Marvel Heroes: Doomsaw’s Latest Dev Blog

A few days late on this one, but there is a LOT of reworking going on in the Marvel Heroes universe, along with plenty of upcoming new heroes (Human Torch, Emma Frost, Luke Cage, Squirrel Girl, Nova, etc.) and unique items that should be pretty awesome. I’m glad to see such a fun game getting a ton of attention post-launch.


Doomsaw Dev Blog: July 19th 2013

Hello all,

Friday dev blog time. I’m going to write efficiently since we have a lot to do this weekend to make the game great for you.

Defense System


We’ve done a lot of work on the new defense system this week. We are calling it the survivability system since defense is a part of it, but not all of it.

Some changes we’ve have made internally or are in process of making:

  1. We are going to a percentage based defense system with diminishing returns. This is very similar to what most games have. We’ve done a ton of research (and used our personal experiences) to make sure this is being done perfectly, so it’s fun and fair.
  2. There will be no heroes that can only be “tanks” in the game.There will be melee heroes who all need to be able to survive in the game. Some heroes will have “tank” powers that they can level up (taunts, damage reduction, etc), but nobody should be forced to tank unless they want to. EVERY melee hero should be able to dish out tons of damage while surviving in melee and most melee heroes (Hulk, Thing, Colossus, Thor, Spider-Man, etc.) should be able to use certain abilities that temporarily reduce damage for extreme survivability if they wish to do so – completely at their option. If you want to do some tanky stuff you can, but you aren’t forced to do it.
  3. Extreme damage scaling is being phased out of the game. You won’t see enemies doing 500% bonus damage unless it’s specifically designed as part of the fight. For example, the completely-redesigned Limbo (A.K.A. Midtown Patrol) does not use this tool to create challenge, instead it uses Supervillian groups to create challenge, which is much more interactive and balanced (and insanely fun), while still being difficult.
  4. Ignores Defenses is now out of the game completely. It won’t return unless a boss has a specific power that uses it with appropriate warning. We are looking at “Deals more damage” to ensure it’s challenging but reasonable. We will be adding more enemy powers that are more interactive that don’t punish melee to such an extreme degree.
  5. We are adding and adjusting powers to be more and more engaging and more of a test of skill. It’s not cool to one-shot a player with a regular attack, but it’s completely fair to one-shot a player if they don’t move out of the fire after a few seconds warning.
  6. We are looking at adding mitigation powers with long cooldowns for some heroes, particularly melee. These powers will allow us to make some very cool boss abilities and give players and emergency button under certain circumstances.

There are a few other under-the-hood adjustments we’re making, so at the end of the day you will have heroes that play exactly how you want to play them. You still need to be smart, but you don’t need to fear a guy with a machine gun in a warehouse if you’re the thing and you don’t need to fear hitting someone in the face with your hammer if you are a Norse god.

Short-Term Hero Upgrades

Within 2 weeks, we’ll be pushing live a series of upgrades to EVERY hero. The feedback threads have been extremely helpful in helping us identify parts of each hero that are considered weak or unfun by players. We’ve also advanced our thinking on what makes a fun hero and are upgrading every hero to meet that enhanced criteria.

Some heroes may have minor tweaks and some will have many powers adjusted. A big focus will be making sure every hero has multiple builds and that melee can melee.

Long-Term Hero Upgrades

A smaller group of heroes will be receiving large upgrades to their power sets. Guys like Hulk, Thor, Colossus (and quite a few other melee) will get a lot more options to increase build options, fun and melee survivability. Example: Thor should have a brutal melee build, a “caster” build and a highly effective and interesting hybrid build that combines both elements.

Ranged heroes will also receive quality of life improvements and may also receive new powers or adjusted power to give them new build options. Deadpool needs the option to have a powerful melee build, Punchclops needs more build options, Hawkeye needs more build options and so on. We’ll talk more about this in the coming weeks.

New Heroes

The New Heroes Team has been working day and night on Human Torch. He’s gone through several iterations of improvements and is in good shape. He has 25 powers, some of which still need visual effects and animation tweaking, but all are working well and synergize nicely. He feels crisp, powerful and fun, like as heroes should be.

Emma Frost still needs rounds of iteration before she’s ready, then our focus will shift to Squirrel Girl, Luke Cage and finally Nova. Nova will be interesting, since decisions will need to be made based on the current Marvel storyline. We’ll talk more about that in a future blog.

Movement Buffs in Hubs

In the next patch, players will be able to use movement powers in hubs. It was turned off temporarily due to some teleport issues, but those issues are fixed and we’re ready to go live. We are all extremely happy about this, since superheroes shouldn’t have to walk when they have flight, leap, teleport, etc.

