Final Fantasy XIV: Preliminary Free Server Transfers (October 15-21)

It’s hard to believe that even this long after the US/EU/JP servers went live for FFXIV’s “Reborn” launch, there are still servers preventing character creation. Hopefully this will be a way for friends and guild members to finally get together for the first time since open beta.

Due to login and character creation restrictions set in place after the start of official service, many players were unable to create characters on their desired Worlds. In order to address this issue, players will be allowed to use the World Transfer Service free of charge from Tuesday, October 15, 2013, to Monday, October 21, 2013, 01:00 a.m.

After reading the guidelines below, please proceed to the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station ( to use the World Transfer Service during the aforementioned time period.

What is the World Transfer Service?

Using the World Transfer Service, players can move characters on their service accounts to be from one World to another.

Although multiple characters can be transferred from one World to another with a single use of this service, multiple characters from different Worlds cannot be transferred to the same World, nor can multiple characters from a single World be transferred to separate Worlds.

World Population Status (October 10, 2013)

Crowded Worlds

Japan Data Center NA/EU Data Center
Alexander Behemoth
Anima Cactuar
Atomos Excalibur(LEGACY)
Carbuncle Hyperion(LEGACY)
Fenrir Moogle(EU)
Garuda Ultros

Uncrowded Worlds

Japan Data Center NA/EU Data Center
Asura Coeurl
Belias Brynhildr
Pandaemonium Faerie
Unicorn Famfrit
Yojimbo Goblin
Zeromus Lamia

* Characters cannot be transferred to a World which has already reached the limit for character creation.
* Characters can also be transferred between data centers.

Transfers Involving Legacy Worlds

In order to allow the economy of newly established Worlds to stabilize, the following restrictions have been set in place for Legacy Worlds.

Transferrable Current World Destination World
Non-Legacy World -> Legacy World
Legacy World -> Legacy World
× Legacy World -> Non-Legacy World

How to use the World Transfer Service

Step 1: Confirm Your Eligibility

The following conditions must be met before using the World Transfer Service:

1. You must possess an active service account for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn.
2. You must be logged out of the game.
3. Your character cannot be enlisted in a free company, holding a free company petition, or signed to a free company petition.
4. Your character cannot have items for sale on the market.
5. Your character cannot have items entrusted to the Calamity Salvager NPC.
6. Your character must rehire any retainers carried over from Version 1.0.
7. Your character must be logged out outside of any instanced areas.
8. The character you wish to transfer must be at least three days old.
9. Your service account cannot be suspended due to a violation of Terms of Service or a hold on the account.
10. Furthermore, characters can only transfer 3 million gil, while retainers can only transfer 1 million gil. Please be aware that excess gil will be lost.

* Regarding Login Restrictions During the Transfer Process

Once you begin the World transfer process, you cannot create new characters or log into the game until the transfer is complete.

Characters will be transferred in the order applications were submitted. Furthermore, additional time may be required for all transfers to complete. A notification will be sent to the e-mail address registered to your Square Enix account when the transfer is complete. Do not attempt to log in before receiving this notification, as doing so may cause an error in the transfer, prolonging the process.

* Please check your e-mail filters to ensure e-mail from the domain name is not sent to your junk mail folder.

A large number of players are expected to make use of the World Transfer Service during this free period. As a result, transfers may require several days before processing is complete.

Step 2: Log into the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station

Log into the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station with the Square Enix account containing characters you wish to be transferred. The status of your service account and available characters can be confirmed on the Account Services page.

To begin the application process, select World Transfer Service on the Optional Services page.

* In the event you possess multiple service accounts for FINAL FANTASY XIV, please select the tab of the service account containing characters you wish to be transferred.

Step 3: Apply for a World Transfer

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the World transfer process. Please also bear in mind the following before submitting your application:

Subscription Type Restrictions

Accounts with entry subscriptions are only allowed one character per World; therefore, for these accounts, characters cannot be transferred to a World on which a character is already present. With a standard subscription, players are allowed up to eight characters on a single World.

Characters with the Same Name

In the event the name of your character has already been chosen by another character on the destination World, you will be required to change your character’s name when logging in for the first time.

Although it is possible to confirm the availability of your character’s name when submitting your application, multiple applications bearing characters with the same name may necessitate the renaming of your character, depending on the order in which the applications are processed.

* Once service fees are instated for this service, characters transferring from another World will take priority in the event a character on the destination World has the same name but is associated with an inactive service account at the time of transfer.

Retainers with the Same Name

In the event the name of your retainer is already being used by another retainer on the destination World, you will be required to change your retainer’s name upon first summoning them. Please be advised that it cannot be determined beforehand if your retainers will require name changes.

