SWTOR: Exclusive Assets Summer Preview (SWTORHub.com)

I’m an alt-whore. I play pretty much every class in every MMORPG, though I prefer tanks and healers. Fortunately, Bounty Hunters can do both and I’ve been playing them since launch. This exclusive preview below has me excited for an expansion to my favorite class’ story as well as a new boss (companion??) and tons of new artwork.


SWTOR Exclusive Assets Summer Preview

During E3 we had the opportunity to snap (legally of course) an advanced asset pack for a update coming to SWTOR this summer! In the pack is info on an all new event for Bounty Hunters and a story mission for all that will have you waist deep in underworld politics and corporate deception.

While this is only a snap shot of what will be coming this summer, the screenshots provide a good idea of what you can expect so check them all out below!

Original SWTORHub Article

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