DIY Bioluminescent Zen Fountain (

Bioluminescence has always intrigued me. Having this in my home? That’s amazing.


Making a Stunning, Glow-in-the-Dark Fountain Is Surprisingly Simple

Bioluminescence is awesome. Essentially the production of light by a living organism, e.g. fireflies, certain types of jellyfish, etc—but it doesn’t just occur in animals. There’s even some plant life that has the potential to give off that lovely, ethereal glow. And as Mark Rober shows us in the video above, you can even harness that power to become your very own natural, eerie, and totally beautiful light source.

Because fortunately for us, bioluminescent sea algae is perfect for our purposes and just happens to be for sale as a water mixture on our good ol’ friend, the internet.

Making a Stunning, Glow-in-the-Dark Fountain Is Surprisingly Simple

The only problem is that, to get that nice blue sheen, the water has to be constantly in motion. Which is where Rober got the genius idea to make use of a flowing zen fountain. The algae in the water will, unfortunately, eventually run out of energy and thus light, but until that happens, you’ve got yourself a fantastically clever and stunning lamp to light up the night.

Free & Legal (Older) Copy of Photoshop (

While it’s not a copy of the latest and greatest, this is a pretty great way to set yourself up with possibly THE photo editing title. You can go here to read the original article.



Disclaimer: Adobe may have canceled its license management servers due to a technical glitch, but the CS2 download is intended for those who have purchased the software previously and already posses the existing CS2 licenses. Adobe no longer updates or supports the 10-year-old software either, so it’s prone to instability issues when running on the latest operating systems. If you’re looking for a free, legal (albeit old) version of Photoshop, read on … but use it at your own risk. 

Photoshop has long been heralded as one of the champions of the image-editing software world. It’s been feature-packed and relatively user-friendly from the beginning, allowing users to carry out simple functions such as cropping and resizing while offering a hearty selection of more advanced features for those tech aficionados looking to take their image-editing skills to the next level. The latest version of the software, bundled in Creative Suite 6, continues to push boundaries with its lightning speeds and content-aware components for pixel blending and other impressive features, but it’s far from cheap.

Fortunately, Adobe decided to axe its CS2 activation servers in January, essentially offering a free – and legitimate – download of CS2 for anyone with an Adobe account. It may be ancient by today’s tech standards, and nowhere near as capable as the most recent versions of the software, but it’s still one of the most powerful image-manipulation and content-creation tools available for download. Plus, it’s the only way to legally get your hands on Photoshop without paying for it.

Here’s our guide on how to get Photoshop CS2 for free so you can crop, cut, and lasso to your heart’s content. Also, check out our picks for the five best free image-editing tools or download the free trial of Photoshop CS6 if you want something a little more… err recent. See our hands on with PS CS6 for all the details.

Step 1: Sign up for a My Adobe account. Head over to My Adobe to sign up for an Adobe ID if you don’t have one already. Enter your email address, name, password, and country of residence before accepting the Terms of Use and clicking the yellow Create button at the bottom of the page. Afterward, enter your job information or skip the page to continue to your newly created profile.

My Adobe Account

Step 2: Download Photoshop CS2. Once signed up, download the appropriate Photoshop CS2 resources from the CS2 downloads pageWindows users shouldn’t have much trouble meeting the requirements, but CS2 is a PowerPC application, and Mac users must therefor be using an older PowerPC Mac or an Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.4 through 10.6 with the necessary translator installed.

If running Windows, click the download link for “PhSp_CS2_English.exe” near the bottom of the page and to the right of Photoshop CS2 in the Downloads column. If running Mac OS X, click “PhSp_CS2_English.dmg.bin” instead. Choose a save destination for the resulting file and click Save in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.

Adobe Photoshop 2 Download

Step 3: Install Photoshop CS2. Open the installation file when the download completes (this may take several minutes). Next, designate an appropriate save location for the new folders, accept the license agreement, and enter your user name and serial number. The latter can be found be found to the right of the Photoshop CS2 download link on the CS2 downloads page. Then, simply clickNext through the next couple windows (Designation Folder and Setup) and click Install when you reach the end of the setup assistant. Click Finish to complete the installation.

Setup Adobe Photoshop

Step 4: Launch Photoshop CS2 and enjoy. Open Photoshop CS2 when the installation is finished and complete or skip the requested registration information. Then, enjoy the decade-old goodness of Adobe’s powerhouse image-editing software.

