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I don’t generally frequent Costco simply because I have nowhere to store a 60-roll package of toilet paper and my refrigerator isn’t big enough for condiments by the gallon. That said, I have always wondered how they came up with such an odd set of decimal pricing. Doing a little hunting around the interwebs, I see this has been tossed around for a while now. Enjoy!


Save Even More Money at Costco by Knowing Their Secret Price Codes

The price signs at Costco will clue you in to the best deals and help you save even more money at the warehouse store.

In an incredibly detailed post, Len Rapoport breaks down how the price signs indicate which items are marked down, specially priced, rebate items, discontinued, or will be not be restocked. (The last two categories aren’t necessarily money-saving ones, but they’ll help you know whether you should stock up on these limited items.)

In particular, look for:

  • Prices that end in 97¢: These have been marked down from the regular priced items, which end in 99¢
  • Odd pricing, such as 79¢, 49¢, or 89¢: These indicate specially priced items that Costco got a deal from the manufacturer. Rapoport says these can be better deals than at other stores, but not usually better than the 97¢ markdown.
  • An asterisk* on the upper right side of the sign: The item won’t be reordered.
  • 88¢ or .00 endings: Manager markdowns. Sometimes the company uses these to move a product very fast.

Rapoport’s article has a ton of other insider pricing tips and tricks to help you become a smarter Costco shopper, so be sure to check them out at the link below.

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