RIFT: Patch 2.5 – Song of Dreams – Now Live!

RIFT’s new patch comes with a host of new gaming updates: from the winter holiday celebration start to item shop wish lists and planar attunement to IPP getting a makeover. Also, international shards now let you choose your preferred supported UI language regardless of where your charcter is located.

A haunting melody drifts across Telara. Part dream, part compulsion, it beckons the Ascended to Ember Isle. There, under the surface, the ephemeral lilt takes shape, offering a vision of things to come!

Song of Dreams pits the Ascended against harbingers of the Wanton in an all-new underwater Saga. Dive into the story under Ember Isle, but remember to come up for air – Update 2.5 piles on additional features including International Shards, a new Planar Attunement Nexus, and six weeks of Level 60 instances (Chronicles, Slivers, and a new dungeon!).






Mini-Saga: Song of Dreams


Return to Ember Isle, where expeditions are mysteriously disappearing undersea. Brave madness (and drowning) to discover a new menace to Telara amid the Song of Dreams. Once you hear it, there’s no going back!

Gifts of the Fae


Starting Nov. 13, Grandfather Frost unveils a new Level-60 version of a favorite Telaran instance every week, including community-choice Return to Deepstrike, a completely new adventure into the heart of Stonefield.

Iron Pine Peak (27-35)


We’re thawing the level requirement on quests and content in Iron Pine Peak, the majestic home of the Icewatch. Level your way into the Peak’s permanent winter straight from Gloamwood or Stonefield.

Infinity Gate Dimension


Lay claim to the ancient Brevanic Gateway that started it all, and show off with new Dimension items available only from artifact sets scattered throughout Expert dungeons.

Planar Attunement Nexus, PvP Tier 3


Running out of places to spend your Planar Attunement points? Check out new Nature, Cinder, and Storm Nexuses built to combine the best of the existing planes plus PvP Tier 3!

Store Wish Lists


Gifting and receiving loot has never been easier! Send your friends the loot they’re looking for and keep a tidy list of all the items, boosts, and mounts you’d love in return.

International Shards


Now you can play in any language regardless of selected region – all game and UI text will automatically display in the language of your choice.

As usual, this is just the tip of the iceberg: Read up on all the changes and features live in 2.5 – including a new PvP matchmaking system and more quality of life improvements – with the official Patch Notes.

RIFT: Trion Answers Questions About Server Merges (Massively.com)

Despite a few months of RIFT being at the top of Raptr’s most played games, and despite having some great financial numbers, RIFT is going to undergo server merges.

The official announcement and details are over here.

Your spider-machine mount will still be pimpin' after the merge.

Next week’s RIFT server merge is far from the first time that the game has compressed its servers, but it’s still producing no shortage of anxiety and apprehension. The game’s community managers took to the forums to answer some of the more pressing questions, starting with the (unwelcome) news that the merged EU servers will wind up without a server flagged for roleplaying. Name changes will be necessary; surnames are possible for the future, but they will not be in place for the merges.

Players with more than the maximum number of characters after the merge will only have access to the first 12; players will need to delete existing characters to see the characters in overflow, but they will not be lost. Guild banks do not need to be emptied. Players are also reminded that characters can be transferred before the merger. The one bright point is the fact that the EU servers will have an auction house supporting French, English, and German clients at the same time, allowing all players in the region to interact successfully on the merged worlds.

WildStar: Producer Says F2P Model Not Dead; F2P “Not A Magic Bullet” (PCGamesN.com)

It seems like such a waste of effort to have to explain why you’re NOT going Free 2 Play for a new AAA MMORPG.

Two years ago, the gaming community turned up their noses at F2P declaring an MMORPG had “failed” and was “worthless” if it swapped to that business model, let alone if that was the business model at launch. “Pay 2 Win” was freely associated with most every F2P game. Even now, there are quite a few MMORPGs that still have subscription models in some format: WoW, EVE, EverQuest II, RIFT (you can still subscribe for extras), TERA (same thing as RIFT), SWTOR (tons of bonuses for subscribing), FFXIV:ARR, and Elder Scrolls Online (launching next year), to name several.

I find it odd that gamers now expect F2P for AAA MMORPGs at launch? If it’s a good game, I have no issue subscribing for $15 a month. If it’s F2P and not P2W, I have no issues paying $15-$20 a month via cash shop items.

Not Jeremy Gaffney.

We’ve talked a couple of times to Carbine Studios’ Jeremy Gaffney in the last few months. He’s currently promoting his promising subscription MMO, Wildstar, and on each occasion he’s made the same broad point: in the massively-multiplayer market, things are not necessarily as they seem.

“Games that look very successful in free-to-play may or may not be making profit,” he told us most recently. And then added, cryptically: “Games that look unsuccessful in subscription may actually be more profitable.”

“Different games with different business models work in a very different fashion,” he said of his new game’s chances in a bustling field. “If you look at City of Heroes [which Gaffney produced] compared to Guild Wars, it looks like City of Heroes is a smaller game.

“And it is, fewer people play City of Heroes, they peaked out at – I don’t know the numbers – something like 200,000. But 200,000 subscribers paying $15 a month, if you do the math, that makes about as much money as selling 6 million boxes, if they last long enough.”

Gaffney cited a “couple of reasons” for Carbine’s decision to steer clear of free-to-play for Wildstar. Both lie in the “variability” of the payment model.

“There’s variability as a player because you don’t know if you’re going to get sucked in and pay $1,000 a month, because some people do. As a publisher it’s a juggling act because most the games I’ve seen end up devolving to the point that 1 or 2% of the players are paying $100 or more a month and they’re actually funding most of the free players, which can be up to 70 – 80% playing completely for free.