Photoshop CS2 Registration

Convention Etiquette 101: How to Avoid Crossing the Line at Comic-Com (

The fact that this article needed to be written is part funny, part sad. It’s a shame conventions that attract attendees who often have first-hand experience of being shunned or feeling ostracized from the mainstream can’t treat each other with basic respect. Alyssa Rosenberg has assembled six very basic, much-needed rules of conduct for “Cons” and other similar events where cosplay is featured. She also includes six suggestions to help combat sexual harassment.


It’s time for everyone to stop convention harassment in its tracks. Photo: Flickr/Mikemoi

Last week, Wired explored the phenomenon of convention harassment, and how–particularly in the absence of clearly articulated and enforced guidelines–harassment can become pervasive. Sometimes, these unfortunate incidents are the result of misunderstandings about convention etiquette. The social phenomena of large groups can make it more difficult know what the right ways to behave are in situations like conventions that are dramatically different from our homes and workplaces, or to step in when something happens that doesn’t seem right.

But social science isn’t destiny. So what are the boundaries, and how can attendees make sure that they don’t cross important lines of respect with friends, strangers, and even professionals? Here are six tips to help you avoid crossing the line, and six ways to support your friends if they’re being harassed.

1. Ask permission, not forgiveness–and keep your eyes up: Want to take a picture of a cosplayer? Ask, and ask politely, rather than snapping the picture covertly (these are some great suggestions on good and bad times and ways to approach cosplayers, and what you can and can’t ask for). If they say no, then accept that the answer is no–don’t try to sneak the shot in anyway. Under no circumstances should you take a picture that focuses on a single part of a cosplayer’s–or anyone else’s–body, rather than the whole person. And if you’re posing for a picture, getting something signed, or asking a question at a panel, keep your eyes on the camera, or the face of the person you’re talking to.

2. And think before you ask: There’s nothing wrong with asking challenging questions at a convention, if they’re about content. Asking a cosplayer or artist for a hug, kiss or date, or asking about their bodies as an excuse to leer at them–as happened to artist Mandy Caruso when she was dressed as the Black Cat during an interview–is something different. Those questions are all about you, not about the work that an artist put into their comics or a cosplayer put into their costume. If you want to compliment someone, stick to their creativity and skills, not their looks, no matter how attractive you might find them. After all, it’s insulting for someone who’s put an enormous amount of effort into a costume or a book to have that hard work ignored. And if you find someone less than attractive? Keep it to yourself.

3. Respect everyone else’s space: Harris O’Malley, who runs the geek dating site Paging Dr. Nerdlove, notes that conventions are prone to a couple of levels of space invasion. First, there’s the convention floor, where he advises against lingering around booths. “I’ve seen lots of dudes think that if they hung around long enough chatting awkwardly, the cute comic artist [or] writer of their dreams will accept their love [or] proposition,” he says. Pro tip? That’s a way to make yourself look like a pest, rather than a romantic prospect. If you’re taking a picture with a cosplayer, O’Malley says letting them set the pose, rather than moving in close and using a photo opportunity as a chance to touch the person. This can both produce a better picture, since the cosplay probably knows the best and more dynamic poses for the character, and help you avoid coming across as creepy.

Similarly, there’s the issue of approaching people in spaces where they can’t easily move away if they’re uncomfortable, which was at the heart of the the problem infamous incident where Skepchick founder Rebecca Watson was propositioned in an elevator at the World Atheist Convention. It may be tempting to make a move when you’ve got the opportunity, but consider whether you’re in a situation where the person would feel uncomfortable saying no. If that’s the case, be a gentleman, and pass. This is also part of basic party etiquette, which includes not backing people up against a wall, or into corners. “An easy way to avoid this is to stand next to someone and facing the same direction as them, instead of across from them,” O’Malley suggests. “It’s less intimidating and feels far less predatory.”

4. Be considerate about other people’s time: Three Parts Dead and Two Serpents Rise novelist Max Gladstone says that, as someone who grew up not knowing many other nerds, “I have a perpetual sense of astonishment whenever I run into women who have opinions about Roger Zelazny or the end of Evangelion.” But he points out that when you’re talking to someone who shares your interests, or to an artist you admire, an easy way to come across poorly is to monopolize their time, especially if they seem like they aren’t interested in the conversation. As much as it’s exciting to meet fellow geeks and your nerd idols, remember that you don’t have a right to anyone else’s time and attention, much less a set amount of it. Knowing when your moment is up and exiting gracefully won’t just make you come across better to the people around you. It’ll help you preserve good memories, untainted by awkward endings.