X-Men Mansion

I’ve heard through the grape vine that some very evil people are planning to attack the X-Men Mansion. I hope you will help defend it when it happens.

Buffs and Debuff Display

This is something we’re considering as an option for players. It could be turned off by default for new players, so they don’t get information overload, but toggled on for advanced players if it’s something they are interested in. This is something that we may start to see in September after we finish work on some of the bigger systems.

Unique Items

As you can imagine, we are in development of unique items. These will be “brown” (like medals) and have the level of rarity you will expect from uniques. We’ll start previewing these in the coming weeks.

Super-Team Items

We are introducing a new item slot, right below costume, for Superteam items. These items will be able to be used by heroes who have been members of a superteam in Marvel lore. So, an X-Men item could be used by anyone who was ever a member of the X-Men, a Marvel Knights item could be used by the appropriate heroes, etc. We will even have a Guardians of the Galaxy item just for Rocket Raccoon (for now). We’ll also be shipping a few SHIELD items that can be used by any of the heroes to give even more variety to choices.

The powers on these items will include some individual buffs and always at least one group buff (if not more). These won’t be the most powerful items ever created, but we expect they will add some fun and flavor. We expect to release them in the big August patch or shortly after.


I’m excited about these items. Relics will also add a new item slot to a character sheet.

Relics work like Badass-ranks from Borderlands. You can stack relics together and have them increase infinitely, with slightly less bonus added each time you add to the stack. This is something that “single-hero” players will definitely enjoy. There will be a wide range of relics that buff damage, survivability and utility of all types. We’ll start previewing these babies in the coming weeks.

Item Affixes

In the coming weeks, we’ll also be iterating on item affixes to remove and adjust the lame ones and add more cool affixes. This requires some programming, but it’s something we want to do continually as the game grows.

Future Items

Many future items are planned, from living items to ultimate items. We are following the philosophy that not every item needs to just be more powerful, but be powerful in certain situations with certain builds. The cosmic item you get today may still be your favorite item in a month or you may find something more appropriate for you. We are not strictly going for power creep, but more flexibility and giving you the ability to min/max your character as you choose.

Having said that, some uniques will be pretty awesome…

Have a great weekend.

Marvel Heroes: Update Patch Notes

The new patch notes from this weekend’s update are available. It includes more skill rebalancing (over a dozen heroes), changes to “defense” until a future patch actually fixes it, and ~20 bug fixes. Oh, and new costumes in the cash shop and that will appear as drops. This patch is less than half the size of last week’s patch, but it’s great to see the dev team is still hard at work since launch.


Patch Notes: Game Update

Design Note: This week’s patch is fairly small in comparison to last week. In addition to a new item rarity (Cosmic Items), we’ve focused on buffs for a few characters, some bug fixes and some quality of life improvements while we continue to work on a much larger patch with bigger changes, scheduled for release in a couple of weeks.

Content Additions

New item tier: Cosmic

Doctor Doom’s machinations have caused the Cosmic Cube to leak dangerous cosmic power into the universe. There are reports of items in the world that have been enhanced with powerful cosmic properties….

A new level of item rarity has been added to the world: Cosmic Items.

Cosmic Items have the following features:

  • All 5 basic item types are available in Cosmic rarity
  • Cosmic Items have a yellow highlight in your inventory and yellow text
  • Cosmic Items always have 5 affixes
  • All cosmic items have an additional bonus of +1 rank to all powers

In addition, every cosmic item has a special ‘Cosmic Power’. We are launching with 5 cosmic powers, each with a new visual effect:

Cosmic Starfall: Chance on hit to deliver a barrage of cosmic beams from the sky, heavily damaging enemies in an area around your target.

Cosmic Bulwark: Chance to spawn a cosmic shield of invulnerability around the wielder during combat.

Cosmic Demonspawn: Chance to summon a powerful cosmically-charged Ngarai Demon during combat.

Cosmic Devastation: Chance for the wielder to explode with devastating circle of cosmic energy when hit.

Cosmic Might: Chance to charge the wielder with massive cosmic power, dramatically increasing their combat abilities.

Design Note: Each of these cosmic powers is intended to live up to the cosmic name in terms of power. Tuning will continue after launch to ensure each cosmic power is dramatically impressive when they activate (from a visual and power standpoint). Additional cosmic properties may be added to coincide with certain storyline occurrences. Note that this additional level of rarity is just one of many item types currently in development.

New Artifacts

Two new artifacts have been added, both of which can be found as loot in-game:

The Circlet of Cyttorak: Cyttorak’s gem was Juggernaut’s power source. His circlet will increase the size and resilience of your hero.

