unique encounter that will unlock the special story mission, Blackwater Anomaly. In the future, players will be able to push back the Melding in each of these pockets and expand them into full size new zones for Firefall. Unlock the World! Reclaim Earth!

Blackwater Anomaly Runs with Devs & Rangers

Rangers and Red 5 developers will be hosting Blackwater runs and taking groups of players through this exciting 5-man story instance. No keys required, and the Rangers have some small rewards planned for joining them. Look out for devs in chat with the Red 5 logo inviting people into the mysterious new area!

Firefall: Pre-Order for Open Beta Access & Items

I received an email recently (contents below) reminding folks that the Firefall open beta is coming up on July 9. Firefall’s been in what’s seemed like an open beta for 18 months as thousands and thousands of players have had access during closed beta weekends because they pre-purchased a Founders Pack. If you haven’t yet hopped on the hype express for Firefall, take a look and download the game so you’re ready for open beta next week.


Less Than Two Weeks Until Open Beta!

Firefall is a little over a week away from open beta, and we couldn’t be more excited to show all of you what is on the horizon. Our latest content patch goes live today for our current testers, giving them an early taste of new missions, the new Jetball PvP game type, and brand new areas to explore, including our newest instance, Blackwater Anomaly.

As we approach Open Beta, time is quickly running out for you to purchase a Founders Pack! These packs not only allow you access to the game before the general public, but each tier comes with exclusive items like special edition tiki masks, warpaints, a thumper, and a unique vehicle that will never be available again once the Founders program ends.

Be sure to visit our Founders Pack page to see what each tier offers, and pick up the one that is right to you.

We recently posted a short teaser of a super-secret Firefall project on our Stage 5 TV YouTube channel. What could it be? Watch the teaser to find out, and then see the full video on July 9th!

Firefall: Final “Closed” Beta June 7-9 (Includes Item Giveaways)

For those of you who haven’t heard about Firefall, it’s been in “Open Beta” for well over a year now. IMO, the “RPG” elements are still pretty light and healers struggle to be viable in PVE, BUT there game offers endless thumper and defend the base activities in a sci-fi MMORPG with an amazing art direction. You should definitely check out the game this weekend, especially since you’ll earn an exclusive in-game item.

To register for the final Open Beta weekend, click the “Elist” link below. If you’re already registered, click the “Download Firefall” link below. Also, to be entered in the video creation contest, please follow those links to the official website. Do not reply with your videos here.


Firefall would not be where it is today without all the help that players like you have given us over the years.

This is truly your game, and to celebrate that fact we’re inviting you to join thousands of other players to explore New Eden and take the fight to the Chosen in this final Firefall Beta Weekend before the game enters Open Beta July 9th!

New Eden is YOUR World! Join us for the Final Beta Weekend.

June 7th at 12:00PM Pacific – June 9th at 11:59pm Pacific

Your Neweden

Throughout the development of Firefall, we’ve been paying very close attention to what players have had to say about the game. In fact, much of what is in the game today has come at the suggestion of what you, the players, have asked. Our development process has been centered around feedback from you, and we invite all who have experienced Firefall one last chance to shape the game before Open Beta!

‘Why You Love Firefall’ Contest

We are giving everyone who joins us for this final Firefall Beta Weekend the chance to win an awesome Firefall prize package from our friends at Razer and AMD. This package includes a Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition keyboard, and Kraken Pro headset, a HIS 7970 iPower IceQ X2 3GB video card powered by AMD Radeon, limited edition Brontodon plushie, and a Commander-level Founder’s Pack that you can use either on yourself, or give to a friend.

To enter, create a video in the style of a motion picture trailer showing us why people should want to play Firefall.

Once you’ve created the video, upload the video to YouTube and submit the link to us via the app found on our official Facebook page. Two winners will be chosen: one based by fan voting on Facebook, and the other by the Community team. (See the complete official rules and regulations here.)

Community Unlock: Night Vision Goggles

Anyone who logs into the game during the Firefall Beta Weekend will unlock a pair of night vision goggles. Once you unlock them, you will be able to visit the NewYou following the Beta Weekend to redeem your unlocked item!

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