5. Pay attention to the signals other people are sending you: To be fair, it can be hard to know when to bow out of a conversation, especially with someone you don’t know. O’Malley says to follow their eyes and look for sentence length. “If the person you’re talking to is responding enthusiastically, then everything’s great,” he says. “But if you’re getting shorter and more terse answers, doing more talking than listening and they’re either looking around the room or checking their phone or watch, they’re looking for a socially acceptable excuse to leave.”

6. Watch your drinking: It’s easy to feel like a convention that takes you far from home and lets you to hang out with friends or colleagues you only see once in a while is a great place to kick back and have few drinks. But while having one drink to loosen up around people you don’t know may be a pleasant social lubricant, zipping past your limits is a great way to alienate new friends who are just getting to know you (or know you in person) and destroy the positive impression you wanted to create of yourself as a fun person (or promising professional). Especially when you don’t know everyone you’re hanging out with well, alcohol makes it easy to crash through people’s boundaries, O’Malley warns: “A few drinks in and suddenly that line you think is hilarious and harmless is actually really offensive or creepy to everyone else.”

Of course, sexual harassment at conventions doesn’t just affect women (and men) who experience it. If you’re a guy, seeing a woman you care about as a friend, partner, or colleague get harassed, or hearing about it later, can be incredibly upsetting. But here are six great ways to be an ally to the women who you’ll be hanging out with in San Diego, stopping harassment before it happens, disrupting it when it’s underway, and reporting it afterwards, so Comic-Con can be a fun and safe experience for everyone involved.

1. Arm yourself with knowledge: San Diego Comic-Con–which takes the time to make clear how it will screen cosplayers’ weapons–doesn’t currently publicize its sexual harassment policy on its website. But there is a policy, which Wired received from convention representatives:

“Attendees must respect commonsense rules for public behavior, personal interaction, common courtesy, and respect for private property. Harassing or offensive behavior will not be tolerated. Comic-Con reserves the right to revoke, without refund, the membership and pass of any attendee not in compliance with this policy. Persons finding themselves in a situation where they feel their safety is at risk or who become aware of an attendee not in compliance with this policy should immediately locate a member of security or a staff member, so that the matter can be handled in an expeditious manner.”

Also, regardless of the con-specific rules, California state law criminalizes both felony sexual assault and misdemeanor sexual battery. And if someone is at Comic-Con in a professional capacity, the fact that they’re at a convention doesn’t mean you can’t report them to their employer if they sexually harass another Comic-Con attendee, as the writer Elise Matheson decided to do recently after she was harassed at a convention. Knowing the law and your options means you’ll be prepared if you or a friend or colleague is harassed, and want to respond.

2. Let people know you’re on their side before you pick up your badge: Novelist John Scalzi, who recently said he’d no longer accept invitations to appear at conventions that don’t have clear, rigorous, well-promoted and well-enforced harassment policies, says one of the best ways to help other people have good convention experiences is to step up before something goes on. “If you’re going into a situation where your female friend might catch some crap, let her know ahead of time that if she needs you, you have her back,” he suggests. “She can determine what she needs and when, and can be in control of any intervention. This doesn’t mean you have to stand around like a bodyguard, just that you’re ready to help out if she needs you.”

3. If you see something, document something: Once you’re on the convention floor, O’Malley says the one exception to the rule about asking before you take pictures or video is when clear and obvious harassment is going down, and you need to collect evidence that could be useful for convention organizers, law enforcement, or someone’s employer later. Having documentation you can go back to is “easier than relying on a quick impression,” he says. “Plus, in a crowded venue like San Diego Comic-Con, it’s easy to get a case of mistaken identity… People can just fade into the teeming masses. A ‘caught in the act’ photo helps with that.” That doesn’t mean you should take it on yourself to dispense vigilante justice and distribute said photos or videos yourself. A great illustration of how those efforts can go wrong fast was the negative response to Adria Richards’ decision to tweet a photo of two men making jokes she found offensive at the open-source conference PyCon. Also, you also don’t want to humiliate someone who has been just been harassed by broadcasting their harassment for the world to see. So if you catch video or photos of something bad going down, offer it up to the person who was harassed as documentation for a potential report.

