TERA: Equalized Battlegrounds for Summer

PVP in TERA has been such a contentious issue, even since Korean Open Beta. I think it’s a very smart move to push toward equalized battlegrounds so the “op classes” have less of the mega advantage they’ve had the past two years.


In April, TERA fans flocked to Fraywind Canyon in droves to join in the action—and we noticed. Now we are pleased to announce the return of the equalized battleground, with new team colors for the summer season.

To join the action, all you have to do is queue up for PvP by selecting the Fraywind Canyon—Equalized option in the battleground matching system. When you enter, your armor, weapons, and jewelry will automatically be converted to standardized PvP gear, in either black or gold, with the same number of crystal slots and level restrictions as your original gear.

Customize your gear, then join in the battle to capture pyres, kill opponents, and reap Bellicarium rewards!

The return of equalized battlegrounds is just one of our improvements to TERA. Be sure to check out our latest patch notes for other ways we are working to bring you the best MMO possible!

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