The Extremis Serum: Extremis was a super soldier project developed by Maya Hansen. The serum from provides a boost to players to help prevent death. While below 30% health, the serum gives the player a huge boost to damage, defense and health regeneration.

Content Changes


Reduced the cost of adding a core to your costume from 200K to 85K.

Prices for the grade 3 and 4 defensive and offensive affix recipes have been reduced to 20K and 75K respectively.

You can now donate items to a crafter directly from the S.T.A.S.H. window.


Retcon Devices can now stack to 10.

MODOK medals and medallions now have a range of bonus damage instead of a set number. Existing medals and medallions are unchanged.

Pym’s Growth Serum bonus damage has been buffed.

Supergroup Sanctions may no longer be sold.

Costume Cores now have purple names instead of yellow.

Removed decimal from Mandarin medal and medallion tooltips.


Experience given by Red Terminal bosses has been increased by a factor of eight.

Enemy threat levels have been increased for the following end game zones to provide very high-level players a place to smash enemies.

  • Green Terminal (AIM Facility) increased from 51 to 52
  • Red Terminal (AIM Facility) increased from 51 to 52
  • Green Terminal (Hydra Island) increased from 52 to 54
  • Red Terminal (Hydra Island) increased from 52 to 54
  • Green Terminal (Castle Doom) increased from 53 to 56
  • Red Terminal (Castle Doom) increased from 53 to 56

Mission Hub

Design Note: We’re working on a series of changes to upgrade the terminal system in the game to be more convenient. Our goal is to have all terminals provide access to all instances so players have fewer loading screens.

Upon defeating Doctor Doom and speaking with one of three S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in any of the three social hubs, players now have access to all dailies, survival and group challenges from the various hub terminals. Endgame waypoints can be accessed from any hub’s terminals.


Design Note: We are converting our defense system to a percentage based item system over the course of the next few weeks. Until these changes are implemented, we’ve buffed armor values for heroes that need more survivability.

Black Panther: Armor gained from items doubled.

Black Widow: Armor gained from items doubled.

Captain America: Armor gained from items doubled.

Daredevil: Armor gained from items doubled.

Ms. Marvel: Armor gained from items doubled.

Spider-Man: Armor gained from items doubled.

Thor: Armor gained from items doubled.

New Costumes

Three new costumes have been added to the in-game store and are dropping in game as loot.

Captain America: The First Avenger Costume

Seen in: Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
After being deemed unfit for military service during World War II, Steve Rogers volunteered for a top secret research project that transformed him into Captain America. He donned this costume and his one-of-a-kind shield to battle the forces of HYDRA and foil Red Skull’s plans to use the Tesseract.

Hulk: Horseman of Apocalypse Costume

Seen in: Incredible Hulk #456 (Sept. 1997)
Captured by Apocalypse, Hulk submitted to Apocalypse’s offer to eliminate his emotional and mental vulnerabilities. Apocalypse used Celestial technology to eliminate shrapnel from Hulk’s brain and secured this grim black helmet over his face, effectively mind-controlling him into becoming his personal Horseman (as well as giving him significant upgrades such as new armor).

Cable: War Baby Costume

Seen in: Cable #5 Vol. 2 (Sep. 2008)
Time traveling to the future to escape a crazed Bishop, Cable wore this armored plated chamber over his outfit to protect the infant Mutant Messiah, Hope Summers. As she grew up, Cable trained her to be a warrior on her own, teaching her the ways of war as he had learned them in his alternate future, before finally being able to return to the present timeline to battle Bastion.


Design Note: Every day we continue to iterate on hero designs – and we’re not done yet. Our goal is to ensure every hero is fun with several powerful build options. Every hero with significant changes to powers will always receive a free respec.

Black Widow:

  • Deadly Shot: Slightly increased damage. Slightly increased minimum charge time.
  • Elusive Kick: Now associated with the Fighting Skills statistic. Icon corrected.
  • Micro-Drones: Refined the missile AI so that the missiles only target enemies and destructibles within range of the player. This increases the likelihood that nearby enemies will be targeted and hit by the power.
  • Stinging Barrage: Decreased cost by one per shot (33%).
  • Sudden Slash: Now associated with the Fighting Skills statistic.


  • Devastating Beam: Slightly increased damage. Slightly increased the range. Added defense penetration charge-up.
  • Plasma Barrage: Now re-associated with the Fighting Skills statistic.
  • Vortex Grenade: Added tech to allow 2 Vortex Grenades to damage an enemy at a time.


  • Optic Devastation: Increased damage.
  • Optic Barrage: Decreased cost by one per shot (33%).


    Daredevil’s spirit costs have been reduced across many of the more expensive powers.