“As a publisher [that variabililty] can be distracting because when you’re making money you never know when that’s going to go away. As a player it’s distracting because generally you have a very different experience if you’re playing for free – and if not, then why the hell pay?

“So free-to-play’s not a magic bullet.”

Instead, Carbine have adopted an Eve-like business model: CREDD. Players can buy CREDD items for real-world money from the developers, and trade them with a second group of players for in-game gold. This second group can then cash in their CREDD for game time and, if they’re earning enough gold, play the game for free indefinitely.

“A bunch of games have done similar systems,” said Gaffney on the system’s inspiration. “Eve’s is probably the most popular and the best known. So many people don’t know what PLEX is and so it’s tough to describe. It’s such an efficient way of taking players that want to pay a lot, who want to put extra money in the game, and then that directly funds other players game time and so it’s a lot more direct.

“So essentially one set of players create their time, [another] use money to pay for the sub, and it’s a win-win and it pisses off gold farmers because it’s a legal source of trading gold with other players and so gets in the way of gold farmers.

“And we like pissing off gold farmers, too.”

Hear hear. But what do you make of Gaffney’s assessment of the MMO market? This is a man who’s been around since Asheron’s Call, so tread respectfully.

Raptr: Most Played Games August 2013

Call of Duty: Black Ops II was the #1 game played for August. However, Raptr’s focus on this month’s review is about DOTA2 and LoL. For me, I really only cared about RIFT and the fact that their F2P subscription model continues to impress. Oddly, they did not reveal top PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 titles as they’ve done the past few months.



A new champion has taken the field. And we’re not talking about Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which is once again in at the top slot overall.

No, the big news is that after a few brief shots at the crown, Valve’s DOTA 2 surpassed Riot Games’ smash-hit League of Legends in both total players and total playtime for the month of August based on gameplay data from Raptr’s 18 million members.

Italicize that last part in your mind if you need to — Raptr’s membership skews more North America-centric than the total gaming audience, so we aren’t saying categorically that more people spent more time playing DOTA 2 than LoL. But among Raptr members, they definitely did, although it was close. Also, this list includes PC and Xbox 360 games only — Sony and Nintendo don’t let players share gameplay data publicly.

LoL vs. DOTA 2 Analysis

League of Legends shot to the top of our playtime charts due in part to its wildly popular spectator modes, tournament livestreams, and world championships. DOTA 2 officially launched (after an extended beta) on July 9 and just concluded its own livestreamed championship event, The International, which ran August 7-11.

No doubt that had a strong effect on DOTA 2′s numbers. LoL’s Season 3 World Championships just finished up last week, giving Riot a big opportunity to recoup.

But Valve’s challenger has nipped at LoL’s heels for months now. DOTA 2 first passed LoL in total players on March 3 — coincidentally, right when LoL servers went down (possibly due to a denial-of-service attack). That gave DOTA 2 a free shot at taking the lead for a day. A few isolated days followed where DOTA 2 came within a few hundred players of LoL’s total…or leapfrogged it by six or seven thousand without warning.

Those events occasionally coincided with Riot releasing major patches — typically a source of downtime for online games. But even with servers up and running at capacity, Riot’s numbers have taken a substantial hit of late. Total LoL playtime hours have dropped 13% in the last 30 days. New members in that same timeframe are up a healthy 27%, but overall unique active members are down 6%.

That suggests older, established players are drifting away, and the new players coming in aren’t engaging as deeply.

LoLvsDOTA2_playtime_may-aug copy

By contrast, in the same 30-day window, DOTA 2 saw an 11% increase in unique active members while new signups were down 3%. It’s the exact opposite of LoL’s problem…players are engaging long term, but the influx of new blood is starting to dip.

Pushing into the first week of September, it looks so far like a fairly even split between days favoring League of Legends and those carried by DOTA 2. With the glow of The International pretty much faded and LoL’s incredibly popular World Championships happening last week, it’s likely LoL’s numbers will angle straight up again in the middle of the month. But the recent erosion of its player base should be a serious cause for concern if the trend continues after the World Championships. And DOTA 2′s numbers prove that if Riot Games opens the door, Valve’s increasingly popular MOBA will walk right on through.

RIFT: Patch 2.4 – Beyond Infinity – Goes Live

RIFT has been the poster child for how to successfully switch subscription models from P2P into F2P. They saw an over 300% rise in the amount of players active on a daily basis and continue to launch content, both in the item shop and in the game for all players to enjoy.

Here are the key features added during today’s content update. (Links to the full updated patch notes and the lore for this update are at the end of the article.)


The Dendrome’s secrets have been revealed: Inyr’Kta, Hive Queen of the Architects, prepares to unleash titan-forged colossi against the planes! Stopping her requires control of the Infinity Gate, the fateful god engine that first drew the Blood Storm to Telara. Aid Uriel and Kira in their race to open the portal, then leave Telara for the Plane of Earth … and a dire reckoning with the forces that lie beyond.

RIFT 2.4 heralds the first chapter in a new war between the elemental planes. Conflict erupts in two new raids plus a new dungeon and Chronicle, all while the Ascended rise to new heights of power with Rank 90 PvP armor, weapons, and more. Prepare for battle with world-breaking constructs – a Planar War awaits!



Inyr’Kta has fled to Planebreaker Bastion, a war foundry at the heart of the Architect Empire within the Plane of Earth. There, protected by powerful thralls, she directs the construction of a doomsday automaton. Destroy Inyr’Kta and her towering construct before she can conquer the elemental planes … and our own.

Planebreaker Bastion will be unlocked shortly after RIFT 2.4 goes live!



