Elder Scrolls Online: Plate Armor Designs Revealed (Massively.com)

It’s nice to see female plate armor actually covering the body instead of being dental floss tied to a couple links of chain! However, the designs overall feel very one-note to me and far too similar to have three different races represented. Hrm. Anyone else unimpressed? Seems like plate in most every other MMORPG, though a bit more “realistic” (not like ginormous WOW shoulder pads).

The Elder Scrolls Online taunts us with heavy armor designs

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A Redguard, a Wood Elf, and a Dark Elf walk into a bar, all wearing badass platmail armor. There’s no punchline because hello, badass platemail armorZeniMax Online thinks you’ll want to see its new Elder Scrolls Online armor concepts in high detail on representatives from all three of these races, so it’s posted them up on the official site along with a request to pick a favorite and fight it out on Facebook because armor is serious business.

The Redguard’s armor might not remind you much of Hammerfell fashion, but the Bosmeri kit has a touch of feral nature in its horns and spikes and fur. And we can’t help but notice hints of Redoran style in the Dunmer’s attire. Or are we just imagining that in an attempt not to think about Sauron or the Lich King?

We’ve included the full-size image after the cut!

Click the image for a full-size view:


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