  • Club Sweep: Sped up animation time. Damage increased slightly.
  • Enter the Void: Redesigned as a preventative cleanse that features a critical chance buff component, costing Spirit instead of Health to activate.
  • Evasive Kick: Damage increased slightly.
  • Knockback Kick: Damage increased slightly.
  • Man Without Fear: Dodge amount scaling adjusted to gain more smoothly across ranks. (We are doing this with all similar powers of all heroes to reward players who invest in this power).
  • Opening Lunge: Damage increased slightly.
  • Relentless Justice: Movement speed scaling adjusted to gain more smoothly across ranks.
  • Swinging Assault: Animation and travel sped up a bit, damage greatly increased but gained a short cooldown.
  • Taser Club: Damage increased slightly.
  • Whirling Club: Damage increased. No longer knocks enemies away, which can be annoying for players.
  • Ultimate Power (Elektra Alliance): Spirit cost removed, base summon duration increased, enabled damage variance, sped up Elektra’s attacks and AI, and added two more thrown daggers to her sai attacks. Elektra will continue to be buffed until she is a durable killing machine.


  • Superior Healing Factor: Regeneration rate increased.


  • Hulk’s health has been increased by 20% and the defense buff from having Anger has been doubled. This is a small first step to making him the beast he is intended to be. More changes are coming.

Iron Man:

  • Automated Missiles: Refined the missile AI so that the missiles only target enemies and destructibles within range of the player. This increases the likelihood that nearby enemies will be targeted and hit by the power.
  • Death From Above: Increased the AoE radius to be easier to use. Reduced cost from 56 to 30.
  • Jet-Assisted Slam: Adjusted the power to hit as an AoE instead of a forward cone, to make the power easier to use.
  • Micro-Missiles: Refined the missile AI so that the missiles only target enemies and destructibles within range of the player. This increases the likelihood that nearby enemies will be targeted and hit by the power.
  • Repulsor Barrage: Increased damage.
  • Unibeam: Increased damage slightly. Slightly increased the range. Reduced cost from 40 to 35. Using Unibeam no longer drops Iron Man’s shield.

Ms. Marvel:

  • Crashdown Strike: Increased the AoE radius to be easier to use. Reduced cost from 56 to 30.


  • Armor-Piercing Shot: Slightly increased damage.

Rocket Raccoon:

  • As a result of these changes, Rocket Raccoon players will have their power points reset for free.
  • Statistics: Rocket’s Speed stat now starts at 3, and his base movement speed has also been increased.
  • Big Flarkin’ Gun: Now associated with the Fighting Skills statistic, and now unlocks at level 24. Starting damage adjusted according to new unlock level.
  • Burrowing Escape: Now unlocks at level 8.
  • Cunning Plan: Now unlocks at level 28.
  • Energy Barrage: Decreased cost of Energy Barrage by 33%, increased starting damage slightly. Now unlocks at level 6.
  • Quick Shot: Now even quicker!
  • Tactical Destruction: Changed the power’s damage model to no longer be a mix of flat damage and charge-up damage. Increased the charge-up damage to better match Hawkeye’s Adamantium Arrow. Slightly increased minimum charge time. Slightly increased the range of the power. Slightly increased cost to 22 from 20.
  • Turrets: Now are summoned faster to allow summoning on the run. Blaster Turret now shoots much faster.


  • Sticky Strike: Increased damage.
  • Web ‘Em All: Increased overall damage by roughly 50%. Sped up the start-up of the power to be more responsive.


  • Almighty Mjolnir: Slightly increased damage.
  • Asgardian Smite: Moderately increased damage and changed animation to allow Thor players to regain control quicker after completing this epic move. More tuning will be required to make Asgardian Smite into a top-tier power as is intended.


  • Wolverine now has 17% more base health and 17% more health is gained per level.
  • Cage the Beast: Cooldown removed.
  • Regeneration Boost: Cooldown removed.

Bug Fixes


The enemy affix ‘Ignore Defenses’ no longer appears in game. This was intended to be removed in the last patch, but was only removed from bosses previously.

Fixed missing mission tracker in Savage Land.

Fixed a bug where vendor item prices were not showing up in some circumstances.

Some minimap areas which previously would not be visible (like the Throne Room in the Daily Dr Doom Region) will now be visible.

Some missions that were not giving party credit on interaction with mission objects have been adjusted to properly give party credit when anyone in the party interacts with the object.

Fixed an issue where loot would occasionally spawn far away from Cyclops, Black Widow, Punisher, and Wolverine.

Healing and other beneficial effects will now work when you are invulnerable.

Heroes should no longer verbally greet other heroes who are off screen.