As the Ascended rush to control the Infinity Gate, its ancient magic stirs to life and summons furious enemies from the planes beyond. Defeat Breaker X1, Swarm Lord Twins Mordan and Viktus, and a Karthan juggernaut to secure the gate and pave the way to Planebreaker Bastion.



A stroke of cosmic unluck has given rise to a nightmarish Realm of the Fae, a dream world where Atrophinius’ deepest fears take on physical form and threaten Telara itself. Chimeric versions of familiar foes now await the Ascended, grinding axes (and teeth and claws) for the twisted battles to come. Read more here!



Adventure through an alternate Telara where a victorious Laethys reigns from the depths of her volcanic lair. Sabotage the dragon’s plans for invasion by laying low Maklamos the Scryer, Rusila Dreadblade, and Laethys herself!



Ascend to new heights of power with PvP Rank 90 armor and weapons.



Unite with Ascended from all realms for adventure on-demand!



The Barbershop gets a makeover: Choose from new colors and hairstyles for your character.

To preview all of the RIFT 2.4 features and changes, check out the full update patch notes and read the lore behind the Planar War here.

RIFT: F2P Model Finds Major Success, Thanks to Raptr (VentureBeat.com)

For folks who continue to think that “going F2P” means a game has completely failed, RIFT is a stellar example of how changing a subscription model can instigate a massive success. RIFT saw an over 300% increase in daily active players after the F2P announcement. I hope they have learned a ton from this and deal with upcoming ArcheAge appropriately!


A screenshot from the Grim Awakening content in MMORPG Rift

Here’s a fact that will surprise no one: People like getting free stuff.

Video game publisher Trion Worlds and gaming community Raptr recently joined forces to promote the free-to-play (F2P) relaunch of the struggling massively multiplayer online role-playing game Rift. Using the Raptr Rewards loyalty program, Trion gave away free copies of Rift and in-game items to the social network’s more than 18 million players. The two companies then worked together to analyze player data collected since first announcing the F2P transition in mid-May.

Not surprisingly, these numbers are pretty great.

Trion Worlds says the number of daily active players jumped 300 percent after announcing Rift’s free-to-play transition, a 133 percent increase over several other major online titles at the time. Once the F2P transition completed in June, players who had been inactive for more than 14 days came back at a rate of 900 percent. Trion also says the game’s overall revenue increased more than five times.

A MMO finding success after going free-to-play is nothing new. Back in May, Electronic Arts president of labels Frank Gibeau revealed during an earnings call that Star Wars: The Old Republic more than doubled its monthly revenue after making the switch. But what is unusual is a publisher teaming up with a social networking site to promote such a transition. Jim Butler, Trion Worlds’ senior director of global marketing, says the partnership was invaluable.

“I think the one thing that it’s helped is just in visibility,” he said. “You know, instead of Trion going out there and saying, ‘Hey, look at all the cool stuff Rift is doing.’ Now we’ve got Trion and Raptr going out there and saying, ‘Oh, my god, look at all this cool stuff that Rift and Trion are doing.’ It just increases our reach for everything that we’re doing.”

The Senbora Raid Boss in MMORPG Rift.

The promotion was undoubtedly beneficial to Raptr as well. Director of marketing Donnie Wang says the site’s Rift community more than doubled in size after the rewards program launched.

“It was definitely interesting to really try to help Rift not only engage both their existing and lapsed players but also trying to reach out and getting new players to come into their game before they were ultimately going to make that switch to free-to-play,” he said.

Acquiring new players and reacquiring old ones is a constant battle for MMOs. There’s a natural ebb and flow to subscriber numbers, Butler says. Every disruptive event, whether it’s a new console launch or a rival’s content patch, impacts it.

“One of the things about MMO gaming is that a lot of gamers play multiple games,” Butler says. ”What happens is there’s kind of a cycle, a method to their madness, where they’ll come back and they’ll play Rift and then suddenly they’ll go off and play their other MMO, the one that is their deep, dark secret, and they’ll play that because that game had a new content update or whatever else. Then they’re waiting for something else to happen to bring them back to Rift or yet another MMO that they play. So, you know, acquiring and then reacquiring is just part of the natural process by which the MMO business goes.”

A couple show off their vanity Gothic clothing in Rift.

While Butler believes Trion would’ve had great success with Rift’s relaunch with or without Raptr, he says their partnership made everything better, and the publisher plans to keep working with Raptr to expand the rewards program to more of its games.

Wang also believes the partnership is a natural fit. The two companies share a similar philosophy, he says, a player-first approach to community building. “Developers shouldn’t necessarily think first about how to monetize off of their players,” he says. “Think about what’s best for the player first and then the money will come later.”

“That’s the big secret in getting players back,” Butler says. “Listening to the community, giving them what they need, giving them what they want. And starting the cycle all over again.”

RIFT: Summerfest Starts July 25th

Awwww, yeah! Bahmi in bathing “suits”! With five major features for the festivities, RIFT is hoping to “make a splash” (queue *eye rolls*) with its summer celebration. Given RIFT was the most-played Raptr game of June, this could keep the well-crafted MMORPG continuing along swimmingly. *cough*


Pack your suits and bait your lines: the season of high-summer adventures returns to Telara on July 25! With the worst of the Architects’ threats yet to be revealed, you can rest and relax – or romp through scavenger hunts, battle the forces of Swarmlord Karhgroth, fish, explore, and catch rare companions – all under a balmy summer sky.


Key Features



In tune with the cyclical nature of the seasons, Swarmlord Khargroth gathers those loyal to him and unleashes them upon Telara. Thwart his quest for revenge and loot the treasures of the devilish Fae.


Join your friends for scavenger hunts throughout Telara – ride a barrel down Scarlet Gorge Falls, risk life and lips to plant a kiss on some of Telara’s greatest villains, and more. You’ll have to follow the clues, though – hunt objectives aren’t marked on your map!



