TERA: Shape Changer Event (July 17-24)

From July 17-24, random mob drops will allow you to temporarily change the size of your character (or its head) for 10 minutes at a time. I hope the items are able to end up on the auction house since this is a one-week event only. (I wonder what issues this will cause with hitboxes in PVP? Weeeee!)


You Can Be Huge! Or Small. Your Choice.

Shape changer items present you with your chance to become big in TERA. Or small, if you prefer. Does the size of your head not adequately reflect how truly awesome you are? There’s a shape changer item for that, too!

These items will randomly drop from selected monsters in various zones throughout the game—and bigger mobs mean bigger drop rates! Collect them all—and get as many as you can, because after next week, they’re gone.

  • Shape Changer: Grow makes you bigger and taller for ten minutes (or until you enter combat). You can stack these together to increase your size three times over!
  • Shape Changer: Shrink makes you smaller and shorter for ten minutes (or until you enter combat). You can also stack up to three of these together.
  • Shape Changer: Big Head lets you practice your bobble-head imitation for ten minutes.
  • Shape Changer: Head Restore returns your giant head to its normal size.

Which monsters drop shape changer items?

  • Hyenas (Valley of Titans)
  • Red lash clawriders (Mistmoor Island)
  • Ovoliths (Vale of the Fang)
  • Vulcans (Aurum Road)
  • Brutal sabertooths (Quarantine Zone)
  • Desert harts (Tor Exsul)
  • Sihran defenders (Mount Tyrannas)
  • Hallowed sentinels (Blessing Basin)
  • Crimson arkais and teal arkais (Balder’s Refuge)
  • Cursed Legion praetors (Plain of the Damned)
  • Feytouched lithikumas (Seeliewood)
  • Argonomorph Tirkai grizzlies (Tirkai Forest)
  • Enhanced argonomorph giants (Khanovar Front)
  • Arzakaar guardians (Granarkus)

The fun begins on Wednesday, July 17 at noon PDT and lasts until Wednesday, July 24 at noon PDT.

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