Fixed an issue that prevented item tooltips from showing the correct damage range for randomly rolled proc affixes.



  • Jumping Strike: Damage synergy with Opening Lunge should now be displaying properly.
  • Swinging Assault: Now correctly deals double damage to knocked down targets.
  • Ultimate Power (Elektra Alliance): Critical Chance buff duration now lines up with Elektra’s summon duration.
  • Taser Club and Rebounding Club negative status effects should now correctly trigger into other power combos.


  • Foot Gougers: Now reduces target movement speed as intended.

Iron Man

  • Shield Shutdown: Fixed a bug where the power wasn’t properly rewarding spirit or showing its percent in the tooltip.

Scarlet Witch

  • Chaos Tempest: Now reduces target movement speed as intended.

Artifact & Items

Phoenix Feather: Fixed a bug that could cause a player to die after their Phoenix Feather procs their revival.

Skrull Targeting Computer: Fixed a bug that caused Skrull Targeting Computer to do too little bonus damage to unaware targets.

Tome of Oshtur: Fixed a bug that was giving Tome of Oshtur a crazy high percent-based bonus to damage instead of a flat bonus to damage.

Lady Deathstrike Medals/Medallions: Corrected tooltips by changing ‘on hit’ to ‘on crit’.

Original Marvel Heroes Patch Notes

Marvel Heroes: Star-Spangled Sale (June 28 – July 8)

The first ever sale in Marvel Heroes has begun! For 10 days, June 28-July 8, there are pretty major savings to be had on new heroes (looks like 25%-50%). And thanks to the Canadian players, Wolverine even had a 50% discount!


For the next 10 days, get some great deals on heroes, costumes, and more!

Our star-spangled sale has begun – with every hero and almost every costume in Marvel Heroes reduced in price! Log into Marvel Heroes right now to pick up some great deals on heroes, costumes and more. Remember, the sale runs until Monday, check this chart for your time zone:

Sale Time By Region

Time Zone Begins on June 28th at: Ends On July 8th at
Pacific US 12:01 AM 12:01 AM
Mountain US 1:01 AM 1:01 AM
Central US 2:01 AM 2:01 AM
Eastern US 3:01 AM 3:01 AM
UTC 7:01 AM 7:01 AM
BST (London) 8:01 AM 8:01 AM
CEST (Paris, Berlin) 9:01 AM 9:01 AM
SGT (Singapore) 3:01 PM 3:01 PM
EST (Sydney) 5:01 PM 5:01 PM
NZST (Auckland) 7:01 PM 7:01 PM


All Heroes – On Sale!

We’ve cut prices on every hero! Naturally a sale this patriotic leads with Captain America, who gets a 50% discount to 600Gs! Every one of Captain America’s alternate costumes has reduced in price too, with his World War II era ‘Original’ costume now just 200Gs.

We were reminded by our Canadian players that July 1st is also Canada Day, so in celebration of that holiday, we’ve also reduced Wolverine by 50% to 600Gs!

If you’d rather play Cap’s compatriot in Marvel’s The Avengers, Iron Man – you’re in luck. He’s been reduced in price to 1500Gs, along with Spider-Man and Deadpool – also 1500Gs. The rest of our heroes have been reduced in price as well, to 1100Gs, 800Gs and 450Gs as shown below.

Hero Sale Price






















Costumes – On Sale!

Almost every costume has been reduced in price, some dramatically! For this sale there are four tiers of pricing for normal costumes, with a higher tier for Deadpool’s Enhanced Pirate Costume.

Starting at 200Gs, there are some great bargains to be had. Take a trip back to his early days with Cable’s Original Costume. Pick up a selection of Classic costumes for Colossus, Cyclops, Iron Man and Spider-Man. Perhaps you just want a unique look for Wolverine – look no further than ‘Leather Fang’ – just 200Gs.

At the 450G tier we have an even wider selection of costumes, including three different looks for Captain America and three more for Iron Man (including the Mark III and Mark IV movie armors). Perhaps you favor the God of Thunder, Thor? Pick up his Classic costume. Complete your Avengers team with Hawkeye’s Modern Costume, also at 450Gs during the sale.

Our final two sale tiers – 950 and 1250Gs – cover a wide range of costumes for almost every hero, including excellent outfits like Colossus’ Marvel NOW! Costume, Black Panther’s Armored Panther look, Cyclops’ ’90s costume, Hulk’s distinct ‘Mr Fixit’ suit and the ‘suitcase armor’ itself, the Iron Man Mark V Armor!

Finally we’ve reduced the price on our Enhanced Costume for Deadpool to 1750Gs. For those moments when Deadpool’s witty repartee isn’t enough, we invite you to enjoy the terrible tales of that scurvy seadog, Pirate Deadpool (soon to be upgraded with flintlock pistols for a more authentic look!).