Unique and adorable critters return to zones across the continent of Mathosia. Catch and befriend up to 11 special companions, from black bunnies to striped prairie dogs and colorful cobras.



Summer fashion’s alive at the RIFT Store! Sport a variety of swimsuits and exclusive items including Sunset, a feisty avian companion.



Camp out to earn the title “the Counselor” and catch Summer Sunfish from special nodes throughout the event. As you complete Summerfest quests, you’ll earn Friendship Bracelets and Merit Badges you can trade in for seasonal loot.


During Summerfest, Daily Login Gifts have a chance of including 25-75 RIFT Credits. If you’re a Patron, you have an even higher chance of receiving free Credits!

RIFT: 2 New Warfront Modes Added Today

There have been four hotfixes for RIFT since Empyreal Assault launched last week. However, this hotfix adds two new PVP battleground modes which are a welcomed addition to the game. One is for all levels and the other is a Storm Legion only (levels 50-60) mode.


RIFT 2.3 Hot Fix #4 – 06/17/13


* 2 new Warfront modes have been added!


* Available to players between level 10 and level 60.

* Fight for the control of The Black Garden by dominating the 2 control points.


* Available to players between level 50 and level 60.

* Take Karthan Ridge by storm with this 5 control point variant.

* Capture Points on your side of the map give 3 points.

* Capture points on the enemy’s side of the map give 5 – high risk, high reward!

RIFT: Patch 2.3

Rift 2.3 is here! As I mentioned in the previous post, this includes being fully F2P. However, the patch notes are EXTENSIVE! Hope you have a coffee ready to keep you awake through all of it. 🙂

You can go here for all RIFT patch notes.





No trials. No tricks. No traps. We뭭e made all of Telara free while adding exciting new Loyalty rewards and benefits for the most dedicated Ascended. Learn more on our Free to Play page where we cover new free-player and Patron options plus the RIFT Store, Gifting, and REX.


Home to lush jungles and windswept dunes, Dendrome is the heart of Update 2.3. Explore its vast reaches and battle the Architects and Awakened where new threats rise and burrow. Along the way you뭠l find unrivaled artifacts, events, and challenges, meet and drink with old friends in the riotous town of Hailol, and seek the egg of an unhatched dragon god … one whose fate is yours to decide!


Energy from the shattered Blood Storm has given rise to terrifying creatures across Dendrome. The greatest of these menaces ?Kaaz뭃a, Senbora the Devourer, and Ahkane the Eternal ?stalk the open world, battling Ascended in dynamically-scaling raid encounters. Defeat each boss in new weekly quests that offer a chance at raid gear plus guaranteed tokens, infinity stones, and more.

Ahkane the Eternal must die in the Venific Locus, Kaaz’Ra must die in Hive Kaaz’Gfuu and Senbora the Devourer must die in Greenscale’s Crater, or players will not receive credit for their deaths!


Mistress Inyra and her Awakened cult are harvesting the Architects?ancient knowledge in a misguided bid for Ascension. Brave a merciless new Chronicle to stop their schemes before the Architects turn the tables on the Awakened and summon a far greater danger to Telara.


What would have happened to Kingsward had Salvarola prevailed? Find out as you lead the charge into a timeline where the Awakened have formed a demonic pact in return for the secret to Ascension. Battle past the infernal strength of a fallen Prince Kaliban and Salvarola himself before facing Ultane, demon lord patron of the Awakened.


The war against planar invasions takes to the skies in new player-summoned Strongholds, multi-tiered fortifications manned by a variety of friendly forces. Fight off new threats to Telara while flying between jump pads and platforms. Just remember to bring friends, as the most daunting invasions will lay siege to Strongholds tuned for 10-70+ players!


* There are a large number of new Services available for purchase in the RIFT Store!
– 3/15/30 Day Patron Pass: Get all the benefits of being a Patron (Subscriber) from the convenience of using the in-game store. Learn more about the benefits of being a Patron in RIFT!
– Rune Unsocketing Apparatus: Runes can now be unsocketed from your equipment! Right-clicking this new item from your inventory makes the magic happen.
– Planar Essence Removal Device: Like Runes, you can also safely unsocket Planar Essences from your focus.
– Transfiguration Bauble: Customize your weapon with the appearance of any other as long as it’s the same weapon-type! Be sure to read the instructions carefully when using.
– Brevanic Portal Generator: Allows remote access to a Porticulum for one character. can be bought for your account via the Collectors Upgrade available in the Services category.
– Brevanic Portal Battery: this item Allows you to reset the cooldown on your Brevanic Portal Generator.
– Trade Skill Extension: Use this item to unlock an additional trade skill slot, up to a maximum of 9.
– Character Slot Extension: Allows you to make an additional character per shard on all shards, up to a maximum of 12.
– Faction Change Scroll: What it says on the tin!Does not Change your race.
– Mass Soul Mend: Restore Soul Vitality to all raid members with this one consumable.
* There are other services available for purchase throughout the rest of the game as well!
– Role Slots: There are now a maximum of 20, and can be purchased with Credits from your Class Trainer.
– Wardrobe Slots: There are now a maximum of 19, and they can be purchased with Credits or Coin from your Character window.
– Race/Gender Change: Explore the new you for a handful of Credits at the Barbershop.
– Bank Vaults: Additional Vaults can now be purchased at the Banker.
– Bag Slots: The bag slot bar now supports up to a maximum of 7 bags. Additional bag bar slots are available for purchase by right-clicking on them.