4. Don’t be afraid to deflect the situation: Scalzi recommends that if you see a friend or coworker in an uncomfortable situation that you “use your friend privileges for good. There have been times where I’ve seen female friends looking trapped by a dude, where I have gone over and said, ‘excuse me, I need to borrow my friend here for just a moment,’ and then gently extricated her to find out if everything was fine. If it is, no harm done and she can go back to her conversation. If it wasn’t then she can use that moment as an escape route, with me backing her up. Likewise there have been times when I have been talking with a female friend and some dude who has been making her uncomfortable comes up; I’ll tell that guy we’re having a private conversation, and that he should move along. This does mean you have to be willing to be seen as a jerk by this guy, but if this guy is making your friend uncomfortable, then that’s probably not going to be a problem.”

5. Offer yourself up as a sidekick, don’t try to be the superhero: It’s easy to get rage-y, thinking about the prospect of someone you care about being creeped on at a place where they’re supposed to be having a great time. But resist your fantasies of going all Kick-Ass on a harasser. Often, the best, most productive thing you can do is offer to be a sidekick, not a superhero. Listen to your friend while she’s processing her experiences. If she decides to file a report, offer to accompany her while she talks to convention organizers, the cops, or places a call to their harasser’s employer to file a report. Matheson specifically talks about how important it was to have had a friend with her when she reported her harassment. And if your friend has a bad experience talking to convention staff or to anyone else, you can be a valuable witness to that secondary experience. Sure, it means you might miss a screening or a signing. But taking time out to support a friend who’s been harassed is a way to make the convention experience better and safer for everyone in attendance. That’s heroism, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

6. Treat friends you’re meeting at Comic-Con for the first time like they’re your real friends:Gladstone acknowledges that conventions can present special challenges, because they can be meeting places for people who have mostly forged their relationships online. But he says that only increases the obligation to act if someone you care about is being made uncomfortable–or making other people uncomfortable. “Will we stop our ‘friends’ from doing something that they’d regret (as, I assume, we’d do with our real friends)?” he asks. “Will we help our ‘friends’ avoid unwanted attention; will we be there for them as we would for people we’ve known for years?” The answer to both of those questions, obviously, should be yes.

Original Wired Article

Free Android Guide: Take Better Photos with Your Android Device

For a limited time, Google Play is offering for free a beginner’s guide to taking photos with an Android device.


Peachpit Press is pleased to offer this book to Google Play customers for FREE for a limited time. Even though the price is $0.00, you will be prompted to complete the transaction with Google Wallet. This is necessary in order for the book to be delivered to your account. If you don’t have a credit card associated to your Google Wallet account, or if you don’t have a Google Wallet account at all, you’ll be prompted to add a new payment method upon first adding music or books from Google Play.

This invaluable guide on how to better use the camera on your Android phone will make all the difference in the world as you capture and share the world around you with others.

With Android Photography: Take Better Pictures with Your Android Phone by photographer Colby Brown, you’ll learn:

  • How to take a photo, including different grips for holding your phone
  • How to use all the controls and modes of the Android camera
  • Which third-party apps to use
  • Different photography styles and techniques for shooting portraits, travel, low-light, and wildlife
  • How to edit your photos with the stock Android app and third-party apps, including Snapseed
  • How to share your images
  • Some of the fun accessories available

Grab your Android phone, and start documenting your life today!

Google Play Offering

New DIY Kit Turns Household Items Into Drones (

Your own evil empire is just within your grasp! Even as 3-D printing is working with liquid metals at room temp, you can now turn your old motherboards, keyboards, mice, and more into the unmanned vehicles you’ve always wanted thanks to Jasper van Loenen’s Vimeo video.


This 3-D printing kit lets you transform any sufficiently light object into a flying quadrotor.

DIY Keyboard Drone
DIY Keyboard Drone Jasper van Loenen, via Vimeo

Really, why shouldn’t keyboards fly? A new suitcase-size kit by Dutch artist Jasper van Loenen lets you attach four rotors to almost any object so that you can fly it like a drone.

The kit includes instructions for 3-D printing four clamps that screw into the object and hold the mounts for propellers. You also need to 3-D print a body to house the electronics, which include a radio receiver, flight controller, bluetooth module, and four motors, each with an electronic speed controller.

