Free Android Guide: Take Better Photos with Your Android Device

For a limited time, Google Play is offering for free a beginner’s guide to taking photos with an Android device.


Peachpit Press is pleased to offer this book to Google Play customers for FREE for a limited time. Even though the price is $0.00, you will be prompted to complete the transaction with Google Wallet. This is necessary in order for the book to be delivered to your account. If you don’t have a credit card associated to your Google Wallet account, or if you don’t have a Google Wallet account at all, you’ll be prompted to add a new payment method upon first adding music or books from Google Play.

This invaluable guide on how to better use the camera on your Android phone will make all the difference in the world as you capture and share the world around you with others.

With Android Photography: Take Better Pictures with Your Android Phone by photographer Colby Brown, you’ll learn:

  • How to take a photo, including different grips for holding your phone
  • How to use all the controls and modes of the Android camera
  • Which third-party apps to use
  • Different photography styles and techniques for shooting portraits, travel, low-light, and wildlife
  • How to edit your photos with the stock Android app and third-party apps, including Snapseed
  • How to share your images
  • Some of the fun accessories available

Grab your Android phone, and start documenting your life today!

Google Play Offering

Mobile Game…Like a Japanese Gamer! (Google Play)

Apparently Google believes it can entice me to download and play more mobile games by taunting me with what’s currently popular in Japan. How dare they use my love of anime against me. (Damnable data mining!)

Are you curious about what’s super hot in Japan right now? Then follow the link below.

If you’re curious – but not THAT curious – here are five games on that list.

Puzzle & DragonsCHAOS RINGS IISpace Invaders Infinity GeneDINO DOMINIONBattle Cats

1. Puzzle & Dragons

2. Chaos Rings II

3. Space Invaders Infinity Gene

4. Dino Dominion

5. Battle Cats

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