* Loyalty Points are gained by consuming REX, buying and spending Credits, and special promotions. There are 5 tiers of Loyalty Rewards to unlock, with a few extra rewards in-between tiers. Claim your Loyalty Rewards on the Home page of the Rift Store!
* Players who were previously or are currently subscribed to RIFT will get a one-time allotment of 7,000 Loyalty Points multiplied by the number of months they have paid for.
* The old Veteran Rewards have been rolled into the Loyalty system.
* The old Guardian and Defiant specific achievements for Veterans Rewards have been replaced by Loyalty versions.
* Jarvis and Cadbury are now summoned by a new ability, Summon: Veteran Vendor. When used, Jarvis will spawn for Defiants, and Cadbury will spawn for Guardians. This new ability is acquired at 7,000 Loyalty, which is equivalent to one month’s subscription.
* Patron abilities start with 1 Charge. Charges are gained at a rate of 1 per day, with a maximum of 7. Note: if you let your Patron status lapse, all accumulated charges will be lost.


Guards in Meridian, Sanctum, and Tempest Bay can now help lost visitors find their way. Simply speak to one and select a point of interest to put a waypoint on your main map.

* Fire up your Omen/Quantum Sight: Twisted artifacts are now available in all Storm Legion zones with a new title for collecting the full rare set in each one!

* Play as Guest: New users wanting to try out RIFT can download the patcher and start playing with very little hassle up to 1 experience away from level 10. Chat restrictions do apply to keep spam and abuse at bay.


* Daily Quest turn-in limit is now 30, increased from 25.
* Storm Legion zones, except for Tempest Bay now require a minimum level of 45 to enter.
* Ember Isle now requires a minimum level of 45 to enter, down from 48.
* Factional Quartermasters for the crafting dailies have been moved to Tempest Bay.
* New characters on non-Owner accounts will now only have 3 open bag slots on their bag bar. Additional bag bar slots are available for purchase by right-clicking on them.
* Most Carnage quests now require fewer kills by 20-25%. If your current progress exceeds the new totals the quest will be autocompleted for you.
* Mounts, companion pets, and recipes can now be previewed.
* Guild Perk: Cache Finder is now percentage based!
* Level ranges for each zone are now visible on the main map so that you can easily decide which zone is best for you.
* Porticulum masters in all zones except Meridian & Sanctum can now be used by both factions. The guards in the towns might still hate you though, watch out!
* The World Event Merchant will no longer be caught day dreaming when initially clicked on.
* Longer broadcast messages from the server are no longer cut off.
* Companion pets can no longer be attacked by other players during a duel.
* Auto-Follow no longer cancels when alt+tabbing out while in full screen mode.
* Players who have an Adventurer’s Backpack in their bank and upgrade to the Collector’s Edition will now automatically upgrade into the Collector’s Satchel. At the First Bank of Telara, it’s all about what we can do for you.
* All mobs from levels 1 to 15 no longer have Resist and can no longer Parry or Dodge.
* Players who have reached a platinum cap are restricted from selling items back to merchants
* Players from PvP shards wishing to join cross-faction groups on PvE shards can now do so without being kicked out of the group upon their arrival.
* Players visiting PvE shards from PvP shards can now properly send party invitations, and are no longer missing any portrait menu options.
* Made improvements to the chat system’s spam filter. Sometimes silence is golden!
* Experience potions now also benefit experience gains from quests.
* Changed text of the Close Ticket button in our customer service window and added a confirmation message box when clicking on it.
* Improved performance for players experiencing lag when they have many friends and one goes online or offline.
* Fixed a crash that occurred when players had a very large number of active quests.
* Fixed a crash that occurred when players were loading.


* There is now a cap on how many of a certain currency can be earned in a week: Frozen Eclipse Stone: 4,600, Warlord’s Mark: 8,700.
* All Storm Legion Currencies: Item costs and currency gains have both been increased.
* As a result, all players have had their currency totals multiplied by a set amount.
* The following currencies have been multiplied by 100:
– Plaques of Achievement
– Mark of Ascension
– Greater Mark of Ascension
– Freelancer’s Marks
– Warlord’s Marks
– Empyreal Sourcestone
* The following currencies have been multiplied by 60:
– Infernal Mark of Ascension
* The following currencies have been multiplied by 50:
– Frozen Eclipse Stone
– Inscribed Sourcestone
– Empyreal Slayer’s Mark
* The following currencies have been multiplied by 30:
– Infinity Stones
* Random Expert Dungeons now give both Frozen Eclipse Stone and Empyreal Slayer뭩 Marks.
* Reduced Planarite costs for Hunt Rifts and Greater Hunt Rifts.
* The Planarite cap has been increased to 200,000.
* Increased the number of Infinity Stones given for all Daily Torvan quests.
* Added Infinity Stones as an option to the “Hunting Heralds” daily quest.
* Increased the cap for Freelancer’s Marks and Warlord’s Marks to 10,000.
* Increased the number of Freelancer’s Marks awarded in the Ascended Storm Legion Treasure to 300.
* Increased the number of Freelancer’s Marks and Warlord’s Marks granted from daily and weekly quests.


* Removed confusing reference to Class Trainers in the tooltip for low level pets.
* Toggled abilities are now properly marked in the UI as deactivated when their effects end.



* Fixed an issue where the caster’s link to their Beacon would stop functioning if they got more than 35 meters away from their beacon.
* Fixed an issue where resummoning a Beacon of Despair could cause the existing Beacon to despawn without spawning a new Beacon.


* Ageless Ice: Updated the ability description to clarify that the snare effect applies to the caster.



* Updated the ability description of all Archon Auras to include the radius of the aura.


* Void Wall: The DoT now falls off when the target dies.


* Pets can no longer have both Elemental Armor and Stone Armor at the same time.