The software for piloting the drone comes from OpenPilot, an open source autopilot and stabilization project. A full parts list can be found here, and the DIY drone even has an Instructables page.

In the video below, van Loenen drone-ifies a bicycle tire, a keyboard, a boogie board, a book, and an old landline phone. The possibilites are constrained almost entirely by physics—too heavy an object and the motors can’t lift it, too weirdly shaped and it won’t be able to fly straight. For now, there’s no camera included in the plans, so the pilot has to remain in sight of the drone.

DIY (Drone It Yourself) v1.0 from Jasper van Loenen on Vimeo.

GW2: Guide to Bazaar of the Four Winds (Spoiler-Free)

The folks over at ArenaNet have put together a “spoiler-free” guide to their new content, including several tips for each of the content locations! Definitely worth a look as this just launched. You can check out the original article over here.


A Guide to Bazaar of the Four Winds

Welcome to our newest release, the Bazaar of the Four Winds! You may be wondering what there is to do and how to get around, so what follows is a short guide to point you in the right direction.

Spoiler-free guide

  • When you log in to Guild Wars 2, you’ll receive a mail detailing the current situation. Be sure to press the “Show me” button at the bottom of the mail to get pointed in the right direction.
  • To get to the Bazaar, head to Lion’s Arch and look for the Labyrinthine Cliffs Transport Facilitator. He is marked on the map with a gold star and is in the same spot that was used to boat players over to Southsun Cove before the asura portal was finished.
  • Once you arrive in the Labyrinthine Cliffs, you can travel through the Bazaar up to the cliff peaks to reach the Zephyr Sanctum. However, you will need to utilize the three Aspect skills that are available in the map to make it to the top. You can acquire these skills by collecting the Aspect Crystals located next to Sun, Wind, or Lightning Adepts or sprinkled throughout the map.


What are Aspect skills?

  • The citizens of the Zephyr Sanctum (“Zephyrites,” as they call themselves) have developed a unique understanding of wind, lightning, and the sun. They have learned how to utilize these Aspects in their daily lives. By imbuing crystals with the energy of the Aspects, the Zephyrites are able to share a taste of this knowledge with others.
  • In order to ease the paths of weary travelers, the Zephyrites have scattered these Aspect Crystals throughout the Labyrinthine Cliffs while they are docked to trade goods at the Bazaar of the Four Winds. Walking over an Aspect Crystal will grant you 10 charges of a movement skill associate with that aspect.
  • Wind Crystals have a blue glow and allow you to leap to new heights! Sun Crystals glow orange and grant bursts of speed. Lightning Crystals are purple and allow you to launch yourself across wide gaps and leap with precision.

A few tips:

  • Using the Sun and Wind Aspect skills together allows you to perform a leaping dash. Players who master this technique will discover many shortcuts and beautiful views along the cliffside.
  • When you gain the Aspect of Lightning, the skill is ground targetable. However, as you traverse the cliffs, you may notice purple tether points along the way. Using the Lightning skill near these will automatically launch you to a matching tether point with no additional targeting required.
  • The Zephyrites have thoughtfully painted symbols on the rocks and walkways to provide hints regarding what Aspect must be used to overcome nearby obstacles.

What can I do at the bazaar?

  • Lessons from the Sky
    • The Zephyrites have scattered Sky Crystals amongst the rocky nooks and crannies of the Labyrinthine Cliffs. Players can utilize the three Aspect skills to reach these locations and prove that they are as nimble as any Zephyrite.

    A few tips:

    • The Zephyrites have placed over 50 Sky Crystals in the area, but you need to find only 40 to earn your reward.
    • If you have not activated a Sky Crystal, its name will be visible if you press your Control key. Once you have activated one, the name will no longer be visible. Use this to quickly scan an area for new crystals or to remember if you have gotten a crystal before.
    • Players can earn a model of the Zephyr Sanctum by completing the Lessons from the Sky achievement. When you double-click the item in your inventory, the model will appear. You can then interact with it to view a cinematic of the Zephyr Sanctum. Please note that you can only use this item in cities.


  • Sanctum Sprint
    • Sanctum Sprint, a new racing activity that takes place in the crags and crevices near the Labyrinthine Cliffs, is now available. This activity will only be available for this release, but may return in the future.
    • Players must use the three Aspect skills to complete the course and reach the top. There are also offensive and defensive boosts to be found and used against your opponents.
    • To enter the activity, you must talk to the Aspect Master, who is standing near the entrance to Zephyr Sanctum at the top of the Labyrinthine cliffs.