For a complete list of all costumes (with preview) on sale and their prices, click here!

But that’s not all…

We know many of you like to experiment with different builds for your heroes, so we’ve cut the price of Retcon Devices in half for the sale. They’re now just 150Gs for a limited time, so pick up a few for all of your history-rewriting needs.

Keep watching the in-game store next week for some exciting new additions, too, including costumes and maybe even new consumables!

Our Sale Promise

We know many game sales events vary their prices throughout the promotion, which can mean you miss out on a great bargain. We’re committed to keeping these prices as-is for the entire 10 days until July 8th at 12:01AM PDT, so you can buy with confidence.

Some of you may have purchased a hero or costume in the last few days, not knowing this sale was about to start. If you have purchased a hero from the in-game store since Tuesday, June 25th, we will refund the difference (in Gs) between your purchase price and the sale price.

In addition, if you purchased a costume since Tuesday that has dropped in price by 400Gs or more, we will also refund the difference (in Gs) between your purchase price and the sale price.

To claim your refund, you must contact Customer Support, who will verify your in-game purchase and then refund your account. To contact Customer Support, login to your profile on Marvel and click ‘Support’ and ‘Submit a Help Request’. Then use the dropdown menu to select ‘Holiday Sale Issues’ and send in your request. Please note, due to the high volume of expected refund requests, your refund may take up to a week to process. Refunds can only be granted for items that were purchased from the in-game store; heroes and costumes included as part of a pack are not eligible for refund.

We hope you enjoy the first ever sale in Marvel Heroes, and as always, we want to hear your feedback! Talk to us on our ForumsFacebookTwitter, or Google+ and tell us what you think!

Marvel Heroes: Patch Live

The latest Marvel Heroes patch addresses 11 different boss updates along with crafting and quite a few miscellaneous updates. Click here to see the official article.


Content Changes

Mystery Egg

The previous ‘Special Mission Reward’ box has been transformed into… a Mystery Egg. Players affected by the ‘unlock only’ bug (from around launch) will find an item called ‘Mystery Egg’ in their inventory if they had an unused hero token that was ‘unlock only’ (the bugged token). This item will ‘hatch’ into a new Starter Hero unlock in a near-future patch, so don’t destroy it.


New Crafting Recipe: Swap Costume Affixes (Crafter Rank 4)

This recipe allows you to swap all affixes between two different costumes – useful for when you buy a new costume and want to swap all your affixes and core onto that costume. This recipe replaces the Transfer Costume Affixes recipe, and upgrades the old recipe, which transferred affixes from 1 costume to a new costume. This recipe also swaps the cores and visual affixes.
Design Note: Our old recipe transferred affixes and caused players to accidentally delete affixes if they didn’t execute it properly. We’ve replaced the recipe to ensure people don’t accidentally nerf themselves.

Bovine Sector (AKA Cow Level):

Crafting the Bovine Sector recipe now takes 1 hour instead of 10 hours.
Design Note: We think the Bovine Sector (cow level) is fun and it’s on our list of high-priority items to work on. Since we fixed the bug that allowed multiple uses, we decided it would be more fun to reduce the crafting time to 1 hour. This is a very small first step in a plan to make your battle against the Skrull-Cows as fun, challenging and rewarding as possible.

Ultimate Pack Costumes:

Ultimate pack exclusive costumes can no longer be destroyed by dropping them.

Artifact and Medallion Improvements:

Design Note: We did a pass on all items and artifacts to ensure maximum fun. We found about 70 items that were below our power curve, so we buffed all of them and will roll them out over the next two patches. We found 1 item that that was dramatically above our power curve, so we reduced its power level.

We want players to have a lot of different options with items, and to select items based on their play style and build. If someone enjoys pets, there should be viable items to support that build. If people prefer a dodge build, crit build or AoE build then there should be options to support that style build.

You’ll notice that we focused on buffs rather than nerfs, which is what we strongly prefer. We don’t like reducing an item’s power as a general rule because we know that players spend time farming and trading for specific items.

Our one nerf was Edge of Infinity because it was dealing the highest damage, by far, of any item in the game. It wasn’t even close. In this case we decided to reduce only the base damage, but leave it as the strongest pure damage item for many builds, particularly crit focused builds.

Once these changes are live, we will be monitoring performance and player feedback. We will continue to adjust them to give players the freedom to choose the artifact that fits their play style best.

Rhino and Taskmaster:

  • Their Medallion now increase Max Damage Reduction.

Doctor Doom:

  • Increased the chance for Medallion’s fear effect slightly.