* Deathly Calling: Fixed an issue with stacks applied by Putrify. Previously these stacks did not include the damage buff granted by the Deathly Collusion talent until the pet applied another stack of Deathly Calling.


* Extinguish: Now works when casting on target’s target.


* Warlock Armor: The heal portion of this buff no longer triggers when the caster damages themselves.



* Serrated Blades: The chance to trigger Serrated Blades has been increased to 50%, up from 40%.
* Malicious Poison: Proc chance has been increased to 30%, up from 20%. Damage has been slightly reduced.


* Blade Hustle: The buff no longer persists if you switch out of the Bladedancer soul.
* Combat Culmination: Your Finishers now cause Physical attacks to ignore 2-6% of your target’s armor per Combo Point, up from 1-3%.


* Decoy: Cooldown is now 60 seconds, down from 120 seconds.
* Decoy: Ranger abilities that affect pets, like Rejuvenate and Divert Rage, will no longer be activated when Decoy is summoned.
* Rending Munitions: Updated the tooltip to indicate that ranged weapon attacks also ignore 25% of the target’s Resist.
* Master Archer: Now increases the damage of Marksman attacks by 4-12%, up from 3-9%.


* Ignited Weapons: The damage effect is no longer overwritten by other players.
* Dark Descent: Now causes the next 3 Finishers to not consume Combo Points, up from 2.
* Flame Blitz: Now tagged correctly as an AE attack. As such, its damage will be changed by any AE damage modifiers.


* Animalism, Feral Aggression: Cooldown is now 30 seconds, down from 45 seconds.
* Shadow Fire: Damage bonus from Shadow Fire has been increased from 3% to 5%.


* Rapid Setup: Is no longer affected by the Global Cooldown.
* Spike Bomb: Now deals damage per second to enemies in the target area. Requires an enemy target and the effect persists at the initial position of the targeted enemy.
* Spike Bomb: Now also applies Thistle Spike to affected enemies, increasing damage taken from the Rogue by 1% per stack. Thistle Spike stacks up to 15 times.
* Cloud Maker: Damage has been increased.


* Dark Thane Preset: Updated the preset description to indicate that Plague Bringer causes the Reaver’s DOT abilities to affect 7 other enemies and not 9 other enemies.


* Flesh Rip: The bleed effect now ignores the target’s armor and its damage no longer varies.
* Twin Cuts: The bleed effect now ignores the target’s armor. Cooldown reduced from 20s to 15s.
* Cutting Slash: The bleed effect now ignores the target’s armor.
* Cunning Ruse: Now lasts 20s, up from 15s.
* Enrage: Updated the tooltip to indicate that its damage is a bleed effect.
* Primal Lucidity: Damage has been increased.
* Fury Unleashed: Its bonus effect now be multiplies up to a max of 5 times instead of 6 times.


* Reverent Protection: Now applies absorption to group members with the lowest HP by percentage. The amount absorbed has been increased.
* Pacification: Now causes Pacifying Strike to reduce damage taken by 1-3%.
* Protector’s Fury: Now also causes Righteous Fury to reduce damage taken by 1% per stack.
* Light’s Benediction: Now deals Life damage and reduces damage taken by 7%.
* Unyielding Defense: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 3-9%.


* Double Jeopardy: No longer has an internal cooldown between triggers.
* Swift Finesse: Now increases the damage of Flurry and Reaping Harvest by 15-30%.
* Strike Like Iron: Now increases all damage by 25%, lasts 1 hour, and is no longer a finisher.
* Flurry: Now deals the right amount of damage over 6s.


* Crest of Consumption: No longer increases healing done by Soul Feast by 20%. Now, it increases healing received by 20%.
* Binding of Shadow: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 3%.
* Power From the Masses: Now reduces damage taken by 1-5%.
* Ethereal Bond: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 1-3%.
* Crest of the Shadow: Amount absorbed has been increased.
* Walks with Death: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 2-6%.


* Planar Blade: Increases the damage of Riftblade attacks by 5%. Fixed a typo on the tooltip to no longer reference Rift Summon.
* Rift Implosion: Updated the ability tooltip to clearly indicate what the “Implosion Surge” effect does.
* Flamespear: Updated the tooltip to not include its max damage.
* Scald: Enemies damaged by Icy Burst while under the effects of Fiery Burst now take 10/20/30% of Attack Power as Air Damage, down from 10/30/60% of Attack Power.
* Icy Burst: Damage has been reduced.
* Fiery Burst: Damage has been reduced.


* Enhanced Conductivity: The debuff from Enhanced Conductivity now increases damage taken from the Warrior by 2%.


* Accord of Shifting: Now also reduces damage taken from spell by 0.5% per Pact.
* Unstable Void: No longer reduces damage taken from spells by 15%. Instead, it reduces damage taken by 5%.
* Rift Distortion: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 4%.
* Surging Touch: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 1-2%.
* Protective Shield: Absorption from Protective Shield has been increased.
* Power Shield: Fixed a tooltip error.
* Surging Touch: Now also reduces damage taken from spells by 2-4%.


* Relocated some floating and inaccessible artifacts.
* New players in the starting zone with access to summonable Mailboxes or Personal Bankers can now use those abilities without restriction.
* Players in the Terminus or Old Mathosia tutorial zones will have any outstanding quests autocompleted after leaving them.
* Players can now reset their talent trees and buy new roles by speaking to class trainers in Mathosia and Terminus.


* Volan Fight: Adventurers who don’t play with music on will now have a better audio experience than they had before. Additional sound effects have been added.
* Tomb of the Consort: Six of the Tomb Guardians now properly path inside of the tomb.


* Updated images of Porticulum locations.


* Anchor Defenders will no longer chase players over great distances.
* Quest: The Means of the Endless: Anchors now reset aggro at a greater distance.


