Neverwinter: 24-Hour Child’s Play Marathon August 13th

Child’s Play is an amazing charity that “seeks to improve the lives of children in hospitals around the world through the kindness and generosity of the video game industry and the power of play”. In 2012, they raised over $5 million toward a cause that makes a real difference for kids batting against ailments in over 70 hospitals worldwide.

Tomorrow, Neverwinter and PWI will be offering a 24-hour stream, during which players can donate and financially support Child’s Play.


24-Hour Neverwinter Child’s Play Marathon!

Adventurers, your Neverwinter Community team is running a 24 hour Neverwinter marathon livestream on Tuesday, and we’ll be taking donations for Child’s Play!

The livestream will be a true marathon: Our team will be going nonstop from noon on Tuesday until noon Wednesday, cracking jokes, running dungeons, hanging out with players, and fighting off sleep madness.

If we make you laugh, think about donating to Child’s Play. We’ve set up a donation campaign with Child’s Play for this livestream, and you can donate here. Child’s Play works to make hospital stays easier for sick kids, by providing them with games, toys, books and more fun stuff. Your donations can make a scary situation a little bit easier for a sick child.

In addition to showing off all the new Fury of the Feywild content on our Preview shard and hanging out with players, we’re going to be giving away prizes, having drop-ins with one or two devs, and guest-starring other members of the Perfect World team.

Make sure to tune in on Tuesday for this massive marathon for charity!

The livestream will be up at

You can donate to Child’s Play here.

Start time: 12:01 PM PDT, Tuesday 8/13
End time: 12:01 PM PDT, Wednesday 8/14

(Click here for a time zone converter)

Things we’ll be giving away:

-Fury of the Feywild Packs
-Neverwinter promo chests, with a Valindra statue and more
-Gaming mice
-Gaming keyboards
-Neverwinter T-shirts
-A few D&D board games
And more!

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