Doctor Octopus:

  • Increased the Power Radius bonus from his Chapter 8 medal slightly.


  • His medal and medallion now list the damage dealt by the chance-on-hit effect.
  • The damage for his medal and medallion’s chance-on-hit effect has been greatly increased.

Lady Deathstrike:

  • Her medal and medallion’s bleed damage has been doubled.

Living Laser:

  • His medal and medallion’s damage has been greatly increased.
  • His medal and medallion now lists the damage dealt by the chance-on-hit effect.
  • His medallion will now grant approximately double the spirit it was granting previously.


  • His medal and medallion now lists the damage dealt by the chance-on-hit effect.
  • His medal and medallions chance-on-hit damage for all effects.


  • His medal and medallion now lists the damage dealt by the chance-on-hit effect.
  • His medal and medallion now have a range for its fireball effect.
  • His medal and medallion’s fireball effect have had their damage increased.


  • His medal and medallion now have a range for its effect.
  • His medal and medallion’s chance-on-hit effect has had its damage greatly increased.


  • His medal and medallion now lists the damage dealt by its “flames” effect.
  • His medal and medallion have had its “flames” effect damage increased.


  • His medal and medallion’s effect has had its damage increased.


The Edge of Infinity artifact has had its bonus damage reduced by approximately 30%. Crit chance and bonus damage on crit remain the same.

Darkhold Scroll and Phoenix Feather artifacts now display cooldown in the tooltip.

Bug Fixes

Crafting Recipes

We fixed an issue where some players received Ultimate Pack exclusive costumes from a rank 20 crafting recipe. These costumes can no longer be crafted. All the exclusive costumes have been replaced with a random, non-exclusive costume with the same affixes. (This applies whether the costume is equipped, in an inventory or in a STASH.)

Bovine Sector:

  • Players can now only enter the Bovine Sector once per consumable item, and the portal will go away when the player leaves the Bovine Sector. Note: We have also reduced the crafting time to 1 hour, down from 10 hours as described in crafting changes.

User Interface (UI)

The Max Defense Reduction stat is now properly displayed on the character sheet.

The tooltip for Bonus XP on the Character Sheet stats tab has been corrected.



  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Freezing’ affix effect would activate inappropriately or too early for many boss powers.
  • Fixed Rhino, Lady Deathstrike, Kingpin, and Juggernaut not receiving charm resistance while charging.


  • Magneto will once again chase his target during Metal Storm.


  • Ice Ring will no longer immobilize targets (unless they remain in the AOE long enough to be stunned).


  • Fixed an issue where Wizard’s Triple Disc throw had all three discs on top of each other instead of spread out at 30 degree angles.

Heroes and Powers


  • Various tooltip text fixes on hero powers.


  • Searing Shot: Fixed an issue where visual effects when hitting enemies were not seen.

Captain America:

  • Aggressive Shout: Fixed an issue where the power had both a 10 second buff and an ongoing (lasts until turned off) buff, and only one of them was being shown.


  • Radar Sense now properly dodges incoming skillshots, and displays the correct chance on its tooltip.

Iron Man:

  • Synergies for Channeled Repulsors have been fixed and are working as described.


  • Re-enabled animations for the /wave and /showoff emotes for Spider-Man’s Symbiote costume.

The Edge of Infinity artifact has had its bonus damage reduced by approximately 30%. Crit chance and bonus damage on crit remain the same.

Darkhold Scroll and Phoenix Feather artifacts now display cooldown in the tooltip.



Creatures summoned by artifacts and medals, such as a Moloid Leaper and Sinister Clones, are now summoned at the level of the item instead of at level 1. This will make them much more dangerous, as they should be.
Design Note: We want creatures summoned by items or powers to be strong and effective. If players want to use a “pet” based strategy, we will keep balancing to ensure it’s viable.

Pets are no longer targeted by bouncing attacks.

Madame Hydra Medal:

  • Fixed an issue where the medal would grant invulnerability to nearby orbs as well as players.

Doctor Doom Medal:

  • Fixed an issue stopping hero movement when its fear effect activates.

Mole Man Medal:

  • Moloid Leapers summoned by the medal now attack enemies more frequently.


Fixed an issue where sound could be lost intermittently after changing locations.

In-Game Store

When buying Gs, the United States state selection list can now be scrolled past ‘Tennessee’ as intended.

G purchases should now correctly display in supported local currencies at checkout.

Known Major Issues

For the list of our current known major issues, please check this post in our forums as it will be updated regularly.

Marvel Heroes: Meet the Voice Actors Parts 1 & 2

Here’s a great combo of featurettes about the voices behind Marvel Heroes.


Meet The Voices – Part 1

Take a look at just some of the voice actors giving life to the heroes of the Marvel Universe in the free to play massive online action RPG, Marvel Heroes – with some familiar faces included!


Meet The Voices – Part 2

Take a look at just some of the voice actors giving life to the heroes of the Marvel Universe in the free to play massive online action RPG, Marvel Heroes – featuring the voice talents of Stan Lee, Nolan North, Steve Blum, Jim Connor, Tara Strong, Kate Higgins, Dave Boat and Chris Cox!

Marvel Heroes: Launch Compensation – Oops!

If any of you were an ultimate or premium pack purchaser for Marvel Heroes, you are now entitled to a few new shiny items due to issues with the pushed back launch. It’s great to see a development company take their publicly stated deadlines seriously – and care about their player community enough – to offer these very worthwhile “thanks”.

I wonder what the unique pets will look like! They haven’t even been designed yet. Very cool!

The official compensation announcement is below.


Ultimate Pack & Premium Pack owners: launch compensation

Hey everyone,

We’re happy that Marvel Heroes is live, with tens of thousands of Founders Program members enjoying the game. Thanks for playing!

As you may know, we had issues that delayed our initial launch of Marvel Heroes. We take our commitment to you very seriously, and that’s why we had our team working around the clock to bring the game to you as fast as possible. However, a promise is a promise, and we were late – so we’re going to compensate those of you who were affected by that delay.

Here is the compensation plan:

Ultimate Pack purchasers

  • 2,000Gs
  • Unique In Game Pet (cosmetic item)
Premium Pack purchasers

  • 1,000Gs
  • Unique In Game Pet (cosmetic item)

The compensation listed above will be added to Ultimate Pack and Premium Pack owner accounts beginning on June 7th; it could potentially take up to a week to compensate everyone. We’ll need a little longer than that to create the pet, and when it’s ready we’ll announce what it is, and when it’ll be given to you. We think it’ll be worth the wait.

Once again, apologies for the delays in getting in the game, and thank you for playing Marvel Heroes!

David Brevik and the Marvel Heroes Team

Marvel Heroes: Worldwide Launch

Yes, I’m two days late, BUT better late than never. 🙂

If you were a big fan of Diablo, you’ll probably be a big fan of Marvel Heroes – especially if you enjoy comic books, superheroes, supervillains, etc. Marvel Heroes (one of my current favorite games) launched on June 4th. Here’s the official announcement.



Battle as Your Favorite Marvel Hero! Available Now as a Free Digital Download SAN MATEO, Calif. – June 4, 2013 – It’s Clobberin’ Time! Gazillion Entertainment today released Marvel Heroes, the highly anticipated free-to-play action-MMORPG set in the Marvel Universe. Created by David Brevik, the visionary behind Diablo and Diablo II, Marvel Heroes lets gamers suit up as their favorite Marvel Super Heroes, including Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America and Spider-Man, as they battle through an extensive original story crafted by Marvel super-scribe Brian Michael Bendis. Marvel Heroes is now available* worldwide as a free digital download for PCs at

“For over three years we’ve been building Marvel Heroes to be an exciting, free-to-play massively multiplayer action game, and we are ecstatic to finally put it in the hands of Marvel fans and gamers alike,” said David Brevik, President and COO of Gazillion Entertainment. “The creation of Marvel Heroes has been a labor of love. As a die-hard Marvel fan, it’s an honor to give players the chance to take on the roles of their favorite Marvel Super Hero in an epic adventure.”

At launch, Marvel Heroes will feature 21 Super Heroes, each with unique and extensive leveling systems, power trees and equipment. Players can choose to wear costumes from over 70 years of Marvel history, including costumes from Marvel’s recent theatrical blockbusters Marvel’s The Avengers and Iron Man 3. At any time, players can swap between their favorite Marvel Super Heroes on the fly. Set across diverse locations from the Marvel Universe, Marvel Heroes offers fast-paced, action-packed game play with a robust crafting system, intense player-versus-player (PvP) combat, End Game, and much more.

Gazillion will be frequently releasing updates to add new content to the free-to-play experience, including additional story missions, new playable Marvel Super Heroes, end-game content and much more.

To download and start playing Marvel Heroes today, visit or download the game on Steam.

Marvel Heroes is available now on PC and is currently in development for Mac. To get the latest news on Marvel Heroes, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

* Internet connection required

Super Heroes is a co-owned registered trademark.

About Gazillion
Gazillion Entertainment is a privately held developer and publisher of free-to-play online games for all ages. Gazillion’s games feature revered brands, superior production quality and unmatched gameplay. For more information on Gazillion please visit

About Marvel Entertainment
Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit

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