* Players can now use mounts in the Scriptorium.


* Guardians can now find a Grandmaster Butcher trainer at Ferric Harbor alongside the other profession trainers.


* Quest: Escape Artists: Players can no longer get caught in the cages.
* Quest: Eye Spy: Fixed an issue where players who teleported while channeling on the Spy Droids would not be able to complete the quest without first logging out.
* Quest: Great Works: Fixed an issue that could cause line of sight issues when attacking the Eye of the Worm statue.
* Quest: Shuttering Production: Fixed a typo in the quest summary.
* Carnage: Bone Minions: Refuse Feeders spawned by the quest Bone Minions now count towards the quest’s completion.
* Shapers End: Fixed an issue allowing NPCs to get caught in the terrain.


* The Mushroom Soup achievement messaging should now be more consistent.
* Rabbits in some caves around Keenblade Mill act a little less like… rabbits…


* Kira and Uriel will no longer chase Guardian players across the entire zone.
* The quest reward “Adriana’s Tumbling Deflector” is now “Adriana’s Enduring Clasp” and will occasionally proc a Heal Over Time effect on hit instead of reducing fall damage.


* IA: Reduced Norelth’s damage across most of his abilities.
* Zone Event: Secrets of the Deep: Should now be more forgiving about passing out rewards.
* Valley of Bones: Added a short quest line to this area.


* Quest: Lord of the Fae: Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Makirn to not respawn properly.
* Added a Carnage quest to Silverpaw at Point Solitude.
* Vespid Hives no longer instantly heal when attacked by players more than 30m away.
* Quest: Digging Up Weeds: The quest giving object no longer sparkles deceptively for players that have completed or are currently completing this quest.
* Erford Deeprock in Quicksilver College is now much less likely to abandon his post and go missing.
* Removed a Mirror Conspirator out of a rock at Mirror of Ages.
* Dolan Ashwalker at Argent Glade will no longer instantly respawn.


* Zone Event: Infernal Awakening: Now displays friendly beacons on the map again.


* Zone Event: Champions of the Firestorm: There is now a 25 second charging period when players acquire Planar Rifles.
* Zone Event: Fortress Defense: General Blythe will no longer become unattackable.


* The “Night Terrors” will now always contribute to the achievement Stillmoor Defender.


* The Expert Dungeon Daily now gives 783,000 Alternate Advancement XP.
* Endless Eclipse: Audio updates to Regulos & Zareph’s encounter, including ability and ambiance.
* Frozen Tempest: Gelidra can no longer be slain while Amrian is alive.
* Tower of the Shattered: Expert: Fixed an issue that prevented General Thunderscar’s lightning beams from appearing after he cast Fury of the Thunder.


* Library of the Runemaster: Defiants should no longer be facing the wall when taking the teleport down.
* Conquest: Increased the distance at which Extractors may be engaged in melee combat.


* You can now preview the item that will be crafted from recipes!
* All dungeon-dropped recipes can now be sold to a vendor.
* All high-skill level runes now highlight the equipment that they can enchant.
* Armorsmith: Comfortable, Thick, Heavy, Medium and Thin Padding now reduces the time to mount by 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2% respectively.
* Fishing: The Twisted Lure now fishes up twisted artifacts in Brevane and Dusken. Like the Rare Fish Lure, it will not work in Tempest Bay, which has neither rare fish nor twisted artifacts to be lured.
* Most profession-related quests will now appear under the Profession header in your Quest Log.
* Lustrous runes can now be applied to items that are equip-level 60.


* You can now have more than one active dimension per character. Everyone now starts with two, and you can purchase additional dimension slots.
* New dimensions are available: Hailol, Temple of the Abandoned, Edge of Infinity, and Endless Eclipse!
* Dimensions can now be upgraded with credits.
* All dimensions now have a new tier of limits which doubles its previous maximum capacity. The cost for this new tier varies by dimension.
* If you’ve ever wanted to live in a bogling hut or Shimmersand dome, now you can! Dimension objects with interiors can now be found at the new building vendor in Tempest Bay, or look in the Rift Store under Dimensions > Buildings.
* There are now pre-made walls, stairs, doors, floors, roofs, and windows that you can use to build your dream mansion. You can find them under Dimensions > Building Blocks in the Rift Store, or at the vendor in Tempest Bay.
* Added hundreds of new dimension items including fences, garden walls, magitech items, mushrooms that create clearings, Hailol floral trees, household items, and decorations. Browse the store to your heart’s content!
* New achievements can be earned by owning dimensions and by placing a certain number of dimension items in your, your guild’s, and your friends’ dimensions.
* Lock boxes: Dimension item lock boxes grant six or more dimension items including at least two items of uncommon rarity or better.
* Dimension sky projectors now cover the entire dimension.


* All notoriety rewards in Storm Legion have been made Bind on Account!
* Many trinkets now have upgrade paths.
* The stats on Pus-Proof Greaves have been corrected.
* Artifact Set: Telaran Wedding Mementos ?Now properly categorized as Collectibles in the Auction
* Members of the same party that are from different factions can now share feasts.
* The original pre-order runes can now be applied to offhand and costume held items.
* The collectible books from the starting area can now also be found in various locations in Sanctum.
* Level 60 Epic Greater Essences are now more useful to a greater variety of souls.
* Valmeras and Eldritch Steeds no longer have a faction requirement.
* 2-Handed weapons in Storm Legion have been upgraded to inherit additional stats.


* Added death sounds to a faerie model that previously had none.
* The sound of snares have been improved in Morban’s Pus Swamp.
* Added sounds when opening a lootable chest or bag.