Data Retained After Transfer

– The following will be transferred along with your character:

All items, including gear and minions
Retainers and all items in their possession.
Moogle letters
Gil (3 million gil per character, 1 million gil per retainer)
* Please note that any gil exceeding the above limit will be lost.

– The following will not be transferred along with your character:

Friend lists
Free companies

* The World Transfer Service cannot be used for characters enlisted in a free company. Please make sure your character is not a member of a free company before using this service.

* Characters will be withdrawn from linkshells automatically.

– The following data will be updated automatically.

Character data on the Lodestone
Blogs and comments posted on the Lodestone

* World transfers will not affect your list of followers and those whom you are following.

Character avatars on the official forum


The World Transfer Service cannot be used when the Square Enix Account Management System, FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, or the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station is undergoing maintenance.

With the introduction of the World Transfer Service, there may be cases where players are requested to transfer to other Worlds due to fluctuations in population. We may also consider the splitting or merger of Worlds. Because of this, there may be instances where players who have used the World Transfer Service are requested to move to a different World. Please note that in such cases, applications for World transfers cannot be canceled or refunded.

If you should encounter problems when using the World Transfer Service, please contact the Square Enix Support Center. Please note that the Square Enix Support Center cannot assist with certain problems if more than one week has passed since using this service.

Service Fees

Please note that the paid service is estimated to start at the end of October. Details on the paid service will become available once they are finalized.

SWTOR: Paid Character Transfer FAQ (

SWTOR Hub has done a great job of offering an easy to understand FAQ about the new SWTOR server transfer policy. Here goes!


The ability to transfer characters between servers has been a highly requested feature since day 1 of SWTOR, when the numbers of servers were high and the number of people in most of them was low. It’s been a year and a half but now the wait is over and any beloved characters you’ve abandoned on a server far far away can be transferred to one with a more robust population once patch 2.2 hits the servers. If you are one of these people and are considering a transfer. Check out the FAQ below for all you need to know about Paid Character Transfers.

Where do I go to transfer a character?

After Patch 2.2 launches a new option will become available in your account settings on There you will be able to pay for and complete your transfer.

How much does it cost?

To transfer a single character to another server it will cost 1800 Cartel Coins. You cannot use straight cash via a credit card or paypal, you must buy CC first and then use them to pay for the transfer.

Can you transfer Regions?

At launch you will only be able to transfers to another server within your region I.E. NA server to NA server or EU to EU.  Plans are in the works to allow transfers between regions in the future.

Can you transfer between server type?

You can transfer your character to a server of another type, I.E From a PvE server to a PvP one and vice versa.

What if someone on the new server has the same name as my character?

If there is a name collision you, as the new player, will have to choose a new name.

Will my Legacy, Achievements, and Collections all transfer with my character? 

All of these things remain in tact and transfer with your character to the new server.

Can I transfer a Guild?

An entire guild cannot be transferred at one time. Each player must transfer themselves, and then the guild must be remade on the new server and members can join back up.

What if I already have a Legacy on the server I am transferring to?

If you already have a legacy on the server you are transferring to, the legacy with the higher level will take precedence and become the legacy for all characters. Not matter which legacy becomes the main one however, unlocks and achievements from both will be applied.

These are the answers we have thus far for the upcoming Paid Character Transfer option. Be sure we will update the FAQ with all the latest information as it comes out!

Original Article

TERA: Transfers Open on All Servers (Ends June 11)

If you’re still playing TERA and were still debating switching either to Lake of Tears or the Ascension Valley server, now is the time to do it! The current offer expires on June 11, 2013.


TERA a Note from Treeshark

To: All our awesome TERA fans

Subject: Server Transfers Now Available to Lake of Tears and Ascension Valley

Until now, we’ve offered free server transfers for everyone…to anywhere except two servers: Lake of Tears and Ascension Valley. I’m happy to announce that these servers are now open for transfer (to and from), however it also comes with another very important change. Free server transfers will no longer be available after noon PDT on June 11. After this date, there will be an EMP fee to transfer servers, so make sure you are on the server you want to play on before noon PDT on June 11.

As of right now, everyone’s server transfer cooldown has been wiped clean, and transfers are open to all servers with the current restrictions in place: level 40; 20,000 gold limit.

At noon PDT on June 11, the new restrictions will be as follows:

  • 2,750 EMP for standard players; 1,650 EMP for elite players
  • Character must be at least level 20
  • 50,000 gold transfer limit
  • Five-day cooldown

Other restrictions still apply. Please see the FAQ for more details.

Thanks, and see you in game!


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