    A few tips:

    • In the Sanctum Sprint, your Aspect movement skills can be empowered by running over Aspect Crystals. You will often need the powered-up version to access the quickest route through the track.
    • Scattered about the track are blue crystals that boost endurance as well as red crystals that grant swiftness and vigor.
    • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t finish first. Everyone who crosses the finish line before the time limit will earn a chance to win a tradable Aspect Back Item from the chest that appears!
  • Belcher’s Bluff
    • Stop by the tavern on your way to the top of the Bazaar and you’ll meet Poyaqui, leader of the mysterious Order of Om – a group of competitive drinkers whose drink of choice is Omnomberry juice.
    • Any chef worth their salt knows that cooking Omnomberries removes the vile taste as well as nearly all harmful effects, but these drinkers actually chill the stuff so they can find out who can drink the most in a new permanent activity called Belcher’s Bluff.
    • In order to challenge Poyaqui to a game of Belcher’s Bluff, you must first defeat the 5 other members of the Order of Om. Poyaqui will send you a mail detailing their exact locations if you attempt to challenge him.
    • The nearby Bartender also sells Belcher’s Bluff kits, which allow you to challenge other players to drinking matches. In fact, all bartenders in Tyria should now offer these kits to interested parties.

    A few tips:

    • Each member of the Order of Om uses a unique signature skill that they have developed. By defeating them, you can learn these extra skills, which may give you just the edge you need against Poyaqui or other players.
    • Icons will also appear above the heads of players indicating what action they took. Also pay attention to your opponent’s health bar – whether it rises, falls or stays the same should indicate which skills they are using, allowing you to predict what they are going to do next.
  • Trade opportunities!
    • Merchants have trekked many miles to bring bulk orders of cooking ingredients from all over Tyria to the bazaar. It’s a one-stop cooking shop!
    • The Zephyrites are looking to stock up on supplies that can’t be found while flying around in their Sanctum. You can find them near the repair merchant on your map. They are willing to take various resources (such as ore, wood, candy and more) in trade for Zephyr Sanctum supply boxes. These supply boxes contain new items including recipes for weapons and armor with a new stat combination.
    • Also located by the repair merchant is a Fortune Scrap Vendor, who will trade Fortune Scraps for unique Zephyrite items, including Zephyrite Aspect Helms and Zephyrite Aspect Backpacks.


    A few tips:

    • Fortune Scraps can be found in Kite Fortunes, which will drop off all creatures in the game. Each Kite Fortune yields at least one fortune scrap and also provides a 10 minute random buff that stacks duration. Kite Fortunes are also being sold in bulk through the Black Lion Trading Company.

What can I do in the open world?

  • Kite Baskets
    • The Zephyrites are launching numerous kite baskets, and they are landing nearly everywhere in Tyria! Find these kite baskets in all explorable areas (except for Orr) for a chance at quartz (a new resource used for crafting), new armor and weapon recipes and kite fortunes.

    A few tips:

    • Each kite basket will yield two supply bags that everyone can interact with. However you will only be able to grab supplies from a specific location once per day. Plan a route through Tyria to make the most of your basket hunt!
    • You can also find Quartz nodes in the Labyrinthine cliffs, and completing the Meta achievement will allow you to receive a personal quartz node in your home instance, so you will never run dry, even after the Sanctum departs.
  • Stolen Kite Baskets
    • Thieving skritt have pilfered a handful of Kite Baskets from the Sanctum. Players can locate these at the top of several jumping puzzles throughout Tyria and open them for extra rewards.

GW2: Optimized Pinata/Firework Route (

Xerin over at GW2Hub has posted an excellent guide on how to most quickly collect all of the pinatas and fireworks you need during the Dragon Bash celebration. He even included a video. Good stuff!

Guild Wars 2 Optimised Pinata/Firework Route

In this guide we provide you with an optimized route for collecting Pinata’s and Fireworks in Lion’s Arch. In addition, we’ve also presented a video below to show you the route in action as well as a few sneaky tips.

GW2Hub would like to thank Cold2 for this excellent contribution, while you can view all our  Dragon Bash content by hitting the Waypoint below!

Original Article

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