* Fixed an issue that prevented the intro movies from playing properly.
* The exit button is now disabled in Dimensions for those who are in combat.
* Dwarves should be able to preview mounts with better results now.
* Overhead text will no longer become invisible when Supersampling is enabled and Fullscreen FX is disabled.
* Fixed a bug that caused item names to not display correctly in the Upgrade Item UI.
* Added target-centered decorator for AOE macros: /cast @gtae AOEABILITY , /use @gtae ITEMNAME.
* Increased the maximum number of Macro Slots a character can have to 100.

RIFT: Goes F2P – Now!

RIFT is the latest AAA MMORPG to go F2P. In fact, they are F2P as of this very moment. Download the game and play. Like TERA, playing for free doesn’t compromise any of your gameplay experience or access to content (unlike SWTOR’s F2P model). RIFT was the highest played game on Raptr in May 2013! As such, it’s arguably the best MMORPG on the market today.

Original F2P Article



No trials. No tricks. No traps.

The RIFT® Free-to-Play model is built on a simple idea: everyone can download, log in, and play the entire game, free. New players have access to all game content – from dungeons and Warfronts to the latest raids – with no level restrictions.

Important: RIFT is not “Pay-to-Win”. The best items in the game will always have to be earned in Telara!

Subscribers enjoy the ultimate RIFT experience.

While all players get full RIFT access and daily log-in rewards, our optional Patron subscription is the way to make the most of your time in Telara. As a Patron, you’ll enjoy improved log-in rewards and weekly chests, plus a RIFT Store discount, daily summons, and special bonuses to currency, mount speed, and various types of experience – see more!

Watch Bill Fisher and Simon Ffinch talk about RIFT and the philosophy behind free-to-play or jump straight to the FAQ.

The RIFT Store

Our in-game store offers an incredible assortment of items and services in exchange for game currency (Platinum) or RIFT Store Credits. You can buy Credits for real money at the RIFT Store or through the Trion Account Center, or earn them by converting REX in-game. Read more about the RIFT Store here.

Loyalty: Rewards for your time in RIFT

Loyalty is our way of saying thanks for supporting the game. You gain Loyalty by purchasing or spending Credits, subscribing as a Patron, and consuming REX. To preview Loyalty rewards, visit the in-game RIFT Store, where you’ll see dozens of items across numerous Loyalty levels with more to come!

REX: Trade platinum for Credits

REX (short for RIFT Exchange) is a currency that allows free players to earn RIFT Store Credits. Available as items for purchase with real money in the new RIFT Store, REX can be traded, auctioned to another player, or consumed in-game for Credits and Loyalty.

The REX Lifecycle

As with all features we add to RIFT, we’ll be carefully monitoring REX and making adjustments based on your feedback and findings.

Free-to-Play FAQ

Why is RIFT free to play?Because players prefer free games! Trion has always been progressive with the way we’ve let people access RIFT, offering trials and referral offers since shortly after launch, Return to Telara events where we invited players come back for free to see what they missed, partnerships with companies like Raptr, iGames, and others. Over the last two years, we’ve seen the online gaming market evolve and expand, with millions of new players in North America and Europe embracing free-to-play games. This is just the latest evolution of RIFT that will allow us to bring even more players into the world of Telara.

Is there still a subscription option?Yes! Subscribers will be known as Patrons and receive a host of special benefits and abilities:

  • Store Discount: 10% off all purchases made with Credits in the RIFT Store.
  • +15% Currency (always on)
  • +10% Mount Speed (always on)
  • Daily Boost Set: Each day you can activate bonuses to the Experience, Notoriety, Favor, Prestige, and Tokens you earn while playing.
  • Daily Summons: Instant access to your banker, guild banker, and trainer (on a set cooldown).
  • Priority Queue: Move to the front of the line when your shard is full.

What do I get with Patron Pass?Patron Passes give you access to the benefits of a subscription for a set amount of time. They are available for purchase via the in-game RIFT Store.

What do I get for purchasing the original RIFT box and the Storm Legion expansion?Both the RIFT and Storm Legion products grant permanent unlocks to your account. Owning the base game will open extra character and bag slots, while Storm Legion will unlock the expansion Souls (Harbinger, Tempest, Tactician, and Defiler).

How do I access the RIFT Store?Click the cart icon in the lower game UI to open the RIFT Store. Many things will be available for both in-game gold and Credits.

What are Credits?Credits are a game currency purchased with real money via the RIFT Store or through the Trion Worlds account center. Credits can be used to buy many items in RIFT.

What is available at the RIFT Store?Mounts, gear, boosts, companion pets, expansion Souls, services, and more.

Can I gift items to my friends?Yes! When purchasing an item, if it has a gift button next to it, you may choose to gift it to any other player.

How does the Loyalty program work?The Loyalty system unlocks gifts and benefits for you as you fill a new Loyalty meter. You can fill the Loyalty meter via a variety of methods including purchasing and spending Credits, consuming REX, and subscribing as a Patron.

I played RIFT in the past – Do I get any bonus Loyalty?If you’ve subscribed to RIFT in the past, you will receive Loyalty for the duration of your subscription.

What about Veteran Rewards?Never fear, the rewards previously available through the Veteran Rewards program are available in the Loyalty program.

What is REX?REX is an item that can be purchased with real money, which can be traded and sold in-game amongst players, and can be exchanged for Credits and Loyalty.

What does REX stand for?RIFT Exchange.

Is REX the only way to purchase Credits?No! The cheapest and easiest way to purchase Credits is directly from the RIFT Store for real money. REX is just another way to gain Credits by buying or trading REX from with other players that have purchased them from the RIFT Store.

Are you going to change the free-to-play offerings for RIFT in the future?As with all of the features we add to RIFT, we will continue to make changes to the game based on feedback from our players. It’s